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Dream Breaker - Chapter 45

The Youngest Daughter of The Count(8) This is the Difference in Perspective!

I'm not sure if other romance fantasy novels are similar since I haven't read them, but the "male protagonists" in <I Became the Youngest Daughter of a Count's Family> have very strong personalities.

Age, personality, social status, talent...

It's no exaggeration to say that they have nothing in common except for their obsession with the protagonist and being handsome.

Among them,

'The aptitude is especially clear.'

When the protagonist falls into a difficult situation, a genius handsome man appears in that field and helps her for free.

For example?

If she is struggling with difficult homework, a good-looking and smart male student happens to help them for free.

And this feature was no exception for the fiancé!

"Nice to meet you, Duke Somac. And Viscount. I am Kang Moon-soo from the Chimac County."

"Kang Moon-soo? That's a unique name."


The middle-aged man with a sleek physique reminiscent of a leopard is Duke Somac, and the small leopard next to him is the protagonist's fiancé and heir, Viscount Somac.

The Somac family, who inherited the blood of the royal family and the founding heroes, were born warriors and alcohol lovers for generations.

'But it didn't matter.'

Since there was no war until the novel was completed, the Somac family's talent didn't shine.

Is that why?

Despite being the protagonist's fiancé, Viscount Somac was portrayed as a man lacking as a husband.

"Do you wish to see me?"


"Your wish has been granted."


The noble father and son who accepted my greeting didn't seem to want to have a long conversation with me.

"Is there anything you want to say before you leave?"

"You are gathering beer for the purpose of conquering the empire's colonies-"


Startled by my remark, Count Somac stood up abruptly, hitting the table with his palm.

"Who are you!"

"I am Kang Moon-soo."

"Where did you hear that information from? If you want to leave this place alive, tell me immediately!"

"I saw it in a book, not from a person."

It's not a lie.

"A book...?"

"It was a book that recorded the future."

I have information on the future for 2 volumes up to now.

There are 3 more volumes of future information to come!

...I said grandly, but the future information that could be known through the novel was extremely limited.

'I can't help it.'

Perhaps the author didn't want to make the protagonist an old maid who missed her marriage?

The novel deals with only four years of the story, from the 16th birthday to the 20th birthday of a beautiful noble girl, 'Angelina Chimac.'

And due to the genre's characteristics, it's focused on the protagonist's romance, so I only roughly know the significant history. This is limited to the capitals of the kingdom and the empire, which were the main stages of the protagonist's activities...

I don't know anything about the global political situation.


"Then I'll give you some more information, Viscount Somac."

"What is it?"

"You probably know the name of this woman. Valentine-"


This time, the son stood up, hitting the table.

"How do you know?!"

"I told you earlier that I saw it in a book, didn't I? She is the woman you secretly met without your fiancée knowing."

"It's true that I met her, but I didn't do anything to be misunderstood!"

"I know. I'm telling you the future."


The original novel's development went like this, without any mistakes from the protagonist.

The fiancé, Viscount Somac, was caught cheating, but the Duke's family, where the son was born, hesitated...

Angry at this, the protagonist starts indiscriminately collecting handsome men (romance), signaling the beginning.

"But it's already too late."

Having been caught cheating first, it turned into an unjustified divorce. Innocent people lost their lives in the war between the two families...

Is it surprising that they didn't receive criticism?

'It's really strange.'

An invisible force seemed to protect the patient.

"Angelina, who was caught kissing a bodyguard, also said something similar. She asked if I'm not seeing a woman named Valentine as well."

"That's because she also has a book similar to mine."

"...I can't believe it."

However, just by looking at the two nobles who were focusing on my voice without driving me away, I could tell.

They were almost convinced.

There was about one step left to make them fully believe my words.

"The empire is growing rapidly under the excellent rule of the young emperor. He is considered the best among all the emperors."

This is not my subjective evaluation but the novel's setting, so it's certain.

"...That's right."

The Duke also admitted.

"However, because he is too outstanding, there is a side effect of the nobles' dissatisfaction growing. They didn't like the overflowing power of the empire being left to rot."

"...That's true."

If I summarize part of the plot of the original novel, volume 3, it goes like this:

The representative of the discontented empire's nobles was a great handsome man, who fell in love with the protagonist after meeting the emperor and gave up the war!

Would there be a war then?

Anyway, I was able to easily take control of the conversation thanks to knowing the future, so I became more relaxed.

"Your Grace, do you have any other questions?"

Now I asked the Duke if he had anything to say in return.

Without any discomfort, he asked,

"What happens to the Somac family?"

"They disappear."



The table seemed to break at this rate.

"The lineage ends because Angelina Chimac, who was the fiancée, doesn't give birth to the Duke's child."



Surprisingly, Duke Somac, who I thought would refute, easily accepted it and sank down into his seat.


Instead of his father, Viscount Somac sighed and said,

"Kang Moon-soo, as you said, the power of the empire is growing at a terrifying speed. To survive, we have to fight against it by combining all the power of the kingdom. We don't have the luxury to fight."

"But the prince is coming to break the kingdom's power just because of one woman...!"

Viscount Somac exploded.

"I was going to forgive Chimac's grace and get married quickly. To unite the power of the two families, which were once one, to keep the empire in check. But it's a mess because the prince interfered."

How ironic.

Duke Somac is building up power to prepare for the empire's ambition, and the prince is interfering with the marriage to keep this Duke's power in check...

