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Chapter 38 Part 1 - The Mysterious Art Museum

A street artist's life changed when he ended up at a mysterious art museum. DBT,Korean,Novel,Translation,Art,Artist,Slice of life,Poor to Rich,Mystery

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To the Upper Class Society (10)

At W Tree Hannam, an Italian restaurant.

Monica, sipping her wine, asks with wide eyes, "Huh? A photo from your childhood? Even your brothers' photos? Why would he ask for that?"

Min-young, fiddling with her salad fork, shrugs. "I have no idea. When I asked why he needed it, they just said it was for the painting."

Monica raises her eyebrows momentarily before asking, "Did they he request a photo from your father’s younger days? How old was he?"

"When I was about ten, so Dad would have been in his mid-fifties."

"Hmm, why would Mr. Junghoon request such a thing?"

"I’m curious too. It’s been almost two months, and there’s been no word about starting the work."

"Given Mom's personality, I’m surprised she’s been quiet after the initial three weeks passed."

Min-young, resting her chin on her hand, comments, "That’s what's odd. Usually, Mom would have said not to come back after precisely three weeks. Strangely, she doesn’t seem to be hurrying Artist Ban. Secretary Kim, who helps with her schedule, says she really enjoys her conversations with him."

"Really? He didn’t seem like the outgoing type."

"Yeah, he doesn’t seem to talk unnecessarily or joke around much, but he seems to get along well with Mom."

"That’s interesting in its own way. So, how much longer did they ask for?"

"I didn’t ask. It’s not urgent."

"Isn’t the hotel theater’s decorative art urgent?"

"No, it was originally planned for next May’s performance, but with the virus situation delaying schedules, there’s more time. And we’ll decide whether to commission the portrait after seeing this one, so don’t talk like it’s already decided."

Monica chuckles and shrugs. "You’ll definitely end up commissioning him."

Min-young widens her flounder-like eyes in response. "Are you trying to hypnotize me?"

"Haha, I’ve seen the miracles he creates."

Min-young, as if suddenly remembering, asks, "Oh, about the fridge. Mom really loved it. It looked great to me too. When will it officially launch?"

"The production line is already operational. Marketing asked for more time, so it’s delayed, but we plan to start sales by mid-next month at the latest."

"Have you projected the sales?"

"Yeah, the MG business department has."

"How much?"

"Are you kidding? That’s corporate secret."

"Stingy. Don’t you know I’m a major shareholder?"

"Still can’t tell you."


Monica smiles slyly and says, "I can tell you one thing."


Monica glances at Min-young’s pocket and lifts her wine glass. "Hold onto your stocks. Don’t sell."

Even with only an artist’s education, Min-young quickly catches the hidden meaning in Monica’s words and raises her glass with a grin. "If it goes up by even 10%, I’ll treat you big time."

"Haha, what should I ask for?"

"Is there something you want?"

"I’ll think about it."

"Too bland, haha. I’ll just use the restroom for a bit."

"Okay, go ahead."

As Min-young leaves, Monica, holding her glass, goes to the window to admire Seoul's beautiful night view. She murmurs with a seductive smile, "An artist who paints the ideals of others. Asking for photos from childhood."

Monica chuckles softly, winks out the empty room’s window, and raises her glass. "It feels like witnessing the birth of a star. I’m glad I came to Seoul, haha."


Two weeks later, at a mansion in Buam-dong, in the evening.

Today is the day.

I came here to showcase the results of my two months of work.

Sitting on the sofa next to the massive 100X100 size canvas covered with black cloth, I am filled with tension.

Although the prolonged deliberation resulted in a good piece, I cannot be sure if it will appeal to the client. After all, it's a highly personal and subjective matter.

I sit alone, lost in thought.

Despite a difficult family situation, I persevered with my studies, earned a scholarship to an enviable school, and successfully graduated.

Back then, I felt like I owned the world.

I was under the naïve impression that everything in my future would be smooth sailing.

And then, when I was finally thrown into the world,

I quickly realized how arrogant my thoughts had been.

I even started to doubt whether my much-prided talent was insignificant.

My confidence faded, and I grew accustomed to a life of living day by day.

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