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Chapter 7 Part 2 - The Founder of Great Financial Family

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Meeting the Goldsmith (1)

Carter Goldsmith. 

He was a goldsmith who built a nest in the Montefeltro estate with the approval of the imperial family. 

He was a fat, greedy man who had to eat everything laid out in front of him to feel full. If he had a weakness, then it was that he was too timid. 

‘Ha… I’m not making enough money. The money really isn’t coming in,’ 

Even today, he was sitting on his chair in the store and thinking about making more money. 

In the average person’s view, he already had a lot of money and made more in minutes than regular did in days, but since he was greedy, he always wanted more money. 

‘That doesn’t mean I can just make money like that rich guy from Lyon,’ 

To him, who was timid and afraid, the story of the goldsmith in Lyon was just a dream. 

To think, he was using his gold coins and the gold coins of customers to make money! 

Then what would happen if the customer suddenly came to you to find the gold coins they had entrusted to you? 

‘That would be a huge deal! Then, if you get caught, what would you do to clear the waters then? It’s crazy! It’s stupid crazy! The customers we deal with aren’t just random nobody from the streets!’ 

And towards his shop, were quiet footsteps. 

Rockefeller, the eldest son of the Rothsmedici family, had come to sell him gold dust.

Rockefeller stopped in front of the goldsmith’s shop, which was located near the lord’s castle. 

‘Carter Banco’


Initially, it meant chair or bench, but it also referred to the goldsmith’s shop who sat down on such a chair for most of the day for work. 

Usually, goldsmith shops are named after their name or family’s name, similar to ‘Carter Banco’ to do business. 

‘Please, I hope that you are a greedy person with a similar nature to what I had thought,’

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