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Chapter 52 Part 2 - The Mysterious Art Museum

A street artist's life changed when he ended up at a mysterious art museum. DBT,Korean,Novel,Translation,Art,Artist,Slice of life,Poor to Rich,Mystery

Seeing my slightly worried face, Young-ju pats my shoulder and says,

“Don’t worry, man. It’s not like it’s cash out of our pockets. This can be covered by the down payment. I think we’ll only need to spend our own money on materials initially. When we receive another third for the interim settlement, it becomes profit. If we cut it off in three months, we just need to hold out for about a month and a half. Things will get easier after that.”

In fact, Young-ju is considering the worst-case scenario because the company can easily be financed with the revenue from MG Electronics’ refrigerators.

“Alright, let’s do that. Do you know any skilled people?”

I didn’t pay much attention to social life in school, but Young-ju was different. She was among the most popular in school.

Young-ju smiles and makes a ‘V’ sign.

“I’ve already persuaded a few. Don’t worry.”

“Haha, I knew bringing you in first was a stroke of genius.”

“If you know it, act like it.”

“Yes, Director.”

“What director? I’m not even an elected director at a shareholders' meeting. What’s the point of a title?”

“But it feels good, right? We’ll make it big and become real directors someday.”

“Dream big, huh?”

Young-ju puts the tablet back in her bag and says,

“I don’t want much. Just being able to continue doing this, painting my own pictures, instead of just talking about others'.”

“As long as we don’t starve in the process.”

“Exactly, that’s the most important thing. Haha!”

“Haha, got it. I’ll work hard too.”

“Good, President. You’ve scheduled a meeting with W Tree, right?”

“Yes, at five.”

“Wow, it’s already 3:30. We should head out soon.”


Unfortunately, we couldn’t meet Min-young at W Tree Hotel where we went to draft the contract. She was out on external business. Instead, we spent over two hours discussing details with the contract manager and emerged exhausted from the hotel.

I was drained just blinking throughout the meeting, being clueless about these matters. Young-ju, who strived to increase the order amount even a little, must be even more exhausted.

As soon as we left the hotel lobby, I patted Young-ju's back as she bent over and grabbed her knees.

“You worked hard, Director.”

“Oh, damn. Is this why people say it’s better to work for a salary in a company? I feel like throwing up.”


I couldn’t help but laugh despite being tired. Thanks to Min-young, who had spoken to the contract manager in advance about a reasonable amount, we didn’t have to negotiate too harshly and managed to secure a substantial sum.

Young-ju, holding the signed contract, smiled weakly.

“Our first monumental contract. Our President managed to secure a 300 million won project on our first try. You really did well.”

I patted Young-ju’s shoulder, smiling.

“If I were alone, I wouldn’t have gotten even half of that. I’m glad you’re here, Director.”

“Ugh, that’s cheesy. Let’s not call each other by titles when it’s just the two of us.”

“I’ll consider it if you stop calling me President.”

“You never lose in words, huh?”

Young-ju shakes the contract.

We specified in the contract that the down payment of 100 million won would be deposited within a week after signing. Another 100 million for the interim settlement, and 100 million upon final approval from the client. After deducting labor and material costs, this three-month project guarantees nearly 200 million won in profit.

I cheerfully laughed and linked arms with Young-ju.

“Now, let’s go check out the theater, take some pictures, and then have some tripe for dinner!”

“What, not treating me to beef on a day like this?”

“That’s for when the corporate card arrives.”

"Stingy, even when making a lot of money."

"I haven't received any money yet, so I don't have any."

"Darn it! Fine, let's endure with tripe until today. Let's go!"


The office of the artist company, which still has nothing.

I sit on the old rusty chair, waiting for the delivery of office supplies that came in today. The warehouse, nearly 70 square meters in size, was originally full of trash, but Young-ju and I spent several days cleaning it, so it's clean now.

Looking at the checklist that Young-ju marked, I muttered.

"Today, we need to arrange the delivery of desks and chairs, set up the internet and TV connections, oh! We also need to ask for Wi-Fi. The air conditioner will come tomorrow. The kitchen and bathroom renovations are also scheduled for tomorrow, but it shouldn't overlap."

This place, originally used as a warehouse, doesn't have a kitchen or a bathroom. These two are essential facilities for transforming it into an office space. Fortunately, money is not lacking. How happy is this?

I open my phone and laugh like crazy looking at the amount deposited into the corporate account.

"The money deposited from MG Electronics is a little over 200 million, and 100 million as a deposit. Already 300 million in the corporate account, hehe."

With this amount, there's no way I can't pay my juniors' salaries.

"Now that the incorporation is done, I need to make a corporate card. I'll give one to Young-ju to take care of the kids' meal expenses."

I never run a company that doesn't provide meals. It's only been a month, but I know how precious it is to have lunch provided while working at MG Electronics.

Let's wait for a moment; the delivery drivers for the desk, chair, and computer start visiting one by one for installation. Since there are only me and Young-ju working here for now, I ordered only two desks and chairs. As the employees increase, I'll have to order more.

After the internet installer left, it feels like I can live here a bit. It's time to search various things on the PC. The internet speed is so impressive compared to using an old laptop.

When I feel the urge to play a game for a moment, Young-ju comes back at the right time.

I quickly turn off the computer and get up from my seat.

I knew why Young-ju left her seat on such a busy day.

I opened the warehouse door and, seeing the crowd following Young-ju as she came in, I smiled happily.

"My first employees, even if they're just short-term part-timers."

We should treat them well. They're not just employees; they're comrades who we might meet again anytime, anywhere.

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