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Chapter 164 Part 1 - The Founder of Great Financial Family

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Gold Vein War (2)

After the dwarven delegation left, the Emperor called for his financial advisor, who also held a personal relationship with him.

In contrast to their public roles, the Emperor treated the advisor with a hint of respect in private settings.

This was the Emperor's courtesy to someone who had recognized his position in the empire.

"Do you think the dwarves will give up easily? What's your opinion?"

"As I mentioned before, a war with the dwarves is inevitable. It's bound to happen."

"It does seem that way."

The Emperor recalled the dwarven delegation that had left with a scowl.

'If they consider our long-standing alliance, there might be a chance to avoid war... but if it's a conflict of interests intertwined with gold, it's probably going to be difficult. War seems unavoidable.'

"So, it's a war. As you know, we've had the Crown War, and my late elder brother left behind various issues, so the imperial family currently doesn't have the resources to wage a full-scale war against the dwarves."

The Emperor continued with a deep sigh.

"But we can't give up that land easily either. It's quite a headache."

"You don't need to worry too much about the money."

"Are you planning to support all of it?"

The advisor, Rockefeller, smiled faintly.

"Even if our guild and family are the wealthiest in the empire, we can't be richer than a nation's royal family. Even if we help to some extent, there will be limits."

The Emperor raised a question.

"What do you mean? Didn't you say earlier that we don't have to worry?"

"Of course. That's why I'm going to propose another suggestion."

The Emperor listened intently to what he had to say.

"Please, go ahead."

"First of all, there are two ways for a nation to fill its financial gaps."

The Emperor opened his mouth, recalling one method.

"Two... I know at least one. War. My elder brother always provoked wars, plundered and stole what others had. The imperial family, which worships martial arts, also considered war as a virtue. When in financial need, the empire always preyed on weaker enemies."

Rockefeller nodded in agreement without denying it.

"That's correct. The two methods I mentioned are issuing bonds and plundering through war. However, the latter is quite an outdated idea."

The Emperor quietly listened to Rockefeller's words.

"There is a way to fill the nation's financial gap without going to war."

"Are you suggesting that I issue bonds?"

"Haven't we been doing that already?"

"Well, yes, but..."

It wasn't something they did frequently.

Like any other noble family, the imperial family issued bonds (borrowing certificates) to banks or guilds, or other races when they needed urgent funds, receiving gold coins in return.

However, since these bonds eventually came back and the imperial family didn't want to repay them, there had always been friction between the imperial family and other powers. As a result, the imperial family began to hesitate in issuing bonds.

They would rather wage war and plunder enemy territories more comfortably.

"I don't really like bonds. It's good when they're issued, but when it's time to repay, it always causes trouble."

"Isn't that trouble caused by not having the money to repay?"

"There's also the reluctance to repay."

At that, Rockefeller spoke sternly and seriously.

"But that cannot be the case with government bonds. If the nation cannot obtain the money it needs in dire situations, won't it collapse?"

"I agree with that... That's why the imperial family doesn't really favor bonds. They think it's better to invade enemy territories and plunder their gold more comfortably."

"But that's not your way, is it?"

If the First Prince had become the Emperor, plundering would have been the first method to fill the empire's financial gaps.

The First Prince was known for his love of war.

"The sword pointed at others will eventually turn back to oneself, so I am also against plundering."

"Then there's only one way left."

"Government bonds..."

Rockefeller relaxed his expression and spoke.

"Fortunately, there have been no issues related to government bonds in the empire so far. As you mentioned, the imperial family has been reluctant to issue government bonds."

"Yes, I'm aware of that too. So, issuing government bonds right now shouldn't be a problem."

"Plundering is a barbaric act that even orcs would do. It's not suitable for educated people like us."

"I agree. The empire's way of doing things needs to change."

The Emperor, who had grown up under the influence of two families, was even more determined in this regard.

"I want to live in a more peaceful and quiet world. At least during my reign."

"Then you should issue more government bonds to cover the financial shortage."

It was ridiculous to discuss the importance of the Montefeltro territory in this situation.

The discovery of the largest gold vein on the continent explained everything.

"So, are you suggesting that I issue a large number of government bonds?"

"The risks associated with issuing government bonds can be easily resolved by winning the war. It's very simple."

"But what if we lose that war?"

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