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Chapter 21 Part 2 - The Academy's Weapon Replicator

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Ellen found Edwin's current state strangely unfamiliar, to the point of discomfort.

Where had the righteous and strong-willed Edwin she knew gone?

Though a bit timid, he was deeply considerate, never one to fall, even if his posture involuntarily lowered.

Where is Edwin, who wouldn't even glance at a method that slightly deviates from the norm?


"Answer me!"


"If this golem had killed someone, I would be done for. It's dangerous enough having stolen the golem, but if it killed someone, I, I would be completely finished."

Edwin had already withdrawn his hand that was extended towards the golem.

He had no intention of releasing it.

Instead, Edwin tried to persuade Ellen.

"Just, let it slide."


"We're friends, Ellen. You know what happens to me if this gets out. Please don't make me out to be a murderer."

Ellen slowly, and deeply, closed her eyes at those words.


Edwin von Behetorio. You really have changed.

"Whether you're a murderer or not isn't for me to decide. We don't even know if those people are truly dead or not."

"Right? So."


Ellen gripped her sword and assumed her stance. Further conversation was pointless.

"It's not for you to decide either, Edwin."

With those words, Ellen's demeanor fully entered combat mode.

Edwin watched her blankly.

The Ellen from moments ago, though composed, was at least angry with him, her friend.

Criticism and advice towards a friend. That was her form of coldness.

But now, Ellen had shed all such personal feelings. She simply regarded Edwin as an enemy.


As Edwin shouted, the golem stamped the ground in response.

Its hefty body lunged towards Ellen like an arrow.

A sharp thrust.

Ellen dodged it and found an opening.


The golem's spear technique was precise.

The gap that followed its thrust disappeared as soon as she dodged it.

'So it is a golem after all. It doesn't trust in its own durability or defense. It just acts according to what it's been programmed to do.'

If the golem had been a living creature, it might have easily found such a gap. Strong beings often rely on their strength.

'My chances of winning are slim. This golem is probably the work of some master.'

As a swordsman, Ellen ranks among the top class in the entire Constel. That's why her brother, Aster, has never beaten her in a mock battle.

Her swordsmanship wasn't inferior to the golem's spear technique.

It was just a matter of strength.

Even if the golem focused solely on defense, it could easily block Ellen's mana-charged attacks with room to spare.

Even if she found an opening and struck, it was uncertain whether she could inflict significant damage.

'I need to finish this quickly.'

While she still had enough mana.

She needed to land a critical hit with just one attack.


The golem pursued Ellen with its heavy steps.

Having made up her mind, Ellen switched to defense.

She sought an opening in the golem's attacks, aiming for a single strike.

Ellen dodged nimbly, but the golem followed persistently.

With every roll of its foot, the golem flying through the air was enough to make anyone watching dizzy.

But if it's an opponent that moves exactly as programmed,


Ellen slightly lowered her sword from her torso.

A deliberately created opening.

An opening too obvious for a human, but the golem would undoubtedly attack it because it was programmed to do so.

Whoosh, with the sound of the wind draped over its shoulder, the golem swung its spear from top to bottom.

Ellen faced her blade forward, colliding its edge with the spear.

As the spear and blade met, her eyes sparkled.

Evans family's martial arts.

Ellen Evans' unique sword technique.

One Strike.

Her sword, wrapped in aura, climbed up the spear shaft, drawing a straight line.

At the end of this trajectory was the golem's neck.

A single straight line, reaching there as if measured with a ruler, extends cleanly.

'It's done...!'


However, the trajectory was diverted midway.

Ellen lost her grip on the sword.

A technique that lightly diverted the force entered into the spear, then caused rotation and impact simultaneously to neutralize the opponent's attack. Ellen had seen this almost mystical technique before.

‘...This technique, it’s Senior Azier’s,’

Her thought was fleeting.

Having lost her sword, she had no way to block the golem's attack.

The golem quickly pulled its spear back, piercing Ellen in an instant.


Ellen twisted her body with all her might.

A long wound opened on her side. She rolled on the ground from the force, the taste of dirt almost reaching her mouth before being overwhelmed by the taste of blood.

"Ellen! Give up!!"

Edwin's voice could be heard from afar.

Damn it.

A trusted friend, now suddenly gone crazy. That alone had banished all sleep that had been plaguing her until now.

And there was a pain in her side too.


As if responding to Edwin's call, the golem slowly approached.

Its spear pointed downward, aimed at her as she lay on the ground.

When the golem stood before her, the spear was already high above her, like a guillotine.

'Edwin. I never thought you'd come to this.'

If Ellen really were to die here.

Then Edwin would cross a point of no return.

Such a foolish man.

The golem, without waiting for Edwin's command, dropped its spear.

Ellen closed her eyes.

──Clang, suddenly, a metallic sound rang out.


When Ellen opened her eyes, the golem's spear had missed her and was embedded in the ground.


Ellen couldn't understand for a moment.

Was the trajectory of the spear disturbed? How?

It seemed reasonable to assume something was thrown, but there was nothing around. The golem itself seemed perplexed.

The golem shifted its gaze somewhere and,


Its jaw was struck.



With each harsh metallic sound, the golem's head swayed to and fro.

Clearly, as if it had been hit by something.

Something invisible to Ellen's eyes repeatedly lashed the golem's face.

"What, what is it! Golem! Come here!"

Edwin, feeling uneasy about the unknown attack, called the golem back.

The golem leaped to Edwin's side.

And then, a strange voice from afar.

"Phew, the distance has increased. Training paid off."

Ellen looked in the direction the voice came from.

There was a man.

He seemed to have arrived in haste, his shoulders heaving, his first uttered voice mixed with rough breaths.

His eyes, reflected by the moonlight, looked at Ellen.

A relieved smile. That slight grin brightened the evening's darkness.


Though it was an inappropriate thought in this urgent situation.

Ellen found herself thinking.

'I thought we would meet someday.'

And here we are.

Frondier de Roach.

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