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Chapter 50 Part 2 - The Mysterious Art Museum

A street artist's life changed when he ended up at a mysterious art museum. DBT,Korean,Novel,Translation,Art,Artist,Slice of life,Poor to Rich,Mystery

“The president will see you. But due to the board meeting, it needs to be within 10 minutes, is that okay?”

“Of course, thank you.”

“Here, this card. Take the same elevator as last time.”

“Thank you.”

Trying my best not to look like a country bumpkin, but Youngju, unable to control her gaze, followed me expertly to the corner elevator. As soon as the door to the president's office opened, seeing Jackson Pollock's painting, Youngju's jaw dropped in awe.

“Is that real?”


Youngju hiccuped.

Seems like Youngju, working at the city art museum and aware of the painting's value, was more shocked than I had felt, unable to take her eyes off the painting.

If Min Young hadn't come out to meet us in the elevator, Youngju would have been stuck there for hours, just staring at the painting.

Min Young’s slightly haggard face.

“You’re here.”


Min Young's face hinted at the gravity of the situation.

She must have struggled for days preparing material to counter the board's demand to withdraw from the art project, which has a long return-on-investment period.

Introducing Youngju as a non-executive director, I followed Min Young’s lead to the sofa. Checking the time, Min Young asked,

“But what brings you here without contact? I'm sorry, but I have another meeting soon and can’t spare much time.”

I waved my hands quickly.

“It’s my fault for showing up unannounced. Don’t worry about it.”

“Glad you understand, but what brings you here?”

Before getting to the point, I grab Young-ju's clothes and push her forward.

"Firstly, we came to request some things needed for the work. Young-ju?"

Caught off guard by the sudden request, Young-ju, nonetheless, shows her experience.

"Well, we need isometric, dimetric, and trimetric projections of the theater interior. Ceiling murals require a lot of work, so we want to run as many 3D simulations as possible for efficiency before starting."

Min-young looks puzzled.

This isn't something the president needs to be asked for; it's a request for a staff member.

"Hmm, I'll pass it on to the person in charge. Did you come all this way just to ask for this? You could have simply sent an email."

Young-ju looks at me with a scowl. I feel a pang of guilt seeing her expression. Despite looking like a gentle deer, is this what a carnivorous deer would look like?

I gently let go of Young-ju's clothes and stepped in.

"This is obviously data we need to request, and actually, I came to participate in the board meeting."

Min-young blinks, as if asking what I mean.

Ah, how do I explain this?

Ha, sometimes I'm like this. Explaining the process of something is sometimes harder for me than actually doing it.

"Just think of it as bringing an extra person on your side, President."


Min-young slightly furrows her beautiful brow.

However, she must have thought it didn't matter since I wouldn't be speaking at the board meeting. She quickly nods and pulls out a document.

"If you need to tour, you need to sign this."

"What is this?"

Young-ju pokes me in the ribs and whispers.

"It's a non-disclosure agreement, dude. It's obvious when attending someone else's board meeting. It'd be chaos if business secrets leaked."

Hmm, I didn't think it was a situation to discuss that. So, to get in there, I have to sign this?

I quickly sign and return the contract, asking, "I'm sorry, but I'd like to take photos of the board meeting. Is that possible?"


An absurd request.

Min-young immediately shakes her head.

"That's impossible."

Shoot, what do I do now? Min-young looks at me thoughtfully and then asks.

"Why do you want to take photos of the board meeting?"

"Ah, to observe the faces of the board members."


How do I explain this?

Can I convince her if I explain?

I gave up explaining.

"It's necessary for painting. There's nothing better than a painting to persuade people for a painter."


Doubt clouds Min-young's face. Yeah, I would be doubtful too. Min-young ponders for a moment and then says.

"Do you just need to know their faces?"


"There should be photos of the board members."

I brighten up and ask, "Are their faces clearly visible?"

"They're ID photos, so I guess so."

"Could I get those?"


Min-young thinks for a moment and then says.

"But I can't match the names with the photos for you. You can find the photos on the internet, but the moment they are matched with names, it becomes personal information."

"I don't need names."

"Alright, then. Does that mean you won't need to attend the board meeting?"

"No! I must attend."

Knowing their faces is one thing, but understanding their body types, gestures, and expressions is another. Plus, I need information about their preferred styles of dress. I plan to persuade the board in the same way Gustav Klimt did.

Min-young, looking skeptical, watches me for a moment, but eventually gets up due to time constraints.

"Okay, please sit in the designated area for other staff and listen quietly. Remember, you won't have the right to speak."

"Yes! Understood!"

As Min-young leads the way, Young-ju pinches my arm and frowns.

"Are you crazy, what are you doing?"

Rubbing my pinched arm, I whisper softly.

"Gustav Klimt, the old Burgtheater."

Just two words.

But Young-ju will understand what I mean. She's not just a curator and docent at the Seoul Municipal Art Gallery, she won it through hard work.

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