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Chapter 15 Part 2 - The Founder of Great Financial Family

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 Rockefeller seemed to understand immediately.

"Of course."

"No matter what nonsense that guy spouts, you can't do it. Always tell the customers that they can only get their gold coins if they have this gold coin receipt. Make sure to tell them that if they lose it, that's the end of it."

"Yes, I'll keep that in mind. Under any circumstances, if they don't have this gold coin receipt, I will never give out the gold coins."

Carter explained the reason for this.

"The guy might try to pull a trick, but apart from that, the gold coin receipts issued by this store can be traded separately outside."

"I see."

"In that sense, it doesn't really matter who took the gold coin receipt from here. What's important is the gold coin receipt issued here. If someone has it, even if a ragged beggar comes, you have to give them the gold coins. This is the same for all banks. It's a kind of promise."

Although he knew everything, Rockefeller pretended not to know, acting as if it was appropriate for his age.

He thought it would be problematic to know too much about the bank's affairs.

'It wouldn't be bad to pretend to be ignorant appropriately.'

"Do the people who deposit gold here trade the storage certificates outside?"

Carter immediately agreed.

"Exactly. We don't have to care what they do outside with these certificates. We just need to give out the gold according to the certificates that come here."

"But, this is a sudden thought. What if someone with bad intentions forges these gold storage certificates? Wouldn’t that be a problem?"

In this world, unlike modern society, there was a power of magic that could achieve anything if one set their mind to it.

So when Rockefeller expressed his doubt, Carter smirked.

"That’s why we need this."

Carter took out something from his pocket that looked like a magnifying glass.

It was a magical tool, an artifact, for checking the authenticity of the gold storage certificates.

"This is, you see, a special artifact created by the Lyon Guild for discernment purposes. It was made to find forged gold coin certificates."

A strong confidence was evident in the smile that graced his lips.

"Have you ever heard of Sinclair? It might be a bit too much for a country bumpkin like you to know."

"Yes, of course, I know. How could I not know of the Sinclair family?"

The magical house of Sinclair.

It was impossible for Rockefeller not to know about it, considering the family's power was as immense as that of a whole country.

'If I had been possessed by a member of the Sinclair family, I would be living without a care in the world right now.'

Carter continued speaking.

"Right, it's so famous that even a country bumpkin like you knows the name. Anyway, a great wizard belonging to that place specially made this artifact for our Lyon Guild. So, no matter how much a trivial wizard messes around, they can never outwit the discernment ability of this artifact."

Rockefeller then expressed another doubt.

"Then what if a Sinclair wizard plays tricks? What do we do in that case?"

Carter shook his head.

"There's no such thing. The Sinclair family is wealthy to begin with, would they really resort to such acts?"

"But there's always a 'what if.'"

"Sure, there's a 'what if,' but would people who lack nothing come all the way to this remote area to play such tricks? And they have the reputation of their family name. If they got caught doing such a thing, it would tarnish their family name. Who would do such a thing?"

Rockefeller internally shook his head at Carter's confident words.

'It's always the trusted axe that cuts your foot.'

Even the Sinclair family, renowned as one of the wealthiest families, wasn't rich enough to buy the whole world.

'Was it when their gold was drying up, around the time the war with the famous swordsmanship family Tepez was drawing to an end?'

No matter how wealthy a family was, if they got into a fight with another family of similar wealth, it was natural to run short on money.

'There's no one in this world you can trust.'

Having finished explaining about the gold storage, Carter was planning to talk about the last remaining gold loan.

"And the last thing is charging interest on the gold coins borrowed from here. The monthly interest is 6 percent of the borrowed gold coins. Since 1 dalant is 32 shillings, it means that an interest of 2 shillings is generated every month. So, if someone borrowed 1 dalant this month, they would have to take 2 shillings as a month's interest.”

"Isn't it exactly less than 2 shillings?"

"Well, it is, but just approximate it to 2 shillings. Most of these fools don't even understand arithmetic, so I doubt anyone would quibble over such a matter."

A monthly interest of 6 percent implied a rather high interest rate.

'The interest is quite high. 6 percent a month.'

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