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Chapter 20 Part 2 - The Academy's Weapon Replicator

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A few days later.

Edwin arrived at the designated place at the designated time.

The golem was by his side. He had no intention of using it, but he couldn't be sure how the others would react.

And his expectation was right on target.

"What? Look at this?"

Gary said in a mocking tone.

It wasn't just Gary at the meeting place. A group of about six students - probably commoners - were waiting for him.

"Bringing something so peculiar with you?"

"If peculiar is what you brought, then your entourage is no different."

Edwin smirked at the students surrounding them.

Gary shrugged his shoulders.

"These folks are just spectators. It'd be too boring if it were just the two of us fighting. Someone has to watch, right?"

Sarcasm was evident on Gary's face.

When Edwin chose the location, he hoped that no one would see them.

So, he picked a clearing where ordinary people wouldn't normally go.

Therefore, Gary had deliberately gathered an audience. He didn't think for a moment that he would lose.

'Well, it doesn't matter.'

He didn't choose this place out of fear of losing. He simply hoped for 'no eyes' to witness.

Edwin drew his sword. It goes without saying, it was a real sword.

Gary also drew his sword.

"I'll forgive you if you beg for your life now."


Gary has never killed a person.

He has no intention of doing so.

However, swordsmanship can clearly demonstrate its highs and lows without necessarily killing.

A single blow should make him understand.

At that, both moved simultaneously.

Gary's sword drew a vertical line, and Edwin deflected the blade at an angle while his sword's tip aimed for Gary's neck.


Gary barely managed to dodge by bending his body.

Edwin's movement was clean, as if he knew Gary's first move.

He actually predicted it. Moves become easier to read the more predictable they are.

Gary might have some experience with a sword, but he doesn't compare to Edwin, who has been trained by his family.

A few sounds of metal and wind, and as expected, Gary was being pushed back.

Edwin's offensive swordplay prevented Gary from launching any counterattacks.

It was a display of offense serving as the best defense.

"This, damn it!"

Gary forcefully swung his sword.

Clang! Edwin's shoulder opened up, exposing his chest.

'A gap!'

Gary's thought was instantaneous, and the thrusting sword was even faster.


But the gap he found wasn't really one.

Edwin read Gary's rushed attack and deliberately opened his body, dodging the thrust by turning his back and spinning around.

The end of this spin is Gary's neck. Of course, Edwin planned to stop before that.



While Edwin dodged Gary's stab perfectly, he got hit by something and ended up losing his balance.

'This is wind magic, 'Gathering Wind'……!'

There's no way Gary can use magic while fighting.

Edwin looked around. Among the watching students, there are a few who are reaching out to him and muttering something.


Although he had expected it, Edwin still felt disgusted.

He stepped back and somehow regained his balance.

However, Edwin didn't have the skill to block Gary's attack while being held back by the students.


In the end, he fell and a knife went into his neck.


Gary cursed even though he won.

"Damn it. How dare you come here alone? Was I really funny? You son of a b*tch."

"......You named the commoners' group 'October' on your own and claimed to be its representative."

Edwin looked at Gary.

He won, and even though he's looking down on him, Gary's face was flushed with humiliation.

"I thought you'd have that much pride. You crippled bastard."

"......You'll be buried in the Constel. You crippled bastard who picked a fight and lost to a commoner. It'll suit you very well, a ruined noble."

"Do whatever the hell you want."

Edwin bowed his head.

Is my mouth getting worse because my body is not in good shape?

What about that jerk?


Gary spat out another curse, still angry, and his eyes went to the sword Edwin was holding.

"Hey. Drop that sword and go. I'll sell it."

"Don't touch my sword."

Edwin growled fiercely.

Okay. Gary turned his gaze to the spectators who were watching.

"Hey. Take that sword away."

The surrounding students slowly approached.

He tried to get up, but stopped again when Gary's sword thrust toward his neck.

"Stay still. If you don't want to lose."

Only then did a smile appear on Gary's face, as if he was feeling a little better.


He felt the urge to vomit.

'What are they doing? Why am I like this? Do I need to stay still like this?'

He had tried to have a fair match in his own way. Even if it didn't turn out that way, he still admitted defeat.

But to have his sword taken away?

Behetorio, suddenly fell one day.

......He did nothing wrong.

The nobles' power caused the commoners to rebel.

……It had nothing to do with him.

- Turn it all upside down. Damn it.

When he reached that thought.

Above his head, he heard a thud.


What Edwin saw was the cold arm of the golem, lifted high, gripping Gary's lower jaw.

Gary's face was twisted as if crumpled paper, starting from below his philtrum.

'The, the jawbone...'

Shattered. With a single squeeze of the golem's hand.

"Keu... keuk, kerk."

No proper sound came from Gary's mouth.

Tears streamed down his face as he dangled helplessly in the grip of the golem.

"What, what is that!"


The students immediately turned and fled upon witnessing the golem's actions.

Edwin found himself reaching out involuntarily.

'No, if they go now.'

They'll discover about this golem.

Even Professor Binkis.

Just thinking that.

The golem set Gary down and leapt.

With that single bound, it caught up to the fleeing students in an instant.

The sound of one-sided violence. Thud, thump.

After a brief moment, all the students who had been here were down, sitting collapsed, or stuck somewhere.

And the golem stood still, as if nothing had happened, just following orders.

'Could it be...'

Surely, they aren't dead?

Fortunately, the golem hadn't used a spear.

That could be taken as proof it hadn't killed, but Edwin couldn't bring himself to check.

His hands were trembling. That tremor soon took over his whole body. Even trying to stand from his crouched position was difficult.

The sky, no, the ground was spinning. Everything in front of him was pitch black as if it had flipped over.

"Go, golem. Come here."

The golem immediately stood by his side.

First, this must be hidden.

Even if the people here wake up and tell someone else, if there's no physical golem, their story loses credibility.

In this case, it's fortunate they're part of a group called 'October'. There's a chance people will believe they concocted and spread false rumors.

If so, this incident might at most be categorized as 'manslaughter'.

...That is, if they're all still alive.

But if the golem is discovered, it's a different story.

He'd be stripped of his ownership of the golem, accused of starting trouble with Gary, and of committing violence against members of 'October'.

By all appearances, what he did was premeditated crime.

'Hurry, to Professor Binkis' lab.'

The way from here to the lab?

...It's not feasible.

Since it involves passing several facilities popular among students, the chance of not being seen by anyone is slim.

'I have to hide until night.'

Somewhere other than here.

Anywhere, as long as the people here can't find him once they wake up.

"…Let's go."

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