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Adopting Disaster - Chapter 194

 Rosemary (2)

"......Have you arrived?"

"Yeah, I'm here. Did you miss your sis?"

It was not his sister but an uninvited guest.

Reed's dream of spending a quiet afternoon was shattered.

"What's that in your hand?"

"It's nothing. Just some boring documents."

What he was holding was a draft of a family planning document.

It was something difficult to show to others, especially those who were not close.

It was even more difficult for those with twisted personalities.

Reed tried to lie with a calm face, but

"Then, can you show me that boring document?"

Damn it, why is she so sharp at times like this?

"Hand it over."

"I don't want to... Ah?!"

Reed's shadow moved and quickly snatched the paper he was holding.

Then, it crawled to Freesia and handed it to her.

"Thank you."

Freesia smiled and read Reed's document.

As soon as she saw it, she burst into laughter.

"It is important, indeed."


"Two daughters, three sons, and then two more daughters? Are you a breeding machine?"

"Please give it back……."

It was hard to even respond.

Freesia spat out a few sensitive metaphors and returned the document to Reed, seemingly satisfied.

"By the way, I was in a bad mood, but seeing that 'family planning document' made me laugh."

"Isn't it rare for the Black Tower Master to be in a good mood?"

"Well, it is."

Reed flinched at Freesia's response.

It was unusual for Freesia to answer so nervously.

Reed cautiously asked her.

"What's the matter?"


"I see."

Despite her curt tone, Reed did not falter. There must be something going on.

A moment of silence.

Unable to bear the silence, he eventually spoke up.

"You're not going to talk about it, are you?"

"Of course."

What could he gain from talking about his conversation with the Black Sky Tower Master?

It was obvious that he would make up topics to avoid dying.

"......I had a nightmare."

"A nightmare?"

Reed tried not to show it, but he couldn't hide his surprised expression.

It was unbelievable for someone who was a nightmare to others to have a nightmare.

Reed quickly tried to regain his composure.

Freesia wouldn't miss such a detail, but she pretended not to notice.

"It was a terrible nightmare. The memories from my childhood were so vivid, you know?"

"What was it about?"

"I don't want to talk about it."

It wasn't out of spite.

She couldn't talk about it for fear of feeling the pain again.

There was nothing to say since she didn't want to talk.

"Is there anything I can do to help?"

"What could that be?"

"Should I hug you?"

"......Are you crazy?"

Freesia frowned, and Reed realized his mistake.

He already knew what Freesia wanted.

As if to prove that her intention hadn't changed, she spoke again.



"What happened to that weapon?"

"I used up enough mana to make the Sky Tower fall below the clouds. And Longinus was also destroyed."

It was a rare sight for the Sky Tower Master, who had a rule of not showing himself, to appear in the sky.

It seemed impossible to use the incomplete weapon again.

"Can you make it again within a month?"

"......Tower Master."

"Can you or can't you? Just tell me that."

At Freesia's question, Reed nodded.

"I can."

"Good. I'll talk to Helios."

Freesia ended the conversation like that.

"Must you really......"

Seeing her walking towards the door, he unconsciously asked.

"Must you really die?"

He knew that Freesia was a villain.

He also knew how many people harbored resentment against her.

Was it because he had grown too attached?

The thought of that day approaching felt regrettable.

Freesia grabbed Reed's face.

Her small hand could barely cover one cheek.

"Reed, you don't have to keep your promise. But if you don't, I won't stay still either."

A red light burst from her eyes.

The light enveloped Reed's body, controlling him.

It wasn't magic.

It was an overwhelming difference in power, fear.

"If you won't keep your promise, do you think I'll kill you? No. I'll destroy this world. I'll bring all the corpses under the Black Tower above ground. Can you handle that?"

"Tower Master......"

"Everything will rot with the plague, and they'll be trapped on the border of life and death, decaying in pain for their entire lives. With that, within a year, all living beings that set foot on this ground will be crushed under my feet. Even then, you'll still be alive. You'll witness everything with your own eyes."

Freesia was serious.

She was more sincere about death than anyone else.

Although she seemed like a child throwing a tantrum, Reed knew she was capable of it.

"I might fail."


"Since even the origin of dragons couldn't suppress the overwhelming power, you, who defy fate, would be the same."

Roderick Astheria had only become immortal, not entirely dead.

What would happen to Freesia, who had an immortal body that defied fate?

He didn't know.

"Just think about it when the time comes. I'm telling you to do your best now."

She was right.

But Reed had an obligation to do something for her.

So, Reed no longer held back and nodded.

"I understand."

"Good. You're a good boy, really good."

Freesia stroked Reed's head.

Looking at her face, Reed avoided her eyes.

"I think we've talked enough, and now I have to go home. Ma-gun will be nagging again. Anyway, there's nothing but people I dislike. See you later."


Reed awkwardly greeted her.

Only after Freesia left the room did Reed raise his head.

'I never thought she would have that expression......'

Freesia had a faint smile on her face.

He felt a sense of dissonance in her mature expression, which he had never seen before.

'It's our promise.'

But why?

Freesia's smile gave him the feeling that this decision was a mistake.

