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Dream Breaker - Chapter 47

The Youngest Daughter of The Count(10) I feel the same way!!

Kang Moon-soo and Seo Hye-joo made a wrong assumption.

The point is not that the protagonist, 'Angelina Chimac' made a mistake because she skimmed through the original novel.

Rather, she read it so much that she memorized it word for word!

And with the confidence gained from this, she ignored the speed of the novel's development and rushed through it, which was her mistake.

"It's so unfair..."

Angelina looked through her notebook, where she recorded the information about the original novel she knew, with a sad face.

"It's so unfair..."

She repeated the same words, feeling incredibly wronged.

She had followed the original novel and dialogue almost identically, so why did a different outcome occur?

That's why she felt unfair.

"Where did I go wrong?"

As the daughter of a nanny and a childhood friend, she bit her well-groomed nails while reflecting on her past.

And the conclusion she came to?

It's unfair!

If she knew it was her fault or mistake, she wouldn't feel wronged, so it was a natural judgment for her.

'I'm so frustrated!'

She wanted to tell someone about her unjust story and be comforted, but she couldn't because it was a secret that should never be revealed.

Not to anyone, including the handsome men she had collected with the help of the original novel...!

Knock, knock.

"Miss Angelina."

Startled by the sound of knocking on her bedroom door, she quickly hid her notebook.

"...What is it?"

Since she inherited the protagonist's memories after taking over her body, she also remembered her childhood spent with the maid.

However, it was only up to that point.

As the two women's lives became intertwined, even though her appearance remained the same, her speech and behavior were no longer Angelina Chimac.

For example?

The real protagonist regularly went to an orphanage in the slums with only her escort knight to do volunteer work.

But after 'she' had the experience of dirty children clinging to her and asking her to play with them, she quit doing it, feeling disgusted.

Ah! Of course, before quitting, she didn't forget to bring the 'protagonist's man' from the orphanage...

"The boy you brought has left."

"What?! When?!"

"It was not long ago."

"Catch him right now! Don't let him out of the mansion until I get there-"


At the stern voice of the maid outside the door, Angelina swallowed her breath.

"Is it another nagging?"

"I've given up on that, so don't worry."


"Viscount Brokolin is waiting in the reception room."

“That's really rude! Coming suddenly without even making an appointment...!”

"Then I'll send Viscount Brokolin away. It's hard to meet because there's an afternoon tea party with Baron Pimaang's young master, so I'll politely-"

"Wait, hold on! That would just cause more misunderstandings...!"

Angelina was getting irritated.

The maid was a childhood friend she could trust according to the novel's setting, but why couldn't she be more helpful?

"Miss, your voice is loud."

"...Tell him I'm too tired to meet today."

"What should we do about that boy?"

"Don't worry about him. I'll take care of it later."

She was getting a headache.

"What should we do about the words the boy said when he left?"

"Why are you only telling me now! What did he say? That he's going because of a friend's birthday?"

"...I hesitated because I was worried that you would get hurt."

"What did he say?"

"Please tell that liar sister. I will never forget the way she looked down on my precious siblings like trash until the day I die."


It was unfair.

I'm not an actress, and I can't control my facial expressions as I wish, right?

The children at the orphanage touched her clothes with their dirty hands, kissed her cheeks with their smelly mouths, and wiped their faces with her clothes instead of towels...

Even now, just thinking about that time gives her the chills.


"What is it now?"

"Prince asked to refrain from unnecessary encounters."


What is this about?

"He said that although the issue with the escort knight will be considered an accidental incident, you should not engage in any suspicious behavior until the wedding."

"Wedding?! Are you crazy?! I never approved of that!"

"It was a condition for mediating the war. Have you already forgotten?"

"Don't joke with me! I mediated on my own because I wanted to!"


"Prepare my clothes right away. I'll talk to the prince myself-"


Startled by the sudden opening of her bedroom door, Angelina was about to get angry but stopped.

"Ann Milrina, sister?"

“You're noisy since morning.”

Just by looking at their similar facial features and brilliant silver curly hair, one could immediately tell that the two were sisters, but their atmospheres were completely different because the corners of their eyes were slightly raised like a fox.

Ann Milrina Chimac.

No matter how cunning her words were, the protagonist of the original novel always laughed it off like the wind.

However, as a 'reader,' she couldn't stand the third sister who tormented the protagonist.

So, a clash!

From this point on, their relationship was in a terrible state.

"What are you trying to start now?"

"Oh, dear! A lady shouldn't use such vulgar language."

"Is it okay for a lady to barge into someone else's bedroom?"

"I'm sorry about that."


Angelina thought she heard wrong for a moment.

"I'm sorry. I came in because I was worried about what happened when I saw your maid crying."


She didn't hear wrong.

'This woman apologizes to me?'

As far as she could remember, she had never apologized before.

But now she easily admits her mistake and apologizes?

She couldn't believe it even when she saw it.

"Who are you?"

"Oh, my! Obviously, I'm your sister. What else do I look like?"

The third sister, who always had a gloomy expression, was smiling brightly.

Did something good happen?

However, she decided not to ask because it might just upset her.

"Oh! That's right. Angelina. Listen to this and evaluate it for me."

"What is it?"



Was this woman really the third daughter of Chimac, a family of Counts who used to pick on the protagonist, Ann Milrina Chimac'?

It was a setting collapse.

"How is it?"

"Huh? What is?"

"Do you think guys will like it? This was originally your specialty."

"...It gave me goosebumps."

"Really? I guess I need more practice. Thanks for the advice."


The third sister, who smiled even at the bitter words of her sister, who had been a thorn in her side.

This couldn't be possible?

It was strange.

'What's going on?! What on earth is happening?!'

She was more confused than ever before.

* * *

If you only look at the founding myths, it seems very difficult to establish a country.

A descendant of a god, recognized by a god, commanded by a god, or directly ruled by a god...

However, these are nothing more than fantasy novels meant to grant legitimacy and tradition to rule.

In reality?

The nobles, or in modern terms, real estate tycoons.

They formed an alliance to strengthen their rule by agreeing to 'help each other when attacked!', and this alliance became even stronger through blood ties, laying the groundwork for the formation of a 'nation'.

In other words,

'It's not a big deal.'

When like-minded lords join forces, it becomes a ‘kingdom’, and the strongest lord within that kingdom becomes the ‘king’.

“You make it sound so easy.”

"It depends on how well you charm the guests, Viscount."

"Tell me, what should I do at the banquet to whom?"

The eyes of Viscount Somac, looking at me, were filled with trust.

That's because all the nobles I called attended the banquet without exception.

"Although everyone is important, the most important person is Baron Pimaang, who protects the sea of the empire."

"Why is that?"

"Because he is a person who is loyal to the empire, not the emperor."

He was depicted as a warmonger who opposed the emperor's will in the original novel, but is it wrong for the empire, which is at its peak, to invade neighboring countries?

While war isn't right, it's questionable whether the emperor, who gave up the opportunity for his country's growth because the protagonist hated war, is normal.

"However, the emperor's power grows stronger as the son who served him betrays his father because of love."

"How absurd."

In the original novel, this unfilial character was portrayed as a 'handsome man with conviction' and placed next to the protagonist, but to me, he is a fool blinded by love.

Is rebelling against one's parents an act of conviction?

If they didn't like their parents' decisions, they should have opposed them from the beginning. That's conviction.

Rebelling against one's parents only after listening to a woman who isn't even a partner?

That's just foolish.

"You need to make the emperor a useless person."

"It's a very difficult task. Isn't he considered the most outstanding figure among all the emperors?"

"He has abilities, but he must be driven to become blurred in judgment and unable to see the big picture because of his obsession with a woman."


No matter how many talents one has, if they can't utilize them, they are no different from an incompetent person.

"The real challenge starts now."

"I'm listening."

"Keep provoking his loyalty by asking what he would do if the emperor gave up national interests for the sake of a woman."

"Could it be...?"

"I assure you. The emperor will never give up on Angelina Chimac. This is a fact confirmed through the book."

The emperor.

The most unlikely character among the handsome men who liked the protagonist.

This is because he is unconditionally obsessed with the young protagonist due to the memory setting that he gained strength from meeting the young protagonist while he was struggling with the succession dispute during his childhood.

"Are you sure?"

"I'm sure."

"Poor Baron Pimaang. The bigger the faith, the greater the disappointment."

Viscount Somac seemed to be smiling sympathetically.

"Other dignitaries are important too, so please take good care of them."

"Hmm. It's about time for the guests to arrive. Let's get going."

"I'll go too."

"Is Baron Amolang attending the banquet?"

"No, I'm planning to infiltrate the Chimac Count's territory from now on."

"...I would have sent anyone else without hesitation, but when you say it, I can't help but feel uneasy."

"Is that so?"

Did I make any mistakes?

"It's a rule that you feel more secure when you keep your treasure close, Baron."

"That's high praise."

"If I had a daughter without a partner, I would have introduced her to you... It's a shame for my daughter! Haha!"

"I'll be on my way."

I turned my body to hide my bitter smile and prepared to leave.

"Wait a moment. I'll assign an attendant for you."

It sounded like they wanted to assign a watcher to me. But if I refused this offer, they would never let me go.

It wasn't a secretive enough task to hide from an ally, so I gladly accepted.


"Please assign someone who is also proficient in swordsmanship for escorting. I want to learn on the way."

"There must have been a reason why that picky knight commander recognized you in such a short time."


"He's a friend who's more shy than he looks. He praised you for your tremendous effort, even though your talent is ordinary."

"He always scolds me for being narrow-minded when we meet..."

So, he praised me behind my back?

My heart swelled with pride.

"Tell me your purpose in going to Chimac Count's territory. That way, I can assign a more suitable attendant."

Duke Somac seems to be very interested in me. It's true that I've shown some extraordinary aspects.

"Internal division."


"I'll help the prince, who wants to establish a blood relationship with the Chimac family to check the duke, to hurry up the marriage."

"...Baron. Isn't that bad for our family?"

"If the empire doesn't interfere, it would be."

"Even so, the emperor wouldn't... because of just one woman."

"Trust me."

If the emperor remains faithful to the original novel's setting, he will do anything to prevent the protagonist's marriage.

Assassination, war, kidnapping, betrayal...

'The author must have wanted to depict the emperor as a cold and dual-natured character, becoming a gentle lamb only in front of the protagonist.'

This is a serious mental illness.

The episode where the emperor loses his sanity and goes on a rampage after hearing the wrong news that the protagonist was kidnapped by bandits.

The emperor threatened to kill even newborn babies to pay for the crime of the country that kidnapped Angelina Chimac.

Such an emperor.

He will undoubtedly lose his sanity when he hears the news of the marriage.

"Trust me and prepare."

"Thank you."

Two countries will be ruined because of the protagonist.

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