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Chapter 18 Part 2 - The Founder of Great Financial Family

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'It seems there's something we don't know about?'

The lord continued, "In fact, I've heard that the orc group we're planning to subjugate has a shaman among them."

Carter responded with a very surprised expression, "What? A shaman? So, there's a shaman in the orc group we're going to subdue?"

Orc Shaman. In human terms, it was akin to a wizard. People usually trembled at the mere mention of a wizard, so it was no wonder Carter was so startled upon hearing about a shaman. 

And this was no different for Rockefeller. 

'An orc shaman?'

Carter, startled, quickly asked, "Is that true?"

"It's not certain. But one of the scouts who went out for reconnaissance seems to have accidentally seen an orc shaman. If it's a real shaman, it's not something to be taken lightly, so I’ve been giving it some thought," the lord explained.

Only then did Rockefeller understand why the lord had specifically called the Hound mercenary troop. 

It wasn’t a mere rabbit hunt.

"So, the conclusion I came to was not to hire some mediocre people but to end this once and for all, even if it's just for one time. That's why I went to the extent of spending a fortune to call in the Hound mercenary troop."

Carter began to show an almost excessive reaction to those words.

"Indeed, your lordship's judgment is unparalleled. Just as you thought, hiring mediocre mercenaries haphazardly would only lead to failure and unnecessary expenses. After all, an ordinary mercenary troop would take half the payment even if the mission fails.”

The lord nodded his head in satisfaction.

"That's right. That's why I summoned them for certainty. With the Hound Mercenary Troop, we can be sure.”

Even though he knew it wasn't his place to interject, Rockefeller mustered the courage to ask the lord something.

It was about the Hound Mercenary Troop.

"Did you mention the shaman to the Hound Mercenary Troop?”

The lord cast an uncomfortable glance at Rockefeller.

It was a look that seemed to say, 'What an audacious young man to interfere in adults' conversation.'

"Rockefeller, that's impolite. How dare you question the lord!”

As Carter became visibly upset, the observing lord, on the contrary, became more lenient.

With a slight wave of his hand to restrain Carter, the lord answered Rockefeller's question.

“The young one is quite curious. Was that really what you wanted to know?”

“If I have caused any displeasure, I truly regret it. I was just worried since it’s not someone else’s business.”

“Regrettably… I haven’t told him yet.”

“What? You haven’t told him?”

“That’s right.”

The fact that a shaman was among the orc group they planned to subdue was very important information.

Yet, it was surprising that such information had not been shared until now.

This time, Carter raised a question.

“Why haven’t you mentioned such critical information until now? If the ones heading out for the subjugation encounter an orc shaman, wouldn’t it be the Hound Mercenaries who end up suffering?”

The lord shook his head with a confident expression.

“The Hound Mercenaries are neither fools nor ignoramuses to act so recklessly. They are well-respected, not just any rabble. Even if I hadn’t informed them, they would naturally come to know about the orc information as they gather intelligence.”

“So… you were actually counting on that?”

At this, the lord gave a sly smile.

"Let's hear what you think. If I had requested them to subdue an orc group with an orc shaman involved, do you think they would have accepted?"

Subduing orcs that included an orc shaman required more specialized personnel.

The soldiers embarking on the subjugation needed to wear magic equipment for shamanic defense, and a skilled magician capable of countering orc shaman magic was also necessary.

"In my opinion, no. They would have probably hesitated, coming up with various excuses. But once they take on the job, they can't easily give it up due to their reputation built so far. It wouldn’t be good for the Hound Mercenaries to be rumored to have given up a job out of fear of an orc shaman."

"You had it all planned."

The lord did not deny it.

"It was all for the sake of the domain. Of course, there will be some noise. Questions about why the issue of the orc shaman wasn't mentioned. But we can simply feign ignorance. After all, how the job is handled is their problem."

Carter seemed to accept this explanation readily, and the lord showed no sign of guilt.

Rather than that, he had thought of it as simply a matter of payment.

"Well, if the cost of the job increases because of the presence of shamans, I'm willing to pay a bit more. It's only natural to expect some extra sacrifice when dealing with orc bands that include shamans."

On the other hand, Rockefeller had a different thought.

'They don't know about the existence of the shaman? Then the Hound mercenaries must have come without any preparation?'

Even the Hound mercenaries, adept in the blood-stained battlefields, couldn't afford to underestimate an orc shaman skilled in sorcery.

'Surely, a wizard will be needed to participate in the subjugation. Without one, the entire operation would be too risky.'

If the Hound mercenaries don't give up on this task, they would definitely need to hire a competent wizard capable of countering the orc shaman.

As this thought occurred, Rockefeller quietly lifted the corners of his mouth.

'If this is played right, I could draw out an unexpected loan.'

Unlike a mere mercenary, the cost for a high-flying wizard was quite expensive.

‘In other words, if he doesn't have enough reserve funds, he'll need a loan.’

'Short-term loans usually have high interest rates.'

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