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Chapter 159 Part 2 - The Founder of Great Financial Family

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While Bell was conflicted about whether to sell the beer now or not, Bob spoke seriously.

"I know from my experience in stock investment that there is no stock that keeps rising forever. Eventually, after a certain rise, it reaches a peak and falls back down. That's what stocks are."

"Right? That's what I thought too. So this is the peak?"

Bob, bragging about his seemingly insignificant experience like a medal, continued the conversation.

"Definitely. It's about time it crashes down after eating this much. Look at it now. The price isn't going up and just stays still. This is a sign of a price drop."

"You're probably right again. You succeeded with the Morning Glory stocks too. I failed, though."

"I failed on the second one too."

"But you still made a profit."

"Well, that's true."

"Then it's settled. I completely lost everything."

"Anyway, let's keep an eye on it and sell it all. There are still plenty of people who want to buy it at this price."

But human greed has no end.

They couldn't dispose of the beer supply they had to the nobles who wanted to buy beer that day.

As evening came.

Bob and Bell, who ended up drinking again, started talking about what happened during the day.

"We should have just sold it to that person. If this is the peak, as you said, what are we going to do now? If the beer price drops tomorrow, we'll be the ones in trouble."

"Well, that's true..."

Despite the insane price, speculators aiming for a jackpot with beer continued to come and buy beer without a break.

Watching them, Bob suddenly thought.

Do those crazy people think it's natural to buy at this price?

Didn't they ever doubt the skyrocketing beer prices?

Or is it enough for them that there are fools who will buy at even higher prices after they bought at this crazy price?

'Well, I'm not selling at this price either, so what can I say about them?'

So Bob couldn't help but be conflicted.

"No, I'm trying to sell it at a reasonable line, but they keep coming. Then it's only natural for the beer price to drop, right? It'll go up more than it is now."

Bell knew what Bob was thinking.

But she was also worried about the price that had risen too much.

No matter how crazy the Dwarves were about beer, it was nothing more than a favorite food of the common people.

Logically, the current beer price has gone crazy to the point of reaching the moon.

"Well, that's true... But you said it's risen too much. Honestly, I'm happy that the beer price has gone up, but I'm too nervous. We're already rich enough to settle at this point, so why not be satisfied here? Think about it. No matter how rich the Dwarves are, would they buy beer at this insane price? This is really crazy."

At Bell's words, Bob recalled an episode from when he and his wife were investing in stocks.

At that time, the stock price he invested in had risen three times.

"Honey, isn't it time to sell now that the price has gone up so much? It's risen too much."

"Hey, you can't be so timid. When will we get rich by eating that kind of small money? Sam, who used to work under me, now lives in a mansion-like place with a servant. He's practically a noble, not just a commoner. We should at least be at that level, right?"

"But it's gone up a lot. It's enough, so just sell it."

"No, it'll go up more. Let's just watch for now."

Ignoring his wife's words, Bob saw his stock become a worthless scrap of paper after being captured by pirates a few days later.

"I should have sold it then..."

Bell was puzzled by Bob's mumbling.

"What did you just say?"

"I should have sold it then. I had an experience like that before."

Bob told Bell about what happened in the past.

Then he mentioned the conclusion he had come to.

"There's always a visible precursor before a stock price crashes. There's a time when the price doesn't go up anymore and suddenly drops. Then you have to sell it unconditionally before that. I learned that through numerous stock transactions."


"Let's just watch the price trend for now. And if it seems suspicious, let's dispose of it right away."

"Okay, I don't know anything about it. I trust you and follow you."

A few days later, amazingly, as Bob had predicted, the beer price that had been sluggishly moving sideways plummeted by a whopping 50% in just one day.

The Dwarves, who had just entered the war, revived their old memories and brought in beer from another place, and the beer price in the empire, which had become useless, was cut in half in an instant.

"What do we do now? If we had sold it then, we could have settled at 240 times the original price."

"It's still dropping. The nobles who are buying beer over there are just beaming."

There were still movements to buy the plummeting beer.

Bell stuck out her tongue and said.

"Isn't it crazy? The Dwarves may or may not buy beer from here in this situation, is it right for them to buy like that?"

After thinking for a moment, Bob was able to find the reason.

"I see. If the war drags on, the Dwarves will have such a high beer consumption that they might run out of beer and buy it from here. They're probably aiming for that..."

"But that's gambling, isn't it? Who knows how long the war will last?"

"Well, that's true..."

"What do we do now? Isn't it better to settle now?"

Bob, who had been conflicted for a moment, recalled his previous memory and said.

'Right. I should have sold it then.'

"We have to sell it now. If we stay like this, it'll be worth nothing."

Then Bell suddenly pointed somewhere.

There, Sam was with several nobles, trying to buy the collapsed beer.

"Look there. It's Sam. Sam's trying to buy at this price right now. Isn't that crazy?"

Bell pointed out the place, and Bob looked too.

It was definitely Sam.

'What is he up to? Did he even anticipate that the war would drag on?'

An incomprehensible action.

But he couldn't stand having the beer that had plummeted to half its value.

Besides, there was the bitter memory of the previous crash.

So Bob, with a determined mind, said to Bell.

"It's a good thing. Let's sell it to Sam."

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  1. This whole little beer arc is such a terrible waste of chapters, its all going to end with; and then mc made a ton of money, so why does the author even bother dragging it out with these awful side characters in the first place.