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Chapter 2 Part 1 - The Academy's Weapon Replicator

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The Human Sloth Frondier (2)

I've gotten used to the classes.

Not that I've started to understand the material. I still don't get a thing.

I just store everything I'm supposed to learn, whether from the blackboard or textbooks, as images in the workshop.

What I've gotten used to is the atmosphere during class. It would be more accurate to say that everyone, including me, has gotten used to it.

Everyone has gradually gotten used to me, keeping my eyes open and looking at the blackboard during every class.

The fact that I don't take any notes seems to have convinced the students somewhat.

"Let's pose a question here."

The teacher lowered the Wizard view screen he had been displaying.

The answer to the question is probably on that screen.

"Mr. Frondier."

The teacher's eyes, as he called on me, looked very displeased.

The fact that I'm keeping my eyes open and listening to the class.

To some teachers, that might be pleasing, but to others, it might be the opposite.

The fact that Frondier could sleep through the entire class is because he's a 'child of the Roach family'.

The educational institution I attend, 'Constel', doesn't distinguish between nobles and commoners. The only distinction is based on ability.

However, not everyone inside feels the same way.

Just because Constel's system is meritocratic doesn't mean all its people share the same views.

Some suck up to the nobles while looking down on commoners,

While others blindly support commoners and despise nobles.

Frondier's position was interesting in that regard.

Teachers who brown-nose the nobility don't bother me when I sleep,

And teachers who openly dislike nobility ignore me whether I sleep or not.

In other words, either way, they don't interfere with Frondier's laziness.

'When I think about it, the teacher who woke me up initially was a unique character.'

He woke me up simply because I was a student, and it was during class.

Such a typical teacher's reaction.

The more people like that, the more it seems like a proper educational institution.

However, the teacher before me now didn't give off that feeling.

The disdain in their eyes as they looked at me proved it.

"What happened in the year 144 of the Terst Empire?"


The answer to this question was in the content I had just displayed on my viewer.

But it had been only a few minutes since I saw it.

Others would have diligently written it down in their notes.

"You can look at your notes and answer if you want."

Ha, this lady.

Was she annoyed because I hadn't written anything down and was just sitting quietly?

I pulled out an image I had saved in my 'workshop'. This was my 'note'.

While I was pulling out the image and checking the content, the teacher sighed dramatically.

"Can't you answer? If that's the case, make sure to take proper notes next time,"

"Edesion Terst passed away."


Simply put, he's the grandfather of the current Emperor of Terst.

Honestly, he's not an emperor the citizens of the empire are proud of. At that time, the human territories were continually being reduced by the monsters.

Just an incompetent emperor who left behind only a record of defeat.

But anyone who had ascended to the throne at that time would have died bearing the same disgrace.

It was such a difficult and desperate time. It was just bad luck.

The teacher's gaze towards me became more hostile.

Why are you looking at me like that?

The student got the answer right.

"...There must be more than that."

"Immediately after the emperor's death, the capital was moved to Silester, marking the third and, to date, last relocation of the Terst Empire."

I was just reading from the image I had pulled up.

It might look petty, but what else could I do?

"At that time, once, the need for a combat training institution like Constel, where we are now, was highlighted and it reached the legislative stage but was dismissed. Ultimately, this decision was correct. At that time, it was a priority to clearly delineate the boundaries between humans and demons."

"And then?"

The teacher seemed to ask me with the intention of seeing how far I would go.

But I'm just dumbfounded.

"The next one is in 145 years."

Now that I've read it all.



A brief staring contest.

Honestly, I don't know why we are having a staring contest.

A vein bulged on the teacher's forehead as she glared at me.

Shortly after, she adjusted her glasses with a deliberately calm expression.

"Alright. Then let's move on to the next page-"

As if nothing had happened, the Wizard View opened again and the class continued.

However, during the time the students were holding back laughter, the teacher's fingers trembled slightly.

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