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Chapter 165 Part 2 - The Founder of Great Financial Family

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As the goblin bank aggressively started buying up the empire's national debt, the imperial nobles who had a problem with this went to the emperor to inform him of the dangers.

"Your Majesty, the goblins are buying up large amounts of our national debt. Although this may cover our immediate financial needs, it could become a problem when it comes time for repayment."

The emperor was not unaware of the problem.

However, money was desperately needed to prepare for the upcoming war.

"We need money for the war right now, so we'll think about that part later. Or will you solve the empire's financial problems?"

"Not that, but..."

"It's good to worry about me and the empire. But I have a plan. So don't worry too much about this part."

"Is that so? If Your Majesty says so..."

The convinced nobles left, and the emperor recalled Rockefeller's plan.

It was certainly a dangerous gamble.

But from another perspective, it could be seen as a legitimate way to plunder the goblins' money.

'Quite justifiably, indeed.'

As the goblin bank indiscriminately bought up the national debt issued by the empire, Rockefeller sought the help of the church and visited the Papal Court.

No matter how special his existence was to the pope, the pope was a symbol of the church and a son of God.

So, while waiting for a meeting with the pope, someone came to Rockefeller. It was Leo, the fourth in the Rothsmedici family.

"Has Rockefeller hyung arrived?"

As Leo politely greeted him, Rockefeller greeted Leo with a smile.

"Ah, Leo. You seem to be enjoying your life here, growing stronger every day?"

"Not really. It's only because my hyung takes good care of me, nothing else."

"Is that so?"

Despite his age and experience, Leo held a high position in the church much earlier than expected.


Leo sat in a position that could be considered the pope's secretary.

Of course, many in the church strongly opposed the idea of a young, inexperienced priest suddenly taking a position as Chamberlain, second only to the pope.

But his brother was the most influential person in the empire, and he had been the pope's secretary for a long time, so the opposition quickly subsided.

And most importantly, his brother was holding the church's assets and manipulating believers with the interest on their deposits, so even the most dissatisfied believer couldn't dare to say anything.

So, a young priest could sit in the position of Chamberlain, second only to the pope.

"Anyway, it's a position where you can learn a lot, so behave well."

"Yes, Rockefeller hyung."

A short time later, Rockefeller was summoned by the pope for a meeting.

"Oh, you've arrived? It's great to see you after such a long time."

"It's a pleasure to see Your Holiness again as well. I've missed you."

"Any problems?"

"Well, to be honest, there is one."

Rockefeller didn't come here without a reason.

In a separate place, Rockefeller began to plead for help.

"Didn't we establish a new diocese in the Montefeltro territory?"

The pope nodded silently in response.

"That diocese is now being threatened by external forces."

The emperor could legally plunder gold from rich lands in the form of taxes.

So why couldn't the church do the same?

No, it couldn't.

The church could use the name of God to demand religious donations and do the same thing as the emperor, so Rockefeller wanted to emphasize this point.

"I had intended to establish the diocese in that good land to help the church's finances to some extent, but if things go this way, it will become difficult, won't it? So I came here to ask for Your Holiness' help."

"The dwarves are trying to take over the Montefeltro territory, which they don't even effectively control, with ridiculous excuses."

"How dare those audacious creatures covet the sacred territory of St. John. This cannot be allowed."

"Please help us, Your Holiness. We cannot let that good land be taken away by others, can we?"

"Of course not. Don't worry. This matter is not just the empire's concern."

The pope also knew that Rockefeller had intentionally established a diocese there.

But it was still a good thing for the church.

So the pope quickly made a decision.

"In that case, we will send a holy army to that land to restore order and uphold the authority of St. John. How dare those insignificant creatures from other races even think of challenging our sacred diocese. It's preposterous."

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