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Chapter 8 Part 1 - The Academy's Weapon Replicator

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The Branch in the Coffin, Mistilteinn (5)

The largest museum on the central continent, 'Remuze'.

It's a space that is like a collection of the past, where you can experience ancient weapons and culture at a glance, starting from artworks such as paintings and sculptures.

Quinie visited the Remuze Museum for both hobby and study.

By looking at high-quality artworks, one can develop a discerning eye to evaluate the value of items.

However, today she was a bit distracted, and Quinie gave a vague smile.

"You didn't have to come."

"No, no, it's fun, it's fun, really, really."

Anne, who was next to her, responded automatically, her repetition indicating her soul was about to leave her body with each answer.

"Why would a kid who's not interested in this kind of thing follow along?"

"My dad bought a painting a while ago, and it turned out to be a fake. So, I guess he was a bit embarrassed in front of his friends. After that, he suddenly came to me and said, 'Daughter, you shouldn't let this happen.' and told me to study about artworks. Apparently, there have been a lot of such incidents lately."

"He seems like a good person."

"......Well, I needed something like this too, and since it's my father's request, there's no reason not to accept it, right? Just to get to know a bit?"

Anne twisted her hair as she spoke. Quinie chuckled at her.

...But if you don't like art, you can't develop an appreciation for it. Because appreciation in art is a sense of feeling 'beautiful'.

Quinie debated whether to say this, but in the end, she swallowed it in silence. Who knows, maybe this experience might open her eyes.

"......Oh my."

Quinie stopped in front of a painting while walking.

It was a woman praying. But it was not a church or a cathedral. She was praying in the midst of golden grains. The woman was smiling, and her face was not solemn or serious, but bright and sunny.

All these elements were different yet harmonized, and it was both alien and magnificent.

Incredible. Quinie was flustered, afraid she might have inadvertently voiced that thought.

"Qui, Quinie, look, look over there."

"Yes, I'm looking. When you reach this level, you'll understand,"

"No, no, not the painting, next to you!"

At Anne's barely audible whisper, Quinie slightly furrowed her brows and looked to her side.

Indeed, when she looked to her side, Quinie was even more flustered than before.

Next to her was Frondier.

Frondier was in a place that was not Constel, in a museum, in front of an artwork.

Nothing made sense, and Quinie was frozen on the spot.

Just like Quinie a while ago, Frondier seemed unaware of Quinie next to him. His eyes were solely focused on the painting.

There was no particular admiration on Frondier's face. It was the same languid face he always had. If you looked at it differently, it seemed like he was observing the painting.

Whether Frondier had an eye for art or not, it was certainly not ordinary to stay this long on a single piece. This piqued Quinie's interest.

Yes, it was Frondier who knew that Mistilteinn was a fake. He might have some knowledge about art as well.

What's your impression of this painting?


Frondier's mouth opened gently. The sigh that came out with it seemed to contradict his admiration for the painting.

"It's a counterfeit."

It was a brief comment.

Frondier just said that and walked away.

His steps were as plain as ever.


Quinie saw Frondier passing by her.

She looked at him, and then again,

"Wait! Just a minute! Hey! Wait! Stop! Hey!"

She strode briskly towards Frondier. Her words fluctuated between formal and informal speech.

"Oh, senior Quinie. Nice to see you here."

Frondier greeted her. Quinie flinched at his usual demeanor. She decided to return the greeting for now.

"Oh, yes, yes. What brings you here, Frondier? I didn't expect to see you in a place like this."

"Well, I came to see relics rather than artworks, I was on my way there."


"Yes, like weapons, or armor."

At Frondier's words, Quinie finally understood.

Frondier, who had recognized Mistilteinn as a fake. He was an otaku who was interested in old things!

But there was a more pressing issue at hand now.

"Fr, Frontier, what did you mean by what you just said?"

"Huh? What did I say?"

"You said 'counterfeit' when you saw that painting! Clearly! I heard you loud and clear!"

Quinie pointed at the painting with a pop. She took another look at it while she was at it.

Even upon a second look, it was an outstanding painting. It was so good that it wouldn't be strange if it were placed in a hall of fame, let alone being a counterfeit.

"Ah, yes. I did."

Frontier replied.

His reply was again, refreshingly straightforward.

Does this guy have a habit of calling everything, including Mistilteinn, a counterfeit?

"Do you know where we are? This is the Remuze Museum! The best museum in the Central Continent! It's not a common occurrence to find counterfeits here!"

Upon hearing that, Frontier pursed his lips. He seemed to be pondering something.

"......So, Senior Quinie, you mean I should have formally protested against the museum for bringing in a counterfeit......"

"That's not what I meant!"

What's with him?

Doesn't he have even the slightest doubt that he might be wrong?

"Whether it's Remuze's Museum or the Louvre Museum, a counterfeit is still a counterfeit," Frondier said.

His tone implied that he was stating the obvious.

Well, it is obvious.

But where is the Louvre Museum? [T/N: A museum in Paris]

"You're saying that's a counterfeit?"

"Yes. A counterfeit."

"Really? Don't you regret saying that? Really?"

"Really. Absolutely. It's one hundred percent a counterfeit."

Quinnie looked at the painting once again.

...Indeed, no matter how you look at it, it's a remarkable piece of art.

Although her standards for Frondier have risen after the Mistletoe incident, she still trusts her own eyes more.

"...Then, how about a bet?"

"A bet?"

"Yes. A bet to determine whether the painting is real or fake. If Frondier wins, I'll send the amount indicated on the painting to the Roach Family in Loire. If I win, it'll be the opposite. How about it?"

"How do you plan to confirm its authenticity?"

"I'm going to buy it. That painting."

Anne, who had been quietly standing next to her, exclaimed in surprise on her behalf.

Quinie looked at Frondier with a confident expression.

In fact, she had been thinking about purchasing something since she came to the Remuze Museum. That painting was enough to satisfy her eyes.

...She was also angry to hear that such a painting was a fake.

"You can cancel it now and it will be as if it never happened,"


Frondier said.

Quinie blinked her eyes in disbelief, her mouth agape.

But then Frondier said something even more unbelievable.

"Could you send it to me personally instead of giving it to the Roah family? Like cash."

"You're really asking for a lot, aren't you?"

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