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Chapter 51 Part 2 - The Mysterious Art Museum

A street artist's life changed when he ended up at a mysterious art museum. DBT,Korean,Novel,Translation,Art,Artist,Slice of life,Poor to Rich,Mystery

Paju, Chairman Yu's villa.

A moving truck, not even half-filled with a 2.5-ton load, arrives at the front of the garden. The mover steps out of the truck, whistles admiringly at the impressive house, and announces, “Madam, you have arrived.”

For the first time in her life hearing the term "madam," Mom blushed and got off holding my brother's hand, who had been seated next to her. I had to ride in the luggage compartment since there was no space. It's illegal to ride in the back of a truck, so I had to hide under a tarp and sneak on like a stowaway.

"Damn, I really need to buy a car soon."

It wouldn't be difficult to buy a car with the extra money in my bank account. Maybe I should splurge this time?

I grabbed my visually impaired brother's hand as he got out of the passenger seat. It's quite rude to suddenly grab the hand of a visually impaired person, but my brother is a bit excited right now. He tightly grips my hand, not knowing who it is.

"Bro, we've arrived."

"How is it? Is it really a nice house like Mom said?"

"What are you talking about? I got this house with my own ability. It was me who showed it to Mom."

"Ah, that's right. My brother is amazing, really."

"Haha, Bro. Try rubbing your feet on the floor."

"Like this? Wow, is this a lawn?"

"Yes, there's grass like this from the entrance to the house, and all around the house. It's a place where you can walk around and even if you fall, you won't get hurt."

"That's great, really."

"Give me your right hand."

My brother gives me his right hand. I hold his hand and point here and there, explaining.

"This is the house, and over there on the right is a swing. Near the swing, there are a lot of hydrangeas blooming. On the opposite side, there's a small pond, but I haven't filled it with water yet. Let's raise some fish there later."

"That sounds wonderful. Just imagining it makes me happy."

Mom steps back a bit and watches me explaining to my brother with a pleased look, then secretly wipes away a tear. I notice and quickly grab her hand too.

"Come on, it's a happy day. Why are you like this? Let's unpack quickly and order black bean noodles. I'll treat you to sweet and sour pork today!"

We had discussed it earlier with Mom, so assigning rooms was done quickly.

The house already had new furniture and electronics, so all we brought from our old home were clothes and some household items.

We threw out all our old furniture and appliances.

Choosing a budget moving service turned out to be a good decision. It would have been a waste to spend money on something that only took a couple of hours to organize with just the two of us.

After organizing, I took my brother's hand and showed him around the house, explaining how it looked. After eating Chinese food, my brother wanted to ride the swing in the lawn. I had plans to meet Youngju in the afternoon, but since there was still time, I took my brother's hand and headed to the swing.

My brother, inhaling the deep scent of grass, smiles happily.

"This place is really nice, Junghoon."

"Isn't it? Did I do well?"

"My brother always does well."

"Haha, thanks for the compliment."

I helped my brother sit on the swing.

He's not a child, so he doesn't need me to push him.

He gently rolls his feet and slowly swings.

My brother's face, with his hair fluttering in the wind.

Even though his eyes are closed, he must be seeing the wind he is cutting through in his own way.

Watching my brother makes my heart feel warm.

I'll work even harder to make this house, where our family of three lives, even better.

So that my brother can keep smiling like this forever.


While alternating my gaze between my brother's face and the house, making a vow in my heart, my brother calls me.


"Remember, back in the day when Dad was still with us."


"The wandering painter who came to our town and painted a mural on the supermarket wall, do you remember?"

"Yes, I remember."

"All the kids in the neighborhood were amazed."

"Yes, because it was the first time they saw a mural. And they were all country kids."

"I was the only one among the neighborhood kids who couldn't see the mural."


My brother stops the swing.

"But Junghoon, because of you, I was able to see the painting in my mind?"


"Back then, just like now, you took my hand, led me to the mural, and explained it to me."


My brother makes a gesture of painting in the air and says.

"A picture with five big yellow roses, larger than my body, blooming among four red roses. And you told me about the butterfly, mixed with blue and yellow, sitting on the pink rose that bloomed alone in the middle."

I was startled for a moment and asked.

"What, you remember that? It's been over 20 years."

My brother smiles broadly.

"Of course, it was the first picture you described to me."


Right. I was young back then too. I didn't understand how precious that memory was to my brother.

He closes his eyes, smiles, and looks up at the sky.

"I may not know what yellow, blue, red, or pink look like, but I can imagine them."

Born visually impaired.

Unlike those who become visually impaired later in life, my brother, who has never seen anything since birth, couldn’t truly grasp the beauty of colors through my verbal descriptions.

Even though I was young, I realize now that's all I could explain to my brother who didn't know what colors were.

My brother, unaware of my pitying look, smiles and says.

"Someday, I want to see the wonderful paintings my brother makes."


I can't irresponsibly say that will happen. Because such a thing is forever impossible for him.

He reaches out to the sky, grasping at the sunlight as if holding it in his fist.

"I can only imagine what mom and Junghoon look like, but I feel like I know. So, I believe there will come a day when I will recognize the paintings my brother makes."


"Don't overdo it for the sake of supporting the family. You can stop if it's too hard. Draw what you want to draw. Like the promise you made with dad. Don't forget that mom and I were already living well."

"Okay, brother. I understand."

My brother smiles and extends his hand.

I grab his hand tightly and give him a hug.

On such a happy day, I couldn't understand why I felt sorry, and secretly wiped away the tears I shed without my brother knowing.


A few hours later, in the city of Paju.

Meeting with Youngju, I walked around Paju, checking out several real estate properties, and finally found an office space that seemed perfect.

It was a single-story building located a bit more on the outskirts, away from the downtown area. Originally used as a warehouse, the owner put it up for lease after closing their business. It was much larger and cheaper than a regular office.

I was about to sign the contract immediately, but Youngju stopped me, and we sent the real estate agent away. Youngju, grabbing my head, started lecturing.

"Hey, you crazy boss! Are you out of your mind?"

"Why? You liked it too."

"It's an office, man. Shouldn't you consider accessibility? Is it just about the inside?"

"Don't you commute in your car?"

"You! What about you. Want to walk 30 minutes after getting off the bus?"

"I'll buy a car."

"Oh, look who's talking... Oh, right, you have the money."


"Hmm, then, let's exclude accessibility based on buying a car, and walk around the neighborhood. We haven’t seen what’s behind the warehouse yet."

Walking around the warehouse area with Youngju, I imagined what each area could be used for. The open space in front of the factory could be used as a parking lot, seemingly spacious enough for about six cars.

Youngju seemed quite pleased too.

It seems like we can settle here.

Even though it was previously used as a warehouse and had small, high windows, it felt okay since we had such a large space to ourselves. Once I start focusing, I won’t even notice the view outside the window, and besides, I used to draw in a semi-basement room.

I extend my hand to Youngju.

"Here we start. Our artist company."

Youngju high-fives me, laughing.

"Alright, amateur boss. Let’s give it our best!"

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