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Chapter 54 Part 1 - The Mysterious Art Museum

A street artist's life changed when he ended up at a mysterious art museum. DBT,Korean,Novel,Translation,Art,Artist,Slice of life,Poor to Rich,Mystery

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Honor is More Valuable Than Wealth (3)

W Tree Hotel Hannam, President Yoo Young's office.

She raises her head while receiving a report from her secretary.

"Has the work already started?"

The hotel secretary, a woman in a neatly tied-up hair and a crisp black suit, responds.

"Yes, this dawn, equipment like cranes and large ladders were brought in. About ten employees and CEO Ban Jeong-hun also entered."

She takes a small calendar from the desk and checks it while speaking.

"We just signed the contract five days ago, and they've already started the actual work?"

Ceiling paintings are not children's scribbles.

Of course, they can be painted over with different colors in case of failure, but they can't be erased as easily as on a canvas since the work is done from a crane in mid-air.

The secretary adds more information.

"According to the plan submitted by Director Seo Young-ju of Artist Company, the entire painting is designed and drawn by Ban Jeong-hun, and the employees copy it directly by projecting the image onto the ceiling with a beam."

She nods her head, as there's nothing unusual about this method.

"What I'm curious about is not the method of work. Does starting the work mean that Ban Hwabaek's painting is already complete?"

The secretary bows her head.

"There's no separate report on that matter, I'm sorry. Should I find out?"

She ponders for a moment and then checks the time.

"How much time do I have until my next schedule?"

"About 40 minutes."

She gets up and starts putting on her jacket, saying,

"I'll go check it out myself."

"I'll accompany you."

Min young and her secretary leave the hotel and head towards the theater.

The hotel is so vast that they walk for a while before reaching the grand and splendid theater entrance. Two hotel security guards stand at the entrance.

The guards, who would usually greet her and open the door, look troubled and hastily radio someone upon seeing her from a distance. She gestures to her secretary and says,

"Something seems to be going on."

The secretary, also sensing something odd, steps forward and asks the older-looking guard,

"What's happening?"

The guard, sweating profusely and with a troubled expression, replies,

"We received a request to restrict access."

The secretary frowns and looks back at Minyoung.

"Who's restricting the hotel president's access?"

"··················.. Just wait a moment, we'll confirm through internal radio···"

"Open it now."


"Do you want me to speak directly with the head of security?"


Intimidated by the secretary's authoritative tone, the sweating guard is further puzzled when faced with President Yoo instead of the secretary. Yoo Min Young, with an air of charisma that was not visible when she was eating intestines with Jeong-hun, signals the guard to stop.

"It's alright, Secretary Jung. Let it be."

"But President, the situation is..."


As Secretary Jung steps back, the burly guard doesn't know what to do with the president standing in front of him. She gestures towards the radio and asks,

"Who did you radio?"

"I, I contacted the team leader."

"Where are they?"

"They're inside."

Just then, the team leader, who heard the radio, opens the door and rushes out. He runs up to Yoo min, bending forward.

"President, you've arrived."

She crosses her arms and asks,

"How should I understand this situation?"

The team leader bites his lower lip and says,

"It's because CEO Ban requested..."


Just as the team leader is about to explain, Jeong-hun's voice is heard from inside.

"Ah, I made the request. The team leader is not at fault."

Everyone's attention turns to Jeong-hun as he emerges from the door.

Jeong-hun, usually seen in a suit when visiting the hotel, comes out in an old work outfit covered in paint stains, smiling as he takes off his gloves.

"President Yoo, you're here."

As Jeong-hun bows his head, she also bows in response.

After the incident with her mother's portrait, Min young has been excessively polite to Jeong-hun, a fact witnessed by all the employees present.

Jeong-hun speaks to her.

"Can we take a short walk? I'll explain everything."

She looks back at the employees and nods.

"Everyone else, wait here."

Jeong-hun and Min young walk side by side towards the garden behind the theater. The sweating team leader sighs and looks at Secretary Jung.

"I'm sorry, Secretary Jung."

Secretary Jung glares at the team leader and says,

"Don't you know to report first and then take action?"

"It's just that we received the request less than an hour ago. We planned to report it after today's work, but we didn't expect you to come."

"Enough of that, what's all this about?"

"CEO Ban requested that no one enter the theater until his work is finished."

"If such a situation arises, you should have reported to President Yoo first! How can the owner of this place be restricted from entry?"


Technically, they hadn't restricted entry, but were simply awaiting instructions on how to proceed now that President Yoo, a special figure, had arrived. Understanding that the other party might feel offended, the team leader bows apologetically.

"I'm sorry about that."

Secretary Jung glances again at the first security guard she had dealt with, then asks,

"What's the reason for the entry restriction?"

"Complete confidentiality was requested until the painting is revealed."


That's an understandable reason. Many artists request such confidentiality.

After a moment of thought, Secretary Jung coldly states,

"While the reason is acceptable, please adhere to the reporting system. Remember, it's President Yoo, not CEO Ban, who pays your salary."


From a distance, Secretary Jung spots the two figures sitting on a bench near the park next to the theater. She scrutinizes Jeong-hoon, thinking,

'Maybe our president is being too polite. Should I upgrade CEO Ban's status to a more important figure?'

Secretary Jung's head spins.

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