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Chapter 57 Part 2 - The Mysterious Art Museum

A street artist's life changed when he ended up at a mysterious art museum. DBT,Korean,Novel,Translation,Art,Artist,Slice of life,Poor to Rich,Mystery

Youngju emerges into the lobby of the theater, poking my ribs with her index finger while laughing heartily.

"Hey, you should quit painting and go sell jade mats instead. You'd easily top the national sales if you were in insurance, you scammer-like guy. Damn, it gives me the chills. When did you start talking so well?"

Seeing Youngju's reaction, I'm convinced that I did well.

Of course, doing well and the outcome can be different, but as long as I've done my best within my capacity, that's enough.

After all, my job is to do work worth the money I'm paid.

Anything beyond that is just an extra.

After sending the other employees, who had come out through another corridor of the theater, back to continue their work, I waited in the lobby with Youngju for Min-young and Director Park.

The two of them didn't show up even after a long wait.

Youngju glanced at her wristwatch and said,

"It's already been 30 minutes. The next director will be here soon. Didn't we call them on an hourly basis?"


"Sigh, what are they thinking so hard about?"

Youngju is inwardly flustered, but the two inside remain silent.

Just when I was about to go to the front door to sneak a peek, at that very moment,

The theater door finally opens, revealing Min-young's face.

"Director Ban."

"Yes, Director."

I want to ask what happened right away, but I can't since Director Park must be right behind her.

Min-young stares at my face for a moment and then steps back, holding the door open.

"Director Park has something personal to say to you."


Personal? To me? What about?

Hesitating, I step into the theater, and Min-young says,

"Director, I have another appointment, so I'll go ahead."

Director Park, abandoning his rigid demeanor from before, gives a slight bow.

"Yes, President Yoo. See you next time."


Min-young disappears.

What's this? I've never met this gentleman before, but what could we possibly have to talk about?

Standing awkwardly next to Director Park with an embarrassed and distant face.

After greeting Min-young, Director Park returns to gazing at the theater, standing still.

After about five minutes of waiting in silence, without a common topic to discuss, Director Park finally turns to me.

"Should I call you Painter Ban Jeong-hoon, or would CEO Ban be more appropriate?"


Both titles feel burdensome. Can't he just call me by my name? But that might seem disrespectful.

"Uh, um. I prefer just 'painter.'"

"I thought so."

Director Park looks back at the theater and says,

"Painter Ban."


"From today, I'll withdraw my opposition to the theater project. Of course, this is just my personal decision. Don't misunderstand it as the opinion of the entire board."

"That's sufficient, Director."

Director Park glances at me and smiles faintly.

"It was a strategic choice of artwork, wasn't it?"


Man, are all chaebols like this? So many can see right through people. The upper class is indeed a daunting world.

I choose silence instead of answering, and Director Park takes it as an affirmation.

Director Park is silent again for a while.

If he called me here for a personal matter, shouldn't he say something?

The things he just mentioned seem like what he would have already said to President Min-young. Why repeat the same story?

Director Park seems to struggle as if he has something difficult to say, his lips moving slightly.

It feels like he's gauging my reaction, but what is this situation?

Just as I was about to excuse myself, citing work, Director Park clears his throat and speaks.

"Ahem, cough. Painter Ban."


"May I ask you for a favor?"

"What kind of favor?"

"Over there."

Director Park gestures towards a specific space.

Past the sketches of the board members' faces surrounding the central ceiling painting, his gaze settles on an empty spot at the edge, thanks to the round ceiling area.

"Ah, yes. I plan to fill that area meticulously, so you don't need to worry."

"No, it's not that."

Director Park swallows nervously and looks at me.

"It's about adding one more person to the painting."

"············Excuse me?"

"Well, my wife has a lot of interest in art. She personally sponsors an orchestra as well. Next year is our 30th wedding anniversary, and I thought it would be a great gift to include her in that magnificent painting."


It's not a difficult task at all.

The area he's referring to was supposed to be filled with a dramatic and touching scene of Nero dying in a snowy landscape, as there was nothing else planned to be painted there.

"Ah, that."

"If you can do just that, I’ll support the artistic activities of Artist Company."

"·········Excuse me?"

"It's a profit-oriented company, but it's filled with artists, isn't it? I'd like to make a personal donation."


"Those employees working on the crane, are they regular staff?"

"No, no. There are only two employees in my company, myself and Director Seo Youngju. The rest are short-term part-timers, all juniors from our school."

"They're juniors planting the seeds of art in this land. Won't you give me the opportunity to water these flowers?"


Director Park grips my shoulder tightly.

"If my wife and I can be included up there, I'd do anything."


"I'd prefer it if it were next to my spot."

Huh? But isn't there already another person's sketch in that spot?

Director Park reaches for his phone.

"Painter Ban, you're a man, aren't you? Let's settle this here. If you do that for me, I'll call my secretary right now and deposit 200 million won into your personal account. You can use it to give bonuses to those employees and treat them to good meals. It's better to receive it personally rather than through the corporation."

Gosh, 200 million? That's insane.

He's wealthy, right? Ah, of course, he is.

Well, the sketch in that spot is just another person's. I can erase it, right? Just move it a bit.

"It's... possible."

Director Park smiles broadly and makes a call.

"It's me. Send 200 million won from W Tree Group's finance team to Painter Ban Jeong-hoon of Artist Company. Within an hour."

Wow, just a few words and I've made 200 million won.

'With 200 million, I could feed the kids samgyeopsal every day until their work is done. No, maybe it's better to give them a higher allowance.'

After the call, Director Park looks at the ceiling painting with a pleased expression and pats my shoulder.

"I'm counting on you."

"Ah... Yes."

I watch Director Park leave with a broad smile, having come in with a completely irritated face, and recall the words Min-young had said.

"W Tree won't interfere with any side income you generate, so enjoy it!"

Wow, so this was the extra income Min-young was talking about.

Not just a small sum, but a whopping 200 million won.

Min-young is really something else. To have foreseen this far.

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