'Is it tangled up very tightly?'

Wouldn't they ruin themselves even if I didn't interfere?

I want to laugh.

"I was thinking of restoring the relationship even if I had to hand over the iron ore mine, which is one of the sources of income for the family, to the Chimac Count. If it continues like this, the kingdom will be destroyed."


"But Kang Moon-soo, after hearing what you said, my thoughts have changed. It's meaningless if the family disappears even if the country survives."

I correct myself.

If there had been no interference from me, the flow would have been similar to the original.

"Do you believe what I said?"

"I have to believe it. You know the empire's situation, which even I, the only duke in the kingdom, barely grasped."

The reason he believed was simple yet so obvious.

This is the medieval period!

It's different from the modern Earth, where you can access the internet and know the news from the other side of the world in a second.

"I'm relieved."

"I'd like to hear why you, who knows the future, came to find me out of so many royal and noble families."

Viscount Somac pointed out the core issue while looking at me with a sharp gaze.

'How cool.'

The novel author, who pursued various handsome men like choosing ice cream, gave all the unpleasant or unnecessary personalities to the fiancé.

Infidelity, hot-blooded, combative, fighting power...

So, the readers of the novel were given the perception and justification that the protagonist was too precious to marry this man.

But they wouldn't know this, would they?

"Somac Empire."


"Don't you want to create a country that loves alcohol?"

This handsome man, hated by the creator, is a born tyrant.

* * *

War makes the lives of the people difficult regardless of the era.

That's why we call the leaders who started the war "tyrants," but historians have given different titles only to the tyrants who succeeded in land grabbing.

Great Emperor, Holy Warrior, Hero, Conqueror...

It fits perfectly with the saying that killing a thousand people makes you a murderer, and killing ten thousand people makes you a hero.

In other words,

'Being a tyrant isn't always bad!'

People who have lost their loved ones, family, and friends may disagree, but it's different from a national perspective.

Isn't our history books proving it?

It's because they record history as the "achievements" of successful tyrants.

"Kang Moon-soo, from today, you are my son's teacher."


"It's fitting for you, who knows the future, to be a teacher to give advice without being noticed in private."


Such a profound meaning!

"And I'll grant you the title of Baron. Although you're a noble without a domain, it will help your external activities."

"Thank you!"

I can't believe the day has come for me to become a noble!

"I can only do this much because of the opposition of the gods. I don't know what purpose you came to find me for, but if you want to succeed, make sure to establish a significant achievement."

"Of course."

"The official announcement will be made a little later, but I'm counting on you from now on. Baron Amolang!"


I was about to say that I have the surname 'Kang' given by my parents, but I stopped.

'Because it's a dream.'

I decided not to be attached to the family name that I would use briefly and discard.

"Do you know the origin of Amolang?"


I'm not curious, though?

"It's the name of a pet raised by a legendary sage who is said to know all the secrets of the world."

"Oh, I see."

A pet's name...

I was better off not knowing.

"Baron Amolang."


"According to the words of my loyal servant planted in the Chimac Count's house, you have considerable talent in martial arts."

"I'm just in good physical shape."

"Modesty is like a double-edged sword for a noble. Remember that. To not be underestimated by other nobles or commoners, you have to know how to show off."

"I'll keep that in mind."

"Good. Then let's go to the practice field behind the mansion. The knights' commander, who doesn't like the Viscount, wants to see your skills."


They probably don't like the status upgrade of a commoner without any achievements.

I felt once again that there is no such thing as a free lunch in the world.

"For Somac."

"For Somac."

A slogan shouted with a posture like the 'Statue of Liberty' holding a glass of alcohol instead of a torch!

It's said to be a traditional etiquette passed down through generations of the Somac family.

'Such a setting wasn't in the novel...'

I left the office after being with Duke Somac.

He said it was behind, right?

I spent two days in this mansion learning the etiquette of a noble in a crash course, but it was still so spacious that I wandered around.

"Where is this... Huh?"


The woman who broke the promise to meet Viscount Somac was leaving the mansion with powerless steps.

"It seems it didn't go as you wanted."

"Feel free to laugh at me. You have the right to do so."

That's not bad either, but I decided to move on from trivial grudges and regrets for the greater cause.

"I can help you too."

"What do you mean?"

"I am Baron Amolang, who is teaching Viscount Somac."


"I'm very close to him."

"Ah! You tricked me?!"

"That doesn't seem like something you, who broke the promise, should say."

"Well, that's true. I'm sorry, Baron Amolang."

The woman's attitude, which shrank immediately at the mention of a noble, became polite.

'Boasting is also a virtue!'

I'm practicing the noble mindset I learned from Duke Somac.

"I am the lady-"

"I am Ann Milrina Chimac, the grace."


"I apologize for interrupting you, Baron Amolang."

"I can persuade Viscount Somac to connect with Lady Chimac."


"But I need Lady Chimac's cooperation. It's a fact that the relationship between the two families is not good."

"Please tell me. Lady Ann Milrina sincerely loves Viscount Somac!"

"Even if it goes against the wishes of Count Chimac?"

"...I want to be called the Duchess of Somac."

It means that she can betray her family if she can marry the man she loves!

She's perfect to be the wife of a tyrant.

"That's a good answer. I also need time to persuade Viscount Somac, so let's meet again in two days."

"Thank you so much! Baron Amolang!"

"You're welcome."

It's a good thing for me too!

'The closest person is often the most dangerous.'

It's a wake-up call.

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