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Chapter 28 Part 2 - The Founder of Great Financial Family

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The man still standing on the threshold of the shop simply nodded without saying anything.

As Rockefeller showed a reaction appropriate to the situation, the girl who had been quietly observing wanted an answer to the question she asked earlier.

"I'd like you to finish what you were saying earlier. How can you be so sure about getting money from the lord?"

"Miss, it's needless concern. A mere bank operator can't dare to enforce a claim against a lord. How could he possibly get the money? He is the sovereign of this land."

The man continued, speaking.

"In my view, it's just a small wish of that boy."

Initially, the girl thought the same, but she had a unique ability that others did not possess.

Eyes crafted from pure magic.

These eyes could indirectly perceive a person's true nature, and through them, she could see that the boy had not lied in that previous situation.

The presence of impure energy, rippling within, seemed similar to those who hid their true intentions.

In other words, he had a hidden agenda.

"Tell me. I want to hear it."

The longing of wizards to approach the source of knowledge was usually based on an innate trait of being unable to resist curiosity.

She, born with such a wizard's temperament, was keen to know what thoughts the boy harbored.

But Rockefeller was not one to easily satisfy her curiosity.

Upon noticing the heroine's intense interest in him, Rockefeller started scratching the back of his head in a feigned, nonchalant manner.

"Isn't it obvious that you should repay what you have borrowed? That's what I was talking about."

His nonchalance was nearly perfect, as if he had learned to act from a theater troupe. The girl showed a hint of disappointment at this sight, but it was brief.

‘No, there must be some ulterior motive.’

Clearly visible through the third eye she projected onto her retina was something hidden within him.

"Can't you speak of it? Is that it? How can a mere vassal reclaim the money lent to a lord?"

Unable to suppress her curiosity, Isabella inadvertently stepped forward.

The man feigned surprise at her approach.

It was unusual for her, typically indifferent to everything, to show such exaggerated interest.

"Are you really that interested? But it's nonsensical, isn't it?"

The magical power the girl possessed was also within the man.

However, he had never doubted it, dismissing it as utter nonsense.

"Miss, as I said before, it's absolutely impossible."

"Tell me. How are you so confident that someone like you can reclaim money from a lord? You spoke with such certainty earlier."

The man tried to dissuade her again, but couldn't quell the girl's curiosity.

“Can't you just tell me? If it's not a big deal to share.”

The girl, who had been about to leave the store just moments ago, now showed a keen interest, putting Rockefeller in a slightly awkward position.

‘Come to think of it, she was a Sinclair magician, wasn’t she? Can’t resist her curiosity.’

This was not much different from the situation that led her, one of the heroines, to become involved with the protagonist.

Her innate curiosity, sparked by a random question, led her to develop a strong fascination with the protagonist, which eventually turned into affection.

‘The way she's persistently asking makes me think she’s seen right through my lie…….’

Still, seeing the man of equal power showing a completely opposite reaction, Rockefeller found himself not entirely without an answer.

“One says it's utter nonsense, while the other insists I'm hiding some great secret, asking me to reveal it. But honestly, it's nothing much.”

Whether she could see through his false intentions or not,

Rockefeller decided to maintain the same attitude to the end.

"It's just natural to go and fetch it, isn't it? That's why I said what I did, but if you're going to misunderstand it to that extent, there's nothing I can say."

The girl was disappointed, and the man thought he had wasted his time unnecessarily.

"Miss, like those who belong to the bank, they are always dishonest. Even though they wear a smiling mask and seem to speak the truth, greed and deceit always lurk within them. Perhaps the boy's dishonesty influenced your misunderstanding to some extent. Although we can discern lies with the power of eyes, we can't completely see through their essence. We don't read thoughts, after all."

The man, who had the same power as the girl, interpreted things differently for this reason.

From the beginning, those associated with the bank had not been honest.

Always blinded by greed, they habitually lied and deceived others.

In my view, it seemed like a one-sided wish of that boy. But the fact that it appeared false, perhaps it's because the boy worked at the bank. After all, they are...

The man continued his words.

"Bold enough to interfere in the domain of the divine, inviting the wrath of the gods."

"The wrath of the gods?"

"One of the reasons they are condemned is because they charge interest on the money they lend."

"Is that a problem?"

"Interest is a compensation for the time the money is lent, and as you know, time belongs solely to the realm of the divine. Therefore, using this for one's personal greed is inexcusable."

The man shared the conclusion he had reached.

"Such people always appear deceitful and morally corrupt, even at a glance. You might have misunderstood, seeing them in the wrong light."


"I'm saying it's a possibility. The judgment is yours to make."

Upon hearing that, Rockefeller almost let out a chuckle without realizing it.

To interfere with the realm of time and incur the wrath of the gods...

‘There are people who mug others at sword-point, and people who use magic to put themselves above others – but rather than them, we’re the ones who anger god? Compared to them, I’d say we’re downright saints.’

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