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Adopting Disaster - Chapter 199

 Hope (1)

'Is this a dream?'


Reed knows this place.

This dark sensation, a place where something seems to exist but doesn't.

In this place, Reed met the real Reed, who had switched bodies with him.

'Could it be that I'm dead?'

Someone suddenly attacked him at night.

Death usually comes unexpectedly.

He didn't want to think that way.

He thought there was a separate reason for being in this space.

That's when it happened.

Gradually, light began to shine in the space that seemed like eternal darkness.

At first, the light was so intense that Reed covered his eyes.

As his eyes adjusted to the light, the source of the light began to show itself.

It was three women with six pairs of huge wings.

"Who are you?"

"Do not be afraid."

"We are not here to punish."

"We came to adjust."

They each answered Reed's question.

"I am the past."

"I am the present."

"I am the future."

"We see all the time."

"Within time, everything is equal."

"And there is no injustice."

They spoke one word at a time, which was confusing.

Reed decided to ask only what he needed to know.

"What do you mean by adjustment?"

"Seven disasters will come upon you."

"Six of them have been completely extinguished."

"All removable incidents on the mortal line are over."

"What do you mean, I've done everything I could and there's still one left?"

"The last disaster cannot be found by your hands."

"The seed of the last disaster has been harvested."

"By someone who should not have it."

"The one who usurped the position of God is now burdened with sin and trying to enforce an unjust prophecy."

"Inland matters will be dealt with inland."

"Outer space matters will be dealt with in outer space."

"That's why we are adjusting."

Reed was beginning to grasp what they were saying.

However, there was one thing he was not sure about.

'Although they spoke as if they were in an advantageous position, it didn't sound advantageous at all.'

That was the meaning of the adjustment.

"So you want to say this is the end?"

"Originally, it would be."

"But it's not the end."

"There is an exception."

"That would be you."

"Are you talking about me?"

He hadn't expected that.

The angel answered Reed's question.

"We know everything in the world."

"That's why we create singularities."

"As a result, the world has derived an unwanted conclusion."

"Therefore, fairness has collapsed."

Reed was tense at their words.

Does that mean this is the end for him here?

"Are you saying you're going to punish me?"

"Fairness is important."

"Fair justice is all about balance."

"There are no exceptions in execution."

"But if there's no need for execution, there's no concept of exception either."

Though they spoke difficult words, he understood what they meant.

If they punished the outsider, they would also have to punish Reed himself.

'Did they know... that I'm not from this world?'

Somehow, Reed's existence had held them back.

It was amazing that they had pushed him this far.

Reed decided to think that way.

"Will you accept the adjustment?"

"Is it possible to just hear the story first?"

He asked the question, just in case.

"It is possible."

Upon hearing the answer, Reed nodded his head.


"We will begin the adjustment."

Shortly after, a black substance rose in the brightly lit room.

It had a human shape, but it was not human; something stood in front of Reed.

Reed stared at him clearly.

That person was the one who harbored the last disaster.

"How are you?"

He greeted first.

"Who are you?"

"I'm not alright."

"That's not what I'm asking."

"I was insensitive. Anyway, you must be curious. But there's not much to be curious about. After all, isn't it enough to know that I am your ultimate enemy, Reed Adeleheights Roton?"


Yes, there was no need for them to be friendly.

Reed gritted his teeth and said,

"You've caught my weakness well."

"It's not that I caught your weakness. It's just a kind of incidental income. I just wanted to negotiate."

"The angels?"

Reed looked up at them with resentful eyes.

But the angels with closed eyes didn't move at all.

"They value fairness. So, they must have told you some of my information, right?"


"They only share information about each other fairly, to a certain extent."

That damn fairness.

No matter what they said, Reed was not interested in that fairness.

"Do you have the last disaster?"

"Yes, it's the ability Maronie had. Do you know what kind of power it is?"

"It's the one that can create monsters."

"You know that too, even the existence of Maronie."

"Let's not waste time searching for unnecessary information. Just tell me your purpose."

Reed's words were sharp.

"It's a simple proposal. I'll erase the root of the remaining disaster for you."

"What do you want?"

"Your daughter."

There was no need for Reed to think about that answer.

As he was about to answer immediately, the man intercepted him.

"You'll reject it, of course. But this is a different issue."

"What do you mean?"

"Your daughter is a god. You knew that to some extent, right?"

He knew that much.

"I've lost many powers and become like a god in name only. But I still have the qualifications to ascend."


"If I take your daughter, it means I'm going back to my original position. There's no need to search for the only god of this place anymore."

"She's only 13 years old. Do you think I'd let her follow you?"

"How long will you treat her like a child and play family games?"

The man sighed.

"Originally, she has her own personality. She gave up on herself and fell into this world."

"How can I believe that?"

"If you can't believe it, why not see it for yourself?"

After a while, light condensed and shaped into a figure.

The figure created by the light was small, delicate, and a person Reed knew well.

