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Chapter 23 Part 1 - The Academy’s Weapon Replicator

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Golem (5)

The golem now completely ignores Edwin's will, proceeding to attack regardless of Edwin's hesitation and guilt.

"Wait, stop!"

It's as if Edwin's cries fall on deaf ears, as if listening to a voice far surpassing the authority of a 'master'.

Boom! Crash! Bang!

The clumsily swung spear blades dig into the ground. Unlike before, its movements are vastly different from Azier's spear techniques.

Yet, in that clumsiness, there's incredible speed and strength, making it difficult to find an opening.

If only it could be stopped for a moment, now would be the perfect opportunity-


As the golem recklessly swings its arm up to the sky once more,


A sword is lodged into the golem's arm.

'Ellen's sword!'

It was Ellen who had thrown the sword.

The bit of stamina and mana she had painstakingly gathered while I was fighting. All of it spent in one move.

It was a stretch for me, but from Ellen's perspective, such a foolish attack was all too easy to predict.

An opportunity not to be missed.

I grabbed the necklace. The black gemstone necklace given to me by Quinie.

This necklace has the property of absorbing any liquid it comes into contact with. To fill it with liquid, one simply needs to place the necklace over it.

Furthermore, it's enchanted with spatial expansion magic, allowing it to hold much more than it appears.

So, how does one extract from it?

Even simpler.


Break it.

Weaving, Obsidian.

Grade - Legendary


The black liquid, Obsidian, instantly takes shape and forms in my hands. Sigurd's sword, Gram, is now in my grasp.

Followed by a surge of dizziness and fatigue. A sign that mana exhaustion is near.

I swung the sword, held high into the sky, down with lightning speed.

However, my attack was slightly delayed, clashing with the spear blade the golem had hastily shot out.

At the moment of contact, the clashing blades made no sound.


At that moment,

I saw the golem's purple swirling mist.

What I had assumed to have a form now clearly manifested,

And I locked eyes with it.

[Do you understand why you possess neither divine power nor talent?]

[Daring to imitate the weapon of a hero.]

[All gods shall curse you. You lowly creature.]

The voice sounded in the stillness of time.

I guessed its identity.

The swirling mist transferred from Edwin to the golem.

The manipulator that led Edwin to corruption.

The irresponsible power that handed the golem over to him and burdened him with sin.

──So you finally reveal yourself.


[That technique is something I've seen before.]

[With a skill that only allows for 3 seconds, what will you do?]

I've seen it before, huh.

So that's how it was.

It was strange to suddenly encounter Slevb in the lower dungeon.

It was your doing.

Is that all there is to it? Time moved again.

At that moment, the golem's spear moved strangely.

With a sizzling sound like firewood burning, it rotated and struck simultaneously.


At that moment, the Golem's spear moved strangely.

Clang, the sound of crackling wood, accompanied by rotation and impact.


Gram left my hand and flew through the air.

Falling Edge.


I heard Ellin's short scream from afar.

Perfectly deflecting the opponent's blow and even making them drop their weapon. No one but Azier could do something like this. If the golem's model is Azier, it must be a coveted technique.

That's why I—

I knew this skill was coming in the first place.

Swoosh, the golem's spear shot at me again. I immediately lowered my body to dodge the spear.

Before the golem could use Falling Edge, I had already removed my hand from Gram. Thanks to that, I was able to maintain my balance and dodge the spear.

This kind of evasion would get me killed if I were facing the real Azier.

But it works on you.

You fake.

Gram was still spinning around in the air.

The binding doesn't break. 3 seconds have already passed.

Hephaestus only knows this much. The belief that Gram will disappear after 3 seconds.

However, with the continuous repetition of mana control training and the ring Quinie gave me.

'I extended it by 2 more seconds there, idiot.'

I caught the falling Gram in my hand, the blade facing upward from below.

I'm just imitating what the golem in front of me is doing.

If Azier saw this, he would click his tongue and look down on me.

But my opponent is a copy of Azier.

'Then I have to be prepared to get hit by this.'

Azier's Basic Spear Technique

Frondier Style Swordsmanship Transformation

Cross Slash


The diagonal line drawn by Gram.

The golem fell exactly that much from the top of its body.

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