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Chapter 18 Part 1 - The Academy's Weapon Replicator

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Test (3)

...Quinie mentioned that the footprints were distinct, but that was based on her own standards. The standards of a third-year student.

In the forest, it's hard to leave clear footprints. Often, one walks over fallen leaves and branches.

At a glance, they might just seem like indented marks, difficult to identify.

From Quinie's perspective, just the fact that Frondier could say it was a 'bear' was enough to pass. He had identified the footprints and their direction.

Rather than focusing solely on the footprints, looking at the direction, one could roughly gauge the size from the broken branches and cleared leaves. Add to that the 'forest' locale, the size of the footprints, and their stride.

Considering these conditions, guessing 'bear' was possible, but...

"To deduce it's a Red Bear among bear monsters, that's really mastering tracking."

Edwin seemed to notice too, but in reality, many third-year students haven't properly learned tracking skills.

It's not a major skill, after all.

"Frondier, is that, by any chance, divine power?"

Quinie was intrigued by Edwin's question.

Everyone just believes that Frondier lacks divine power, but that's all it is - belief.

Could he be receiving some form of divine power?

A god responsible for hunting, perhaps?

"It's a secret."

Frondier smiled slightly.

Many keep their divine powers a secret.

However, it's rare among nobles. Normally, families boast about it first. So even if you want to keep it a secret, it's often difficult.

But in the Roach family, there's the famous Azier. So, it might have been okay for Frondier to keep it a secret.

"I see... a secret..."

"Alright, now that we know what it is, let's hurry. There's no need to be overly cautious with the Red Bear."

Leaving Edwin's murmurs behind, Quinie took the lead.

Frondier tilted his head in confusion from behind.

"No need to be cautious, why?"

"If we approach, it won't run away; it will attack."

"Wouldn't it still be better to surprise it?"

Quinie dismissed Frondier's question with a flick of her fan.

"Don't worry, I'll take it down."


Frondier uttered a short exclamation of admiration.

Quinie's shoulders lifted in pride.

'I should show off a bit, for once.'

Her steps grew more confident.

* * *

"Frondier, what kind of weapon do you use?"

"A dagger. Want to see?"

"Oh, this is the basic weapon provided. Are you fine with this?"

"I'm most familiar with it."

After Frondier revealed the identity of the tracks, Edwin's questions towards Frondier noticeably increased.

Frondier answered kindly without showing any sign of annoyance. He didn't hesitate to show his waist-bound dagger either.

There was no need to make himself disagreeable, and the questions were reasonable enough from the other person's perspective, arousing natural curiosity.

"Let's stop making a fuss now. We're almost there."


Upon Quinie's words, Frondier and Edwin lowered their posture.

Walking a bit slower, they spotted a bear covered in red fur in the distance.

It was a bit of an understatement to say they had found it.

The bear was looking in Frondier's direction as well. Initially, it was more like they had approached each other.

Quinie stepped forward.

"Now, since this mission was about upperclassmen teaching the underclassmen, Frondier, step back."

"I thought I was going to learn about teamwork in combat too."

"That's for next time."

The path ahead for Frondier in Constel is mostly one that Quinie has already walked.

Becoming a team and fighting together would come a bit later. After all, their positions didn't match yet.

"Watching is also a form of learning."

At that, Frondier honestly nodded and stepped back. Seeing this, Quinie moved a bit further ahead.

And Edwin, he just stood there.

'...That must be nice.'

He thought about Frondier. He was surprised by his appearance the moment he saw him.

Although easily overshadowed by Frondier's reputation and perception, Frondier's appearance is quite distinguished.

It's not just about being handsome. It's as if his face itself says what a 'noble's' appearance should be like, exuding dignity and grace.

That, coupled with his always languid face, created a unique atmosphere.

Moreover, the prestigious Roach family.

Frondier's brother, Azier, is also a tremendous monster, but Edwin had hardly any thoughts about Azier.

Quinie is a senior, and Azier has already graduated from Constel. Besides, he has never directly faced his abilities.

But Frondier is different.

Always sleeping during classes, with sleepy eyes and a languid expression, earning him the nickname 'Human Sloth'. But his actions thereafter were impressive.

His words and actions at the Mistilteinn meeting as well.

Some called it reckless, but if one only looks at the results, it was a courageous act with meaning.

And the tracking skill he showed just before.

Surely, it must be the work of a high god.

'I should have been like that.'

If only I had done a bit better, could I have prevented the downfall of my house?

Frondier had something Edwin envied.

If Behetorio hadn't fallen,

If Edwin had been a bit more 'noble'-


At that shout, Edwin snapped back to reality. Quinie's voice came from the right.

When did the battlefield move?

As he hurriedly shifted his gaze, the volume of the bear charging at him with bloodshot eyes came into view.



The bear's roar sounded dazed.

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