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Chapter 1 - The Founder of Great Financial Family

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Somehow, I found myself in a world of novels filled with magic and dragons.

The reason? I don't know. I just woke up and here I was.

Having read numerous web novels, typically in such cases, one would possess the body of a protagonist with outstanding talents or maybe even a spoiled child from a wealthy noble family.

I should have been one of them...

"This is a bit... too much, isn't it?"

Even here, there were many distinguished families.

Families renowned for their swordsmanship, mysterious magical houses, or even assassin families that never left their enemies alive.

But the person I possessed was just from a commoner's family.

"Why on earth a commoner? Sigh..."

Even if I was dragged into this harsh world, how wonderful it would have been if I were born into a noble family?

I would have lived a worry-free life if I had just played my cards right.

But such happiness did not happen to me.

"I'm neither a munchkin protagonist nor the child of a noble family, just an ordinary commoner. Are they telling me to just die like this? This is just too much!"

Being born into a peasant family was unfortunate enough, but there was something even worse.

"I'm the eldest son, too. This is enough to drive anyone crazy, seriously."

Looking at the state of my family, it was hard to tell if we were serfs or mere peasants, so dire was our financial situation. My father was bedridden, and my mother had long passed away, leaving me, the eldest son, to take responsibility for all my younger siblings in this utterly wretched predicament.


Does sighing into the void produce bread or solutions?

I couldn't bear the thought of dying alongside my younger siblings, who clung to me, calling me 'hyung' or 'oppa', in this isolated world. So, I spent several days pondering how to survive.

"Yeah, I have to survive somehow. It's unfair enough being dragged into this world, but I can't just die like this, can I?"

Some may have been brought into this wretched world and become a one-in-a-hundred swordmaster, while others might have turned into great wizards capable of changing the landscape.

But for me, without such talents, these were nothing more than fanciful tales, and I had to find my own way to live.

"That's all I've learned, after all..."

As an energetic 30-year-old with a background in economics and history (I apologize for being a liberal arts student). I had tried every part-time job possible until I reached thirty and had numerous experiences to build my job qualifications.

Given my background, I saw only one clear path to survival.

"Yeah, money is definitely the best. In any world, everything revolves around money."

Suddenly, this thought occurred to me.

Would the people here know about the history of finance developed by Earth's civilization and the bitter taste of advanced finance?

"No, they definitely wouldn't. Absolutely not."

After all, if you don't know, you're bound to suffer.

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