It was Rosaria.

Instead of an innocent smile, she looked up at Reed with a mature smile.

"Hello, Reed. Or should I say 'dad,' which is more familiar to you?"


As Rosaria's voice spoke in a strange tone, Reed was confused.

"Is that really Rosaria?"

"Everything is fair."

"There are no fakes in this space."

"There are no distorted concepts either."


"Just say it's Rosaria."

The angels spoke with a dry tone but sounded quite unpleasant.

Reed looked down at Rosaria and apologized.

"I'm sorry. I just..."

"It's okay. It must be confusing for you. I'm sorry for leaving you with such a fate..."

"I'm sorry... really sorry... Is the original Rosaria I knew gone now?"

The girl, who was not Rosaria, understood what that meant.

He wanted to see Rosaria.

"No, she's still inside me. The small, young, and kind girl. I'll wake her up for you."

"Thank you..."

Rosaria bowed her head for a moment, and then she looked up at Reed again.



"Dad, are you hurt?"

It was definitely Rosaria.

"No, Dad's not hurt."

"I'm glad."

She smiled broadly and ran to hug Reed.

"Were you very scared in this strange place?"

"No, I'm fine. A sister told me about it. She also told me what I have to do."


Reed began to worry.

How did the woman explain it, and how did the child accept it?

Reed held Rosaria's hands.

"Did you hear... that you have to part with your dad?"


She understood completely.

It was clear from the gloom on Rosaria's face.

"I... don't want to be apart from Dad."

"You don't like it either?"

"But if we don't separate, Dad will be unhappy."

Rosaria's face became heavy.

As her expression changed, strength went into Reed's wrists.

"I can tell. Dad, Phoebe, Dolores, Morgan... everyone will be unhappy. So I made up my mind."

Rosaria swallowed her saliva and spoke confidently.

"I will erase all the memories of Rosaria living in this world."


His throat was tight.

He wanted to ask what she meant, if she was in her right mind, but the words didn't come out.

Ignoring Reed's question, Rosaria continued.

"If a world without Rosaria was originally happy, that's what Rosaria wants. So, there's no need to be sad even if Rosaria disappears."

"Is that your choice? Do you want to break up with me like that?"

"It's not like that. But I know what that man is talking about."

Rosaria smiled.

It was not a smile full of emotion, but a restrained smile like an adult.

"I think I now understand the things I didn't know before."


"If I stay down here, everyone will only be in pain."

Her words wavered.

Did she not know she was talking about parting?

Reed couldn't understand how she could smile like that.

"I wish Dad was happy."

"I am..."

"Then I think I'll be really happy. So, Rosaria will disappear!"

"No, don't do that. I don't want it to be resolved by you disappearing!"

Rosaria lowered her head.

After a moment, she raised her head again.

Her mature smile contained sadness.

"I'm sorry."

"Wait, please... call her out once more."

"...I'm sorry."

* * *

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Rosaria made the best choice.

She got up from her seat and walked toward the incomplete being.

"Let's go back, to the world where you and I should be."

"Let's do that."

As Rosaria stood next to the man, a change occurred.

Pure white wings sprouted from Rosaria's back.

Wings also sprouted from the back of the incomplete being, but the color was black.

They began to ascend.

"The negotiation is over."

"Are you satisfied with this?"

The angels asked like questions in a game.

The incomplete being answered first.

"Yes, I agree."

Then Rosaria answered.

"I also agr—."

At that moment, Rosaria's body sank.

Rosaria looked down below.

Reed was standing, holding onto Rosaria's legs.


Reed said.

"I can't let you go."


Rosaria looked down at Reed with affectionate eyes.

The incomplete being yelled at Reed.

"You rude human! It's already over! Holding onto her like that won't change anything."

"I can't. I can't allow it."

"It's your daughter's choice. She realized it, so why are you clinging so disgracefully?"

He already knew it was disgraceful.

Rosaria was important enough to Reed that he didn't care about his disgraceful appearance.

There was a bond that only Rosaria and Reed could feel.

The bond between father and daughter.

Even if their blood wasn't connected, even if they had only met a few years ago.

They both knew for sure that they were in a parent-child relationship.

"Please... don't leave me."

His left hand falls away from the increasingly distant Rosaria.

He held her even tighter with his remaining hand.

"I can't let Rosaria go. I haven't done much for her yet, and I can't bear to see her give up on herself because of my incompetence."

He clings and clings.

"I'll try my best. So... please stay as a little child in my memories and in front of my eyes. Please..."

That last desperate plea, along with the grabbed ankle, slipped away.

Reed fell to the floor.

He stood up and looked up at the sky, but he could not see Rosaria.

Reed bowed his head.

He tried to swallow and hold back, but tears leaked out.

The man who boasted that he would solve everything couldn't even protect his own family.

Everything was over.

And so...


A warm light embraced Reed's back.

The large wings enveloped Reed's whole body like a baby bird.

"I'll stay here after all."

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