* * *

Freesia, who came out of the room, was waiting for the elevator to return to the tower.

At that moment, someone called Freesia kindly.


It was Rosaria.

Freesia blatantly showed an annoyed expression.

Despite Freesia's face, Rosaria hugged her elemental doll and ran to her.

As Rosaria approached, her change became apparent.

Her eye level had increased.

"You've grown a lot."

"I've grown taller!"

She had a proud face.

"Freesia-unni, you seem taller too?"

At Rosaria's compliment, Freesia's face hardened.

"How could I have grown? I've been like this for decades."


As Rosaria tilted her head, Freesia opened her mouth.

However, the words didn't come out.

The thought that she wasn't a lowly person enough to explain such a thing to someone stopped her.

And it wasn't her job to teach this child, but her parents' or Reed's.

So, she coldly turned her head.

"You don't need to know, you fool."

"Rosaria is not a fool! You're saying mean things!"

Rosaria puffed her cheeks and sulked.

Freesia watched Rosaria's retreating figure.

A suffocating emotion that was difficult to describe brushed past her.

Whatever it was, it was undoubtedly related to this life.

'Am I still attached to life?'

Freesia furrowed her brow.

Having found a solution, was she still attached to life?

'It's only because this is the last time.'

If she doesn't use it, she will only accumulate more regrets.

Freesia decided to be determined.

* * *

* * *

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Winter approached, and the trees that had been dyed with autumn leaves began to shed their clothing.

The villagers collected fallen leaves and firewood, preparing for the winter.

Reed, listening to various reports, suddenly thought of a quiet person.

'Leto, why hasn't this guy been in touch lately?'

A man who lived underground in the empire, making money through information and black market trading.

He had acted as a stepping stone for Reed to meet Rosaria, and had helped him in other ways as well.

Thanks to his tightrope walking skills, he was enjoying the taste of money from various sources and had amassed wealth enough to easily surpass the fortunes of most nobles.

He wasn't originally the type to live in a slum.

However, since his early days, many people were disgusted by his hideous appearance, so he never showed himself in the daylight.

Contrary to his ugly appearance, he had a diligent and sincere personality.

It was impossible for him to be negligent towards Reed, who was currently his strongest connection in the world of espionage.

"I heard he was going to buy his own territory and become a lord."

You never know what's going to happen in people's lives.

A month ago, he told Reed that he was thinking of becoming a lord.

He must have gained enough reputation that others couldn't ignore, and it seemed he was thinking of gaining independence from afar.

Since he had followed Reed to the end without betraying him, Reed didn't feel resentful about his independence.

"Considering his recent lack of contact, I might have misunderstood."

It was extremely annoying to think about closing his mouth.

He intended to send a bluebird first to inquire.

As he thought so, a bluebird knocked on the window.

Speak of the devil, it was the bluebird he had sent to Leto.

As soon as Reed saw the bluebird, he felt a sense of foreboding.

There was a hastily tied note attached to the bluebird's leg.


With bright red blood.

-The King of the Slums has been assassinated.

* * *

Blue sky.

Mountains dyed in various colors with autumn leaves.

The colors of the world entered Rosemary's eyes, but there was no wonder in them.

In her heart, there was hatred and anger.

These two emotions filled the chains that prevented her from touching anything else.

What she felt was emptiness and loneliness.

The negative gives birth to the negative.

Rosemary's emotions grew stronger.

That's when someone blocked Rosemary's path.

Coming to her senses, she was walking through the slums inside the royal road.

-Kid, who are you?

A beggar waved his hand in front of Rosemary, trying to draw her attention.

Rosemary didn't focus on his gesture.

-Can't you see?

-Rather than that, she just seems to be spacing out. If she were a beggar, she would have been beaten up by now.

-She's a girl in a different sense.

A cunning woman grabbed Rosemary's face and looked around.

-She seems to be abandoned, but it's strange.

-What is?

-Her face is half-and-half, and her skin is good. If she grows up like this, she'll be very pretty. These are the kind of orphans the boss wants.

-It's been a while since I received a compliment. Let's make up for my mistakes this time.

-Kid, hold my hand.

The woman took Rosemary's hand.

Rosemary didn't resist.

She seemed to entrust her body to the woman, moving in the direction she was led.

The warm light and clear air gradually became discolored.

The gloomy darkness and damp air filled with filth stimulated her senses.

After walking for a while, they entered the brightest place among them.

-Boss, I brought a kid who was loitering outside.

-You didn't kidnap her, did you? If you kidnap someone in this situation, it'll only cause us a headache.

-I checked. There's no doubt that someone intentionally abandoned her in the slums.



A fat man with an unpleasant laugh walked over.

He slightly lifted Rosemary's hair, and his face twisted a bit.

-Where did you bring her from?

-Yes, I picked her up on the street.

-It's extremely ominous.


-She looks too much like the daughter of the Tower Master of Silence. It's bound to be ominous if you see a kid who looks like your daughter in the world.

-Did she really resemble her that much?

The beggar tilted his head as if he didn't know.

However, Leto, who had introduced her personally, could be sure.

-Rosaria Adeleheights Roton. She looked exactly like this when she was 7 years old. This feeling and this appearance! No doubt!

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