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Chapter 24 Part 1 - The Academy’s Weapon Replicator

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The Disciplinary Committee

Edwin was sitting in a chair.

His mouth was parched. Just as much sweat was running down his back.

In front of him were the renowned teachers of Constel, all looking at him.

Surrounded by them, Edwin sat as if he were a criminal.

No, he was indeed a criminal.

He was now attending a disciplinary committee meeting.


"Yes, yes!"

The white-haired man sitting opposite Edwin. His eyes, wrinkled at the edges, held a fierce glint, and he was wrapped in a long robe that concealed his build.

He was none other than the final authority and highest-ranking official of Constel.

The Chancellor, 'Zodiac' Osprey.

"There’s no need to explain the circumstances separately. You turned yourself in."

"…Yes, that’s right."

Edwin quietly nodded.

A young man on his right spoke in a thick voice. It was Alex, the teacher in charge of basic combat skills.

"You assaulted the students unilaterally. Among them, there were students who suffered serious injuries! In particular, student Gary had his jawbone shattered and is still hospitalized! That crime is by no means light. Even if you did turn yourself in!"

"I think the fact that he 'turned himself in' seems more important?"

The one who answered was 'Jane', the teacher in charge of basic mana theory and practical training.

She had led Frondier's group through a lower dungeon.

Her lively face still stood out in the committee.

"Until Edwin used the golem, he himself was the one being unilaterally assaulted. The students who were injured all belonged to the commoner group 'October', and it has already been confirmed that they were systematically bullying Edwin."

"Even so! They did not harm Edwin to that extent!"

"That might be because Edwin's actions stopped at self-defense. It's not right to describe it as 'unilateral assault' when it could be considered 'excessive self-defense'."

Jane and Alex are both full-time teachers at Constel who teach the common first-year classes. They had taught Edwin and Gary when they were first-year students.

The conflict between commoners and nobles was intensifying around that time.

Jane tried to distinguish individuals amidst the conflict, but Alex had been on the side of the commoners from the beginning.

He himself had come from the commoner class, diligently and steadfastly building up his efforts.

The stigma of being a fallen noble was worse than that of being a noble.

Many teachers and students knew that Edwin did not fully belong anywhere and was an outsider.

Yet, Edwin persevered and had not been involved in any incidents so far.

Therefore, Jane trusted Edwin in this incident, whereas Alex believed that this time Edwin was guilty.

"Both of you, calm down."

A graceful voice. It was Malia de Roach, the school nurse.

It was curious that Malia, just a school nurse, was attending the disciplinary committee, but no one objected.

"We are not here today because of an assault case involving student Edwin, right?"

"Right. The problem is the golem."

Alex replied with satisfaction.

Jane pursed her lips.

From the teachers at Constel's perspective, this issue was more problematic than the assault case.

Even Jane, who wanted to defend Edwin, didn’t have much to say on this matter.

"Edwin, you stole Teacher Binkis’s golem and used it for assault. Do you agree?"

Alex’s question was malicious.

Exactly as he said, Edwin had confessed before.

Edwin closed his eyes and answered.

"Yes, that's correct."

"The date you stole the golem and the assault incident are very close. It seems you stole the golem from the beginning to assault the students, do you agree?"

"Teacher Alex!"

Jane exclaimed. Alex's statement was just based on speculation and forced logic.

However, the attitude and expression Edwin had shown since he first came here were already wilting with guilt.

Such forceful reasoning could work.

"Why are you silent? Do you agree or not?"

"Teacher Alex! You're going too far!"

"I wasn't asking you, Teacher Jane!"

Alex stood up from his chair.

His steps toward them were deliberate and imposing in their indifference.

Approaching Edwin closely, Alex challenged him.

"Answer me, Edwin! If it wasn't to attack the students, why did you steal Teacher Binkis' golem! Right after you stole the golem, you first used it for assault! If these series of actions weren't intentional, then what are you saying?"

Edwin still had his eyes closed.

Alex' scolding did not shake Edwin's heart. Rather, he was shaking and being shaken by himself.

─I did even worse.

Hitting students could somehow be excused.

But I tried to silence Ellen, who was a close friend, and I truly tried to kill Frondier.

That unknown rage, though I don't know where it started, was clearly my will.

─Have you truly fallen, Edwin?

Just like Ellen said.

Denying it would be ridiculous.

"Answer me! Edwin!!!"

Alex' rebuke.

Edwin slowly opened his eyes.

Yes, everything seems intentional. Admitting it is the right thing. Edwin von Behetorio has fallen.

Slowly his mouth opened, and


A sharp sound enveloped the entire meeting room, striking all walls and the ceiling.

Everyone turned their gaze towards the direction of the sound.

"...Teacher Binkis?"

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