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Chapter 19 Part 2 - The Academy's Weapon Replicator

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Right now, I was tasting the most tense atmosphere within the estate that I've felt in these past few days.

Azier stood before me, looking at me with an expression far from pleased.

Was it because I had come to his room so abruptly? But then again, why would I need to announce my visit to my brother's room?

"Teach you how to fight?"

The maids around us tensed up at Azier's icy voice.

The solution to my problem was Azier. As far as I know, there are few better than him when it comes to combat.

Besides, he is my brother.

...However, I don't know the character Azier very well.

When I played as Aster, none of my companions were close to the Roach family.

The existence of Enfer, who guards the border, and his son Azier were almost entirely known to me through rumors and gossip.

That's why I only started to look into the character Azier these last few days.

From what I've observed of Azier as a Frondier, he is cautious and cold, and with that comes a lot of suspicion.

His overly suspicious nature is what unsettled me the most.

"Have you become impatient after receiving a warning from father?"

Father's warning. Was it about being in the top 10 overall rankings?

While that's important, the 'attack' is even more pressing and crucial.

"Go back. There is nothing I wish to teach you. Take responsibility for your idle life."

Azier said so, then crossed his arms and closed his eyes.

Is he planning to stay like that until I leave?

Azier certainly doesn't like me.

Azier has talent, but he worked harder than anyone to catch up to father. His current skills weren't gained easily.

So it's understandable that he has no fondness for a brother who has only been lazy.

But then again, I'm not fond of being a Frondier either.

It feels like I'm doing someone else's piled-up homework for them. Or like I've become the new recruit tasked with cleaning up the mess left by a predecessor who bolted.

"…How about this then?"

In such situations, a newcomer has only two options.

Either leave the company like the predecessor did.

"If we spar and I manage to land even a single strike, would you teach me?"

Or prove to be better than the predecessor.

Azier's eyes opened.

Just that made the room's temperature seem to drop.

The maid standing nearby was literally shivering.

"What gain is there for me in doing such a thing?"

"I know I'm a thorn in your side, brother."

"Watch your words."

"If things continue as they are, I won't make it into the top ten and will be expelled. So,"

I took a deep breath.

"If I can't land a single strike, I'll leave of my own accord."

I stepped out into the mansion's backyard with Azier. All the servants were sent away.

In the silent surroundings, Azier and I faced each other.

Azier held a mock spear, that is, a staff, and looked at me coldly.

His gaze was filled with discomfort towards me.

"Your arrogance reaches the sky, Frondier."

Arrogance. To think my challenge to land a strike is seen as arrogance.

But Azier's judgment is correct.

Even if it were not me, but any decent student from Constel, they wouldn't be able to touch even a hair on Azier.

The only advantage is that I am not the real Frondier.

The fact that there's no information on me is my only chance.

'Just once.'

I tightened my grip on the mock daggers in my hands.

I can't drag this out. If I do, I'll lose anyway.

Having never faced Azier in the game, I only know about him from what other players have shared. His specialties, habits, patterns, that's about it.

But Azier is no monster. He's human. I can't expect a fixed pattern.

So, what I can do is to force him into that pattern.

"Come at me. I'll give you the first move-"

I threw the dagger before Azier could finish his sentence.

Azier's hand, holding a staff, moved reflexively.

Thunk, my dagger was easily blocked.

After throwing the dagger, I was already charging towards Azier.

There was another dagger.


In the moment Azier deflected the thrown dagger, I stabbed in with a second one.

In that brief moment, though not quite audible.


It seemed like I could hear Azier's bored sigh.

Azier's unique spear technique

Falling Edge

The moment my dagger met the tip of Azier's staff,

There was no sound at all.

Azier's perfect control of force had silently brought both weapons together.

Immediately after, a dry sound was heard,


My dagger was sent flying.

This was Azier's technique, Falling Edge.

A nearly mystical technique that disarms the opponent's weapon.

"How pathetic, Frondier."

Azier lightly swung his staff, positioning its tip to his lower left.

Azier's signature move, 'Diagonal Slash,' was coming.

Azier's spear technique basics

Chapter 3

Diagonal Slash

At this moment, having lost my second dagger, I was completely unarmed.

Even knowing the attack, there was nothing I could do.

─That's what Azier thought.

My strategy worked.

The moment Azier raised his staff diagonally upwards.


My 'single strike' hit Azier's head.


With that, Azier's staff came to a halt, right beside my temple.


Azier stopped his staff because he realized he was hit on the head.

However, it seemed he couldn't understand why he allowed me to strike him.

My 'strike' rolled to the side.

It was a dagger. The third illusion dagger.

"I have won."

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