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Chapter 15 Part 2 - The Mysterious Art Museum

A street artist's life changed when he ended up at a mysterious art museum. DBT,Korean,Novel,Translation,Art,Artist,Slice of life,Poor to Rich,Mystery

Lee Soo-young, who took a taxi to return to the company, asked Monica.

"Chief designer."

Monica said, still looking at her phone.

"My name is not chief designer, but Monica, Ms. Lee Soo-young."

"I'm sorry, Monica."

"Yes, what is it?"

"What part of Mr. Ban Jeong-hun do you find suspicious?"

Monica looked at Lee Soo-young with a puzzled expression, as if she didn't understand why she asked that, and said, holding both her phone and the portrait.

"Do you still say that after seeing this?"


Lee Soo-young was an interpreter, but she was also a member of the design team. She could also see the clear difference between the two paintings.

"But it's natural that there is a difference between a portrait drawn in 30 minutes and a contest work that took several days to complete. A carefully written text and a hastily written text can also look like different people's handwriting."

“Hmm, that's true. But this could be a big contract. If someone benefits from using another’s paintings, it could cause significant harm to MG Electronics."

It’s obvious, after all, if there’s a lawsuit later on regarding unauthorized use of the design, it would be a major issue.

For Ban Jeong-hun, going to jail would be the end of it, but MG Electronics would face astronomical compensation and a tremendous blow to their brand image.

Lee Soo-young glanced at the portrait once again, smacked his lips, and nodded in agreement.

"Understood, I'll proceed as Monica wishes for now."

As soon as Lee Soo-young acquiesced, Monica, looking out the window at Seoul's skyline, muttered to herself.

"I also hope he truly is a star of the East."


MG Electronics Marketing Department.

Heo, the marketing team leader, ruffles his hair as if troubled.

“This is driving me crazy, I can't find a single aspect that could be used as a marketing point."

On his PC screen was Ban Jeong-hun’s profile.

From the marketing team’s perspective, they needed to gather materials to explain and promote the artistic value of an appliance collaborating with an artist before the launch of a new product.

But no matter how much they looked into Ban Jeong-hun, aside from his university graduation, all they found were a few awards from competitions.

“How can we work with an artist who hasn’t even had a solo exhibition?”

Heo clicked his tongue and glared at the PC screen.

“At least he graduated from a good school.”

Then, one of the female staff members in the marketing department hesitantly raised her hand and said.

"I contacted the school, and they said Ban Jeong-hun received a full scholarship throughout his four years there."

Heo’s face lit up briefly before he frowned.

“Ha, great. But how do we use that as a marketing point? It’s commendable that he worked hard in school to get a scholarship, but that doesn’t translate to professional success. School is one thing, and society is another.”

The woman who had spoken lowered her hand. After all, the team leader was right. Even the junior member of the design team, a graduate of Seoul National University, struggles with using the copier and gets scolded daily.

Heo clapped his hands and said.

“Anyway, we need to find something, so let’s learn more about Ban Jeong-hun.”

As Heo stood up to give instructions to his team, he saw Monica returning to the office with Lee Soo-young, and quickly approached her, asking in English.

“Did you meet Mr. Ban Jeong-hun?”

“Yes, team leader.”

“Do you have any more information about him? Any work history with other companies or participation in joint exhibitions if not solo ones?”

Monica stopped and turned to Heo.

“For now, put a hold on what you’re doing.”

Heo asked incredulously.


“Wait for my instructions.”

Monica turned and walked away. Heo then grabbed Lee Soo-young, who was following her.

“Soo-young! What is this all about?”

Lee Soo-young, lowering her voice so no one would hear, explained the situation, and a serious look came over Heo’s face. He looked around and whispered.

“So, you mean he might have entered competitions with someone else’s paintings?”

“It’s more about confirming things before proceeding.”

“Come on, in this day and age. Does that make any sense?”

“I think so too, but it doesn’t hurt to be cautious. I’ll be going now.”

Mr. Heo stopped everyone. He was staring at his PC screen with a headache.

"Stop! Stop everything you're doing right now, and start looking for paintings that are similar to Ban Jeong-hoon's painting that was submitted to the contest. If anyone finds a similar painting on the internet, report it to me immediately!"

A strange order without any prior explanation.

But no one asked why and immediately opened the internet window.

That's the fate of the corporate workers who live as cogs in the wheel.


On the way home from the cafe.

Thanks to Monica, who gave me 200,000 won, I don't have to work today.

"Let's go home and practice."

I used to be confident, but I haven't copied his paintings for a long time.

The last time I did a forgery job was four years ago, and the painting I drew then was The West End Review. It was a painting that Mucha designed for the British market in 1902, depicting a beautiful young woman in a gorgeous dress looking far away with a dreamy eye.

'Monica is suspicious of me.'

Therefore, she will test me tomorrow.

Can I pass the test?

Can I get the 50 million won signing bonus and leave a record of collaborating with MG Electronics?

I have to go home and practice, but I wonder what difference it will make if I practice for a day.

My fast pace slows down.

'Even if no one believes me, I know.'

There is no one in the world who knows my lie. But I know. I'm lying right now.


Should I just give up?

I had a phone number on the business card I received earlier. Maybe it would be cleaner to just say I don't want to do it.

I was lost in thought on my way home and stopped at some point.

I came here again without thinking. A small sign of an art gallery hangs over my head.

'Lucid Dream Art Gallery.'

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