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Chapter 29 Part 2 - The Founder of Great Financial Family

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The Brothers Were Brave (1)

“Andrew hyung… this is kind of – If Rockefeller hyung found out about he’d get really mad…” 

The third child of the Rothmedici family, Joshua was trying to convince the recklessly brave second child Andrew.

Andrew on the the other hand, continued to drag Joshua forwards with a fish wrapped around his wrist and yelled at him for his protest, 

“You idiot We can’t just let Rockefeller hyung suffer all the time! We should go out and do something as well!” 

It wasn’t like Joshua didn’t understand Andrew’s feelings, he felt the same way towards their eldest brother, but even with that, he didn’t think sneaking out to go gold placer mining was the right option. 

“Even so, I don’t think this is right. Rockefeller hyung said it loads of times, that we shouldn’t go placer mining. That’s it’s really dangerous. Didn’t they say orcs were around?” 

“I know that too! But Rockefeller hyung is working really hard every day! Don’t you feel bad for him at all?” 

Though he did felt bad, this still wasn’t right. 

They both stopped in place, and Joshua decided to stand his ground. 

“No way. This isn’t right. Rockefeller hyung will be super mad. I don’t want to go.” 

Andrew’s expression became fierce, and strength went into his fist that was still holding Joshua’s arm. 

“If you don’t follow me, I’ll hit you? Do you want to get beat up again like last time?” 

Although Joshua was afraid of Andrew’s fists, he was even more afraid of angering Rockefeller. 

“If we go out there and go placer mining, would Rockefeller hyung even be happy? No way, he’s definitely going to be angry. He might even hit us!” 

The Rockefeller that these two brothers had known all their lives was someone who, once they did something wrong, came out to punish them with a vengeance. 

The old Rockefeller had been somewhat of a tyrant in his household, to the point where when the brothers had caused trouble, he had brought his own wooden sticks to thoroughly beat them up.

Of course Andrew had the same tyrant-like aspect in him as the old Rockfeller, but even he had been thoroughly beaten into submission by him – that was the only reason why Joshua, who was at the bottom of the food-chain among the three brothers, dared to rebel against Andrew. 

Since he was more afraid of Rockefeller who sat as the reigning king of their food chain.

“Are you really going to be like this?” Andrew snapped impatiently. 

“Andrew hyung, you acted like that in the past as well, doing whatever you wanted but I knew Rockefeller hyung beat you up – I saw you two out in the rain, didn’t you get beaten like a dog that day? Have you forgotten that already?” 

“Well that…”

Recalling that nightmarish memory, Andrew faltered a little and Joshua began to convince Andrew with even more strength in his voice, 

“I know Rockefeller hyung has been only using his words these day, but we don’t know that for sure do we?  What if you actually die from a beating this time around? Andrew hyung, I really don’t think we should do this.” 

With his brother stopping him at every turn, some of the fight left Andrew’s body and the strength of his grip loosened as well. 

“Then what should we do? Because of us know, Rockefeller hyung spends everyday working – don’t you feel sorry towards him at all!?” 

Joshua couldn’t reply to those words because he shared the same feeling. 

In the end, the two brothers, who had given up on the idea of going placer gold mining, wondered around the market square together in search of way to make money and eventually sat down side by side on the stump of  a tree that had been cut down. 

The only real way they knew of to make money was to go mining the way Rockefeller had taught the.

Joshua stared up at the blue sky that was clear but for a single puffy cloud floating peacefully by and muttered to himself,

“Isn’t there any way to make money like Rockefeller hyung?” 

“Lets go look for gold then,” 

“I’m saying something other than mining – what else could we do?”

“Rockefeller hyung said it right? The only real way to make money was by doing business or sitting around.”

“Didn’t he say that about making big money? Not just making any kind of money,”

“Shut up,” 

Afraid of making his older brother angry, Joshua shut his mouth, but then he looked down at his feet in disappointment. 

“…It’s not like we can make money by sitting around.” 

Truth be told, Andrew agreed with him. 

How would they even start with making money by just sitting around? 

“Then we’ll have to make money through a business. Or maybe start a shop.” 

“We need something to sell if we’re starting a shop.” 

“That's true,” 

“Isn’t there anything good?” 

While they were talking, Andrew happened to spot the Hound Mercenaries that had come to visit the market. 

“Hey, look, it's the mercenaries over there.” 

“Mercenaries? where?” 

“There. They’re Hound mercenaries – do you know about them? They say that the Hound Mercenaries can even catch ghosts.”

“But why did the mercenaries come all the way here?” 

“Well, wouldn’t they have come to buy stuff at the market?” 

At that moment, an idea crossed Joshua’s head. 

“Andrew hyung, I think I found it.” 

“Found it? What did you find?” 

“A way to make money.” 

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