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Chapter 21 Part 2 - The Mysterious Art Museum

A street artist's life changed when he ended up at a mysterious art museum. DBT,Korean,Novel,Translation,Art,Artist,Slice of life,Poor to Rich,Mystery

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Suyeong wanted to use the expression that it only took ten hours instead of the evaluation that it took ten hours. That's how high the completeness was.

Suyeong, who knew how seriously Junghoon had taken the test, grabbed his arm and rejoiced.

"If this painting, instead of being by an unknown Korean artist, had been by a historically renowned artist, its beauty is unimaginable.”

Sooyoung wanted to describe the painting, which took ten hours to complete, as 'a painting that only took ten hours'. Its perfection justified such a statement.

Sooyoung knew how seriously Jung-hoon had taken the test and clung to his arm, rejoicing together.

“You're amazing!”

Jung-hoon stares at the hand Sooyoung has on his arm. Then, realizing her mistake, Sooyoung quickly withdraws her hand.

“Oh, I apologize.”

“No, it's not really rude.”

Grateful for Jung-hoon's generosity, Sooyoung smiles again and speaks to Monica, who is blankly staring at the painting.

“Monica, isn’t it beautiful?”


“The bold outlines and numerous circles. And the beautiful scenery within. What more proof is needed? This painting proves itself as a contest entry.”




Monica does not respond despite Sooyoung's repeated calls. More accurately, she is unable to respond.

Her long eyelashes flutter, and tears well up in her large, blue eyes.

Before the tears fall, Monica quickly wipes them away with her fingertips and looks back at the painting.

There she is, inside a giant circle.

Not in a sophisticated suit, nor in a fancy dress suitable for the Milan Fashion Show.

A simple, knee-length dress, red but toned down with pastel shades, fluttering in the wind. Her brown hair, let down in abundance, also billows in the breeze.

‘It’s not the wind.’

In the painting, she is lifting a small child with both hands, looking into their eyes.

The dress and hair fluttering because the painting's subject – herself – is joyfully spinning around with the child in her arms.

The child, laughing with pure joy. And herself, smiling along while watching the child.

Behind them, in the center of the painting, stand people.

People without eyes or noses, only mouths drawn. Some dressed like a butcher, others like a grocery store owner, and a newspaper boy running among them.

All these mouth-only people are smiling happily.

Tears well up in Monica's eyes again.

Because of the background behind the laughing people – the depiction of her childhood village.


Monica finally breaks into tears.

Then, something is suddenly offered to her.

As she looks through tear-blurred eyes, Jung-hoon's face, wearing a tired smile, comes into view.

“I'm not the kind of gentleman who carries a handkerchief. But here's a tissue.”


Wordlessly looking at the tissue, overwhelmed by tears, Monica finally takes it to wipe her eyes.

As her vision clears, she sees the beautiful scenery of her hometown village in the painting.

The small alley she used to play in as a child, Mr. Rudolph’s general store.

Monica's feet move on their own.

A longing for her dear hometown village.

Standing in front of the painting, Monica instinctively reaches out to touch the familiar scene of her hometown in the painting.

But startled, she refrains from touching the still wet paint. Of course, Monica, knowing the value of art, would not casually touch a painting, even if the paint were dry.

Regaining her composure, Monica says with a choked voice.

“The church where I got scolded by the priest for breaking a window while playing ball at five years old is also here…”

Sooyoung comes up beside her, hugs her, and pats her back.

“Your hometown is truly a beautiful place.”


Monica is a person of exceptional intelligence.

At first, she was lost in the beautiful painting of her hometown village. But soon, she wondered how Jung-hoon, who didn’t even have a phone, could have known and painted her hometown village.

But as soon as she saw Suyeong next to her, she realized that she had helped him by going into the studio at lunchtime.

Monica, who had been standing in front of the picture for more than 10 minutes as if she remembered every line in the picture, turned around. Her eyes were blackened by the mascara, but she was still beautiful.

Monica leaned against the door and stood in front of Junghoon, who could not hide his fatigue.

And she bowed her head slightly and bent her knees like a noblewoman in the Middle Ages.

"I'm sorry for being rude, Mr. Ban."


Her sudden change of attitude. Junghoon looked at Suyeong with a slightly confused face, but she nodded her head with a smile.

Her bow was not just a moment, but it became more and more bent as time passed.

Her greeting had already changed from the etiquette of the nobility in the Middle Ages to expressing respect and reverence.

Monica, who straightened her back after a while, smiled at Junghoon. Junghoon, who saw for the first time that a woman who had tears smeared with mascara could be so beautiful, was staring blankly at her face.

Monica reached out her hand.

He reflexively held her hand and heard a beautiful voice in his ear.

"Let's sign a contract with MG Electronics."

He stiffened for a moment and saw Monica smiling brightly and holding his hand and turned to look at the picture.

"And that picture. I'll buy it."

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