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Chapter 77 Part 1 - The Mysterious Art Museum

A street artist's life changed when he ended up at a mysterious art museum. DBT,Korean,Novel,Translation,Art,Artist,Slice of life,Poor to Rich,Mystery

Chopin Frieze (12)

[MAN Classic] Pianist 'Irina Sevanova' a Titan among Titans!

[Culture News, MAN, Reporter Eun-seong Park]

Irina Sevanova, known as the giant of the piano, is a musician actively touring worldwide starting from Europe, and she is also the hope of all the impoverished.

The Holy Cross Church in Warsaw, Poland, known to the public for housing Chopin's heart, is where she grew up in the orphanage.

Abandoned in front of the church barely three months old, at four years old, one night when everyone was asleep, she was drawn to the sound of Chopin's piano in the chapel, where she first pressed the piano keys and knew this was her world.

Chopin was the cross of life and the savior for the hopeless child.

Now, she has become the savior and role model for other hopeless children.

Born in Poland in 1994, Irina started playing the piano at the age of four and held her first solo recital at seven. Gaining recognition from winning the Chopin Piano Competition in 2002, she gradually became famous worldwide, especially after turning 16 in the mid-2010s.

Her performance of F. Chopin's Nocturne No.13 in C minor at a solo concert in Berlin in 2010 received critical acclaim and is cited as the reason for her current popularity. Her beautiful, doll-like, expressionless appearance also contributed to her fame.

In 2011, she started her first North American tour and held her debut concert in Korea, garnering high expectations from many fans. She is currently an honorary professor at the Warsaw Music Hall.

Before discussing the performance, the writer recalled his evaluation of her.

There is no language in Irina's performance. Reflecting on his own experiences, where focusing on the keyboard hinders piano playing and focusing on language hinders writing poetry, he perceives a moment of immersion, emptying himself, as meditative, elegant, lyrical, rich in nuance, and emotionally felt. Sometimes it dramatically intensifies, changing the atmosphere.

However, her recent performance in Korea is said to be different from her previous performances.

Firstly, her playing style became more delicate, with a strange charm in her keyboard touch and rhythm.

It was a perfect performance that she hadn't been able to replicate since the 2010 Berlin concert.

Her clean octave jumps, lingering notes, and the cunning push and pull of following the notes reached an artistic level.

It's probably because she understands Chopin, one of the world's most beloved composers, better than anyone else, despite being a strong keyboardist and a woman.

We can't hear it, but if we're lucky enough to hear Chopin play, I'd probably compare it to Irina's performance this time.

Wondering who is superior.

The writer was greatly impressed by this performance.

Also, W Tree Hannam's 'Catacomb,' which opened with the world-renowned pianist's performance, is receiving much attention. This medieval castle, built in the Baroque style, brings the soul of its visitors to Austria's Ringstrasse.

The recently discussed theater's ceiling painting is also very beautiful.

It was unusual to see most of the audience entering before the performance, looking up to admire the ceiling painting. After the performance, photos verifying their attendance and the beautiful ceiling painting circulated on social media, becoming a topic of discussion.

This performance differed from her others as it also included digital media art, with tranquil landscapes and rainy scenes that matched Chopin's delicate music, receiving positive reviews.

Netizens on SNS expressed regret that Irina's performance was only held once, eagerly anticipating an announcement for the next performance to visit this beautiful theater.

Article Entry: September 11, 2023, 10:39 AM


Indeed, Irina is a world-class pianist.

Her performance became a huge topic, receiving praise from music experts and was discussed for a long time after.

It's even more gratifying that her performance received positive reviews from the experts.

【Irina's Performance was Perfect Chopin Itself!】

【What Changed Her? A Perfect Reproduction of the Berlin Performance】

【Warsaw Music Hall, Negotiations for Irina Sevