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Chapter 24 Part 2 - The Founder of Great Financial Family

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The Birth of Currency (1)

“Rockefeller-hyung, what’s that?” 

When Rockefeller pulled out the promissory note at their dinner table, his younger siblings showed great interest. 

“What’s that?” 

The younger brothers, who were staring at the slip of paper that was the promissory note, had curious twinkles in their eyes and question marks in their voices. 

A slip of paper with a few sentences written on it. 

Except for the large phrase ‘1Gold’, the letters were so small that they could barely be seen. 

It was then that Andrew asked, 

“Did you bring this from the Banco?” 

Since he was the oldest after Rockefeller, Andrew had a clearer memory. He remembered seeing a promissory note from the Banco that their father, who had once been a tax collector, had brought home. 

However, he didn’t know what it was exactly or how it was used. 

“Right, it’s from the Banco,” 


Perhaps it was the strong perception of Banco = money – the younger brothers forgot about dinner and began to get up from their seats, showing excessive interest in the promissory note. 

“Wow, it’s from Banco!” 

“Then what can you do with this?” 

“What can I buy in the market if I have this?” 

If there was a fully grown adult here, they might not have thought in the same direction as his younger siblings. 

In their view, the piece of paper that Rockefeller had taken out would be nothing more than either a promissory loan note from the banco or just a piece of paper. 

It was only because of their strong understanding of the Banco being related to money that his younger siblings reacted like that and not because they understood what the promissory note really meant. 

“This is what I got as my wage,” 

The younger siblings looked even more surprised at Rockefeller’s words. 

“This is a wage?”

“Wow, so this is what the Banco wage looks like!” 

“It’s so cool,” 

However, the reaction of the second child was quite different from that of the younger ones. 

“It’s… it’s not money,” 

Andrew seemed to know for sure what real money was. 

Almost like an adult. 

“Did you get scammed?… This isn’t… it’s not real money,” 

At Andrew’s anxious words, Rockefeller replied with a smile, 

“That’s right. It’s not real money. But in the future, this will be used like money,” 


As usual, Joshua showed strong curiosity towards something he had never seen before. 

“Does this become money?” 

To be honest, Joshua, like Andrew, knew what real money was like. 

However, because of his strong belief in Rockefeller, he simply accepted what Rockefeller said as the truth and instead showed curiosity about something he didn’t know before. 

“How can you make this into money?”

Just like he had to explain Carter how he had created the ‘1 Gold’ promissory note for use in the Banco – Rockefeller began to explain to his younger siblings about money and currency – and how cash and money differed – and how the small promissory note issued by Banco could be used as money. 

Even after hearing his explanation, his younger siblings made a face to show that they didn’t understand it all straight away. 

And towards his confused younger siblings, Rockefeller showed the same gentle smile. 

“Even if it’s hard to understand now, you can start learning about this stuff slowly from now on. We have a lot of time anyway,” 

Andrew still seemed a little doubtful, even after hearing Rockefeller’s explanations. His confidence that it wasn’t a scam still seemed only at the halfway point. 

“But will market merchants accept it as money?” 

While the second child doubted such things, the third child, Joshua’s thoughts were different. 

“Of course, they would. Didn’t you say that the Banco would exchange it for gold coins?” 

Andrew tilted his head, unsatisfied, 

“But it’s not real money, is it? I’m sure they’ll find it suspicious,” 

“But since Banco will exchange it with gold coins, what’s the problem?” 

Leo, who had been listening to their back and forth  quietly, finally spoke out, 

“I think it’ll be comfortable,”

When the normally quiet Leo spoke up, both Andrew and Joshua paused, their eyes gathering on him. 


“Yeah… it’s light since it’s made of paper,” Leo answered. 

“Leo said it well. As he said, since it’s light, more people will like it, and maybe lots of people will be able to use it like money like Rockefeller -hyung said,” 


Andrew was still unsure and scratched the back of his head, unconvinced. 

“I don’t know.” 

Rockefeller, who had watched them talk and discuss their opinions quietly, stepped up, 

“Not everyone would feel the same way about this. People like Andrew may doubt and dislike or avoid this method. And there might be people like Joshua and Leo who find it comfortable and portable. But,” 

Rockefeller’s expression became serious, 

“This promissory note has to be used as money. It doesn’t really matter what other people’s thoughts are on this,”

“What does it have to be like that? Is there a reason?” 

At Andrew’s question, Rockefeller briefly explained the reason, but he didn’t go into too much detail. 

Just because he was willing to teach them everything doesn’t mean they could not understand everything just yet. 

And this was one of those things that his siblings were too young to understand properly. 

“Well, just know that if this goes well, I would be able to share half the profits with the store owner. This way, we can make more money and be rich,” 


“For real?!” 

Although Rockefeller’s brief explanation seemed to have flown over their heads a little, they showed quick understanding at the prospect of being able to make money and saying they would become rich seemed to go down well. 


“That’s why I hope you guys can help me out a little bit as well,” 

“How can we help you?” 

“Rockefeller-hyung! Just say the word! We’ll come forward and help you with anything you need!” 

What could he expect from little kids like them? But what he wanted from them was truly a small task – however, Rockefeller didn’t doubt that their small efforts would one day come back to them as huge returns.

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