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Chapter 1 Part 1 - The Academy's Weapon Replicator

I became an Extra in a game no one cleared, defy fate by duplicating objects! DBT,Korean,Novel,Translation,Academy,AWR,Fantasy,Reincarnation,Harem

The Human Sloth Frondier (1)

The next day.

There was a small commotion during class.

"Look at that..."

"No way..."

Everyone whispered to each other with disbelief in their faces and eyes, occasionally glancing at me.

"Frondier de Roach is...!"



It seemed like all the students' eyes were saying just that.

Have you really never once stayed awake during a class, Frondier? That in itself is quite an achievement.

"Then, if we move on to the next slide..."

Even the teacher seemed quite perplexed that I was awake.

But there was nothing to be done. It was my father's command after all.

If I don't make it into the top 10 overall grades at Constel, I'd be expelled.

Constel is the academy... the school I'm currently attending.

It's essentially an educational institution.

While other schools generally focus on accumulating knowledge and culture, Constel also incorporates combat training to fight against magical beasts. Thus, it's quite intense and difficult.

It's not just about being good at studying, but also excelling as a combatant.

One must clear both aspects exceptionally well to make it into the top 10 overall grades.

For Frondier, it's an impossible task.

Come to think of it, while playing the game, Frondier would disappear without a trace at some point, and I thought it was just forgotten, but he was actually expelled.

Did he stay knowing he would be expelled? Or did he actually think he wouldn't be expelled?

The overall grade is a combination of written and practical scores.

With this body, lacking in divine power and proper magic, I need to score as high as possible in the written part. So, it's only natural for me to focus in class.

Of course, the ultimate goal is to clear the game, but being from the Roach family is important, so being expelled is problematic.

The title of being a noble from a prestigious family is one of the few advantages Frondier has.

Without it, clearing this game as Frondier would become even more impossible.

'Putting that aside.'

I'm sleepy.

As if Frondier's habits and poor stamina have taken hold of me, an irresistible sleepiness pours over me. It's always around this time that I feel sleepy.

Suddenly, it was not easy to concentrate on the class. I had no idea what the things written on the blackboard meant.

For me, who only experienced this world through games and suddenly started attending classes, and Frondier, who always slept, it could be said that we were similar in this situation.


I thought back to Frondier’s skill.


I didn’t know if this would work, but.

I tried to weave the things the teacher was writing on the chalkboard.

The content of what was written on the chalkboard came into my mind clearly.

Even if I didn’t understand the content, it was as if a photo was taken and the content was saved as it was.

‘I can use this.’

I also saved the content of the book in the workshop while I was at it.

I stopped taking notes. There was no need. Instead, I focused on the teacher’s explanations.

The contents written on the chalkboard would be saved automatically, and I could review them again anytime later.

Once I stopped taking notes, the curious gazes looking at me from all sides subsided a little.

They must have thought I was just being a bother and stopped taking notes.

Even the teacher seemed to have calmed down. He had an expression saying, ‘Well, alright then.’

For what reason.

* * *

Even if you invest time and effort to take notes, the problem is the practical test.

Without divine power, and without any proper skills or magic, the wall of the practical test is too high for Frondier.

The only reliable skill is Weaving, but what can you do with that?

‘A copy that can’t be seen and can’t interfere with reality.’

It’s possible that Frondier’s laziness stems from this skill. He’s probably tried all kinds of crazy things he could do with this skill already.

Even then, the fact that he gave up after failing to find any useful application means that the situation is hopeless.


As I walked down the hallway thinking about Weaving.

I saw a girl walking towards me from that direction.

Swish, the sound of leaves rustling outside the window.

Sunset-colored hair, big eyes with irises the color of a lake.

With every step she took, the aura her eyes poured out soaked the entire scenery.

Without sparing me a single glance, she slowly made her way towards me.

──I recognized her immediately.

It would be hard not to, given her stunning appearance.


Elodie de Inies Rishae.

The child blessed by the five gods now stood before me.

Elodie is a character from the Etius game, hogging all the talents.

The phrase "blessed by the five gods" alone could represent her overpowered nature.

The only regret is that she doesn't become the protagonist's companion.

No matter how many times the protagonist offers, she always refuses, and the reason remains undisclosed.

Still, as a woman destined to play a crucial role in the army, she's definitely a reliable ally.

In Etius, filled with all sorts of characters, she's one of the few named characters that can put the player at ease.

……But that's when I'm the protagonist.

I am Frondier.

To Elodie, I'm a stranger, and knowing her won't earn me any praise.

There are many who dislike Frondier. My grades are a disaster, and my conduct is careless.

Just a lazy fool hiding behind the prestige of a noble family. That's Frondier's reputation, and it's true.

On the other hand, Elodie, embodying diligence and an example for other students, would see someone like me as nothing but detestable.

……So, I'm not the protagonist.

I should just quietly pass by.


I was about to pass by quietly, but she called out to stop me.

I looked at Elodie.

Elodie's eyes, filled with anger, were directed at me.

"Don't you have anything to say to me?"

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