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Chapter 9 Part 1 - The Founder of Great Financial Family

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Meeting the Goldsmith (3)

"Rockefeller, how did it go at the bank?"

As soon as Rockefeller returned, his younger siblings, who had been waiting for him at home, swarmed around him.

Their expressions revealed they had been anxiously waiting, full of tension.

"Did you sell the gold?"

"Or couldn't you sell it?"

Rockefeller responded with a smile to his siblings, who were staring intently at him.

"The matter was resolved well. From now on, the gold we mine, we'll secretly take and sell to this goldsmith."


"That's such a relief!"

Upon hearing Rockefeller’s words, the second and third siblings breathed a sigh of relief.

After all, mining gold would be meaningless if they couldn't dispose of it.

"But how did you sell it? If you bring the gold straight to the goldsmith, wouldn’t he be suspicious?"

"There's a separate black market trader. I acted as a middleman to deceive the goldsmith. It seemed the best way to ensure they wouldn't ask about the source of the gold."

"Weren't you caught?"

"No chance of being caught. You should have seen how well I acted. Maybe because I'm still young, they didn't suspect me that much."

Upon hearing that, the third child was the happiest.

"Rockefeller is the best! Now we can become rich too!"

The second child was just as excited as the third.

"Really, just like Joshua said, we can become rich. We don't have to worry about starving anymore!"

The mention of not having to starve anymore brightened the expression of the fourth child who was with them.

Lastly, the youngest sibling, Lucia, also laughed brightly, caught up in the atmosphere surrounding her older brothers.

In such a warm and joyful atmosphere, the one who was reasonably happy was Rockefeller himself.

His dreams were much bigger than just getting excited over such a small matter.

'I'm just starting, and they are making such a fuss. Well, the kids are still young.'

Rockefeller had no intention of surviving this harsh world alone.

'The family motto I taught my siblings is not in vain. For weak ones like us to survive, we must unite and combine our strength.'

It would have been a difficult task with strangers.

But they were family, sharing the same blood.

‘Blood is thicker than water.’

Rockefeller calmed his excited younger brothers for a moment and made them listen to him.

"I have something to tell you guys. So, calm down for a bit and listen to what I have to say."

What could the eldest brother possibly want to talk about?

While the second and third brothers were sneakily gauging Rockefeller's mood, he began to speak to his younger brothers, seated at an old table, about the dream he harbored.

"You see, I have no intention of being content with this reality. I want to move forward with bigger dreams. What do you think? Do you guys feel the same way?"

They were still young but old enough to understand right and wrong.

The first to break the silence among the younger brothers was none other than the third, Joshua.

"Rockefeller, what are you suddenly talking about?"

"Basically, I'm saying I want to escape this kind of life."

Rockefeller slowly looked around the shabby interior, while his brothers watched him.

Old household items caught his eye, and the living conditions didn't look very good.

"I've always been dissatisfied with this house. Even though I wasn't reincarnated as a noble, this is too much. This isn't a place for people to live in. It's a pigsty.”

"Do you want to keep living in a house like this?"

At Rockefeller's words, the younger siblings looked at each other, and soon the third child retorted.

"This is our home. I like it here……."

The fourth child seemed to agree, but the second child, Andrew, felt differently.

Frequently mingling with his peers, he was always bothered by the stigma of being a commoner and the comparison of his family's circumstances with others.

"I also... agree with Rockefeller."

The second child continued, glancing at Rockefeller and his younger siblings.

"I hate it here too. Living in a place like this, my friends subtly look down on me."

"Is it also embarrassing?"


How did the eldest brother understand his feelings so well?

Feeling embarrassed about what he just said, the second child quietly lowered his head, and Rockefeller continued speaking with a faint smile.

"The feelings Andrew experienced are nothing to be ashamed of. They are natural human emotions. I don't want to live in this old, dirty house for the rest of my life either. If I had my way, I'd live in a bigger, more splendid place, envied by others."

Joshua, the third brother, muttered in a small voice.

"That's... those are the real rich people."

"So, we just have to become that rich, right?"

The third brother lifted his head to look at his eldest brother, Rockefeller.

The expression on the eldest brother's face looked infinitely serious.

"Becoming rich... it's not that easy, you know."

"No, we can become rich."

"Really? How?"

"All you guys have to do is listen to me and follow along. If you do that, I'll make you the richest people in the world."


The second brother, too, seemed displeased with the third brother's attitude, his voice sharpened.

"Idiot! We already know how to become rich. What kind of foolish talk is that?"

Then the third brother retorted in a cowering voice.

"Well, that's true but..."

Deep down, the third brother knew it as well.

That digging up gold in land owned by someone else and selling it secretly wouldn't make them hugely rich.

"Can't become hugely rich with that. Haven't you ever thought about that, Andrew?"

"Well... That is true."

Rockefeller stepped in.


  1. "The blood of the covenant is thicker than the water from the womb"