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Chapter 37 Part 1 - The Mysterious Art Museum

A street artist's life changed when he ended up at a mysterious art museum. DBT,Korean,Novel,Translation,Art,Artist,Slice of life,Poor to Rich,Mystery

Happy New Year!

To the Upper Class Society (9)

A month later.

Now that spring has passed, the early summer's sweltering heat begins. The garden of the mansion is lush with greenery.

Once a week, gardeners are called to maintain the garden trees, which now boast beautiful new leaves, becoming dense and revealing their green faces over the high walls.

In front of the towering wall.

Despite having a garage, a luxury sedan is parked right at the door. A middle-aged man with an appearance resembling a school principal steps out of the backseat, prompting the driver to hurry over and bow.

"Chairman, I should have opened the door for you."

The middle-aged man, who is about the same age as the driver, pats him on the shoulder and laughs warmly.

"It's fine. I have perfectly good hands. Don’t worry and just wait a moment. I’ll be heading out again soon."

"Yes, Chairman."

The man referred to as Chairman.

He is Yoo Chang-hyun, the father of President Yoo Min-young and the head of W Tree Group.

As Chairman Yoo enters the house, Secretary Kim, who was waiting in the garden, bows.

"Have you arrived, Chairman?"

"Yes, Kim. You’re working hard."

"What brings you home at this time?"

"Well, I forgot a document at home. There’s an important meeting this afternoon."

"Should I have taken care of it?"

"No, it’s in my personal safe. I’ll get it myself. Don’t worry about it."

Chairman Yoo, who seems more suited for academia than business, smiles and heads inside. He stops when he hears voices from the living room with open windows.

"Is someone at home?"

Secretary Kim follows and replies.

"The portrait painter sent by the young lady has been visiting Mrs. Yoo daily for an hour since last month."

"Ah, right. My daughter mentioned it, but I forgot. I heard it was supposed to take only three weeks."

"It seems to be taking longer."

Chairman Yoo looks briefly at the living room window from the garden and then turns towards his study. However, he stops again, hearing the voices inside.

"Min-su has been a good student since he was young. Min-su's grandfather wanted him to become an educator, but as the eldest son, he had to take over the business. The second son? Ah, Min-hyuk is too ambitious for education."

Laughter and cheerful voices are not present.

Yet, Chairman Yoo is hearing his wife, Kang Yoo-jung, talk about their children with someone else for the first time. He signals Secretary Kim to be quiet and peeks into the living room from behind the garden trees.

His wife is sitting on the sofa with her back to the window, and a very handsome young man is visible in front. From a husband's perspective, his wife's conversation with a young and handsome man could be uncomfortable, but Chairman Yoo is a broad-minded person.

He looks intently at the young man.

The young man, who seems to be sketching, occasionally glances at Mrs. Yoo's expression and asks questions.

"How is your youngest daughter?"

When the conversation turns to their youngest daughter Min-young, Chairman Yoo's gaze shifts to his wife’s back.

Mrs. Yoo's voice, deep in thought, responds.

"Our Min-young has a strong artistic temperament. Oh, did you know? Min-young studied abroad at the University of Florence."

"Ah, I heard from Monica. What was her major?"

"She majored in painting."

"Wow, that's impressive. She’s beautiful like you, must be popular with men."

"If she’s popular, what can we do? She’s not interested in men at all. I've never seen her bring a man home."

"Maybe she’s too beautiful and noble, making it difficult for men to approach her."

"You speak so beautifully. Min-young would be pleased to hear this."

"It's true. Especially when she's with Monica, they both look like models."

"But the reality is different, you know? When she was young…"

Chairman Yoo, hiding behind the garden trees, is surprised.

He knows his wife.

It’s his first time seeing her so animatedly converse with someone other than family. In her younger days, when she was in business, she easily conversed with anyone, but after the accident and injuring her hand, she avoided facing people.

Chairman Yoo gestures to Secretary Kim to come closer and whispers.

"The painter has been visiting for a month, you said?"

"Yes, Chairman."

A month.

Long in some ways, short in others.

But the many painters who have visited their home before never had such an enjoyable conversation with her. As Chairman Yoo turns to look at the young man again, he hears another question.

"What kind of person is the Chairman?"

Chairman Yoo's ears perk up like a rabbit's.

Chairman Yoo's ears perk up like a rabbit's at this question.

With a laugh, Mrs. Kang Yoo-jung replies without hesitation.

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