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Chapter 22 Part 1 - The Founder of Great Financial Family

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Becoming an Assistant at the Bank #3(4)

The Hound Mercenary Company had requested additional funds from the lord to hire a mage, and from the lord's perspective, there was no need to seek additional loans from the bank if he could dispose of part of his assets.

Yet, he disliked the idea of approaching the bank.

"Why should I borrow more money? Do I really need to touch my own assets?"

His father, Wales de Montefeltro, the previous lord, often emphasized, "Be wary of debts."

"Isn't it obvious that having too much debt is a problem?"

It's true that unexpected famine in the domain, or getting caught in the whirlwind of an unforeseen war, could suddenly make it difficult to secure taxes and lead to trouble. However, if such events did not occur, the additional cost of hiring a mage could easily be managed with an extra loan.

"Looking back now, I think my father was too fearful of debt. If the domain isn't on the brink of ruin, and there are no signs of impending doom, was there really a need to fear debt that much?"

Recently, as his visits to the bank became more frequent, the current lord began to reconsider the teachings his late father had left him.

"If there are no major issues within my territory, the tax revenues will be collected steadily. And if things go south, I'm the owner here, so I can be a bit audacious. After all, who would dare to question me if I, the owner, promise to pay back later?"

Had his deceased father been able to read his thoughts, he would have been furious. However, for him, already sinking slowly into the swamp of loans, his father's teachings were becoming increasingly meaningless.


With a loud, clear cough to announce his presence, the lord entered the bank, where Rockefeller, who was attending to his business inside, recognized him.

As Rockefeller, bowing politely, inquired about the reason for his visit, the lord took a moment before revealing his purpose.

"I've decided to cover the additional costs for hiring a wizard for the upcoming orc subjugation."

Rockefeller, having somewhat anticipated this, feigned ignorance and asked in surprise.

"A magician? If it's a magician... perhaps there's been some trouble with the orc subjugation?"

The person he was speaking to was a young boy, about 15 years old.

However, since the boy was an assistant at the bank and also the head of a household, the lord didn't think it wise to dismiss Rockefeller too lightly.

"It's nothing serious, so you needn't worry so much. Rather, where is Carter?"

Rockefeller, as he had done with all his guests, repeated the same response he always gave when looking for the owner.

"The owner is currently busy, so I am in charge of the store affairs. If you need anything, you can talk to me, my lord."

Hearing this, the lord slightly narrowed his eyes.

How long had he been an assistant that he was already in charge of the store's affairs?

"Carter... seems to trust you a lot. That's unlike him. He's a man of many suspicions."

"Yes, but he trusts me. My father and grandfather were also great men."

"Is it a matter of family background?"

As Rockefeller smiled with a kind and gentle expression, the lord harbored different thoughts.

Upon reflection, he decided it was better to borrow money from the younger Rockefeller than the sly Carter.

‘Better a child than Carter, who's too much like a cunning serpent. Like a goblin.’

"Hmm! So, you're saying there will be no problem if I borrow money from you."

"Yes, there will be absolutely no problem."

"Then there's no need to meet with Carter. I'll speak directly about my business."

The lord continued speaking.

"The Hound is demanding an additional 100 dalants for this wizard's employment. So, I urgently need 100 dalants."

"100 dalants?"

Considering that 1 dalant was roughly a month's wages for a rural laborer, the wizard's fee of 100 dalants for a single employment was indeed significant.

'The price for a wizard really is steep.'

In modern terms, it was like the salary of high-income professionals like doctors or lawyers.

"Is a wizard's daily wage that expensive?"

"Of course, it's pricey since not just anyone can become a wizard. Otherwise, why would anyone bother being one?"

The lord suddenly smiled faintly, perhaps reminded of the deceased Hans.

"Come to think of it, your father also tried and failed to become a wizard. I don’t know much about it, but if Hans had become a wizard, he probably would have done quite well. If he was lucky, he might have even bought a small territory and become a noble."

His faint smile gradually turned into a sneer.

"But he couldn’t do it. He was not at all cut out to be a wizard."

Why bring up a dead man in this conversation.

And that too, with a subtly mocking expression.

Rockefeller felt displeased but did not show it and instead posed another question.

"But my lord, this might be an extremely presumptuous question, but for people like us, 100 dalants would be a huge amount of money. However, for a lord like yourself, 100 dalants might not be that much, right?"

The lord’s expression hardened at the implication that a man of his wealth had come all this way to borrow money.

Would he have gone through the trouble of coming here if he had money at hand?

Lately, there were just too many expenses to cover.

"You're asking about something unnecessary."

"If I have been rude, I apologize. I'm just worried that you, my lord, might face difficulties because of the money you borrowed here."

"Me, in trouble?"

The lord chuckled.

"How could that be?"

"Still, anyone would be troubled if their debts increase."

The lord remembered that the promissory notes he had written could be traded elsewhere and promptly corrected his expression.

'Getting into trouble... it's certainly possible. If the promissory notes I've written end up in the wrong hands.'

"I appreciate your unnecessary worry, but that's not for you to concern yourself with. Just hand over the dalant. I'm a busy man."

"Yes, my lord."

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