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Chapter 7 Part 1 - The Academy's Weapon Replicator

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The Branch in the Coffin, Mistletoe (4)

Frondier played with the dagger a few times, feeling its weight and balance, everything was just like the original's Weaving.

Whether the sharpness of the blade was the same could only be known after testing, but it was likely very similar.

"However, it continuously consumes mana."

Obsidian is a material that solidifies while force is applied to it.

To maintain its form, a continuous supply of magical power is needed.

Frondier's mana level is that of an average person.

It's nowhere near the standards of Constel's students, but it should be sustainable for the duration of one battle.

The Weaving with Obsidian completely reverses the pros and cons of standard Weaving.

Weapons made from Weaving only appear in reality for the moment they make contact, so you can't block an opponent's attack head-on.

If you tried, the opponent's attack would penetrate the Weaving and kill you.

Moreover, if it doesn't cut in one go, it disappears, making it hard to inflict proper damage.

On the other hand, since Obsidian is a real weapon, you can use regular weapon techniques with it.

You can block normally, collide, and even if it gets blocked for a moment, you have the option to push through.

However, Obsidian continues to consume mana while it is maintained through Weaving, and being a real entity, it's visible to the enemies.

Depending on the situation, there's a need to discern when to use regular Weaving or Obsidian.


I swallowed nervously. This is where things truly begin.

In my workshop now is the famous sword 'Gram.'

Seeing the real Gram was an unexpected gain.

As soon as I saw Anfer's Gram, I immediately inserted its image into my workshop.

I placed the Obsidian dagger on the mold and released the Weaving, naturally returning it to liquid form inside the mold. Then, I placed my hands over it again.

This time, I'm not replicating a regular dagger, but a hero's sword.

"If this is possible, it's a step forward in conquering this world."

Weaving, Obsidian

Grade - Legendary


Threads of mana stretched towards the Obsidian.

Imprinting the image and structure was simple.


• Grade: Legendary

• Description: The renowned sword used by Sigurd. The hero and the weapon's achievements surpass those of several deities.

Ability Details >

- Dragon Slayer: Kills dragons, absorbing their blood. Significantly enhances attack power against dragons and instills fear in dragon species of 'Unique' grade or lower.

And it's complete.

Up to this point, it's all due to Frondier's pure talent, with no interference.

The problem is,


The moment I grasped the woven Gram, I was overwhelmed by severe dizziness and nausea.

Mana depletion. I couldn't maintain the weave for even 3 seconds and had to cancel it.

"Huff, cough! Cough cough…!"

The dry coughing persisted. It felt as if all the moisture in my body was drying up.

Yet, even amidst the pain, hope emerged.

"Cough, it, cough, works…! Cough!"

Yes. The weaving itself was a success. It just demanded an absurd amount of mana.

"Hoo… I need to think of a way to increase my mana."

The fastest way is to wear an artifact. However, artifacts that increase mana are prohibitively expensive.

Even for the Roach family, or rather, especially for them, pricey items are a sensitive issue.

If I were Azier, I might tolerate such an expense.

But I'm Frondier, so it's not possible.

"Then, for now, let's try a brute force method."

There's another way to increase the mana pool. Just like before, deplete all the mana.

When mana is depleted, the body grows the mana pool to prevent future depletions, much like muscles.

In fact, most characters in Etius are unaware of this method.

The amount of mana growing is very minimal compared to items or divine power. Just like how muscle growth from exercising doesn't become visible overnight.

And using up all one's mana is taboo here, for a good reason.

You never know when danger will strike, so having your lifeline, mana, completely depleted is extremely dangerous.

But well.

If you know mana can increase, there's no reason not to do it.

My plan is to weave Grams a few more times and repeat the mana depletion to grow it.

...However, there's a limit to this method.

Eventually, items are necessary.


That's the conclusion. To make a deal with Quinie de Viet.

She's my only trading route.

But without money, I'll have to trade something else.

Of course, building a rapport comes first.

Let's think about how to persuade her.

“Anyway, how do I carry this aroun-”

I stopped mid-sentence. My fingertips trembled.

Curious, I watched the trembling soon crawl up my arm and sweep over my body.

"What's, this, ugh!"

It was fear, nothing else.

The emotion that suddenly enveloped my body, I didn't recognize it as fear at first.

There's nothing around. No trigger for this fear exists.


Just a while ago, there was nothing, no one in the void.

Like slowly opening a curtain, the middle of the void split open.

Someone slowly squeezed through the gap.

“You, are.”

A small boy with unfolded black wings.

Golden eyes fixed on me, a look filled with disdain and contempt as if tearing through my throat.

The fear swells.

With the last bit of my sanity, I quickly scanned the boy's appearance.

‘He's not human. He's a god. One of the gods that actually exist in this game 'Etius'. But who could it be? Judging by the looks, he's one of the gods from Greek or Norse mythology. Try to remember, golden eyes, black wings, a god in the form of a boy...!’

In the world of Etius, the descent of a god is no easy feat.

It requires considerable preparation even from the god's standpoint. Yet, despite such obstacles, he appeared before me.

"Could it be, because I used Obsidian for weaving?"

If the act of weaving had been set as a 'condition' for the god's descent all along.

Then it means the preparations for his descent were in place from the start.

And if that's true.

This god knew that the weaving would have an impact on reality.

I don't know yet, but to this god, weaving is that dangerous.

The god in the form of a boy moved his lips.

I couldn't hear, and even if I could, I wouldn't understand the language of gods, but somehow, I felt as if the god was saying,

[You've really done it now.]

Just then, the god snapped his fingers. At the same time, my right hand involuntarily rose.

Frondier's unique skill


Workshop Item Number 1

Rank - Normal

Iron Dagger

My hand weaved on its own.

The blade that was created pointed towards me.

'This bastard, he's trying to kill me...!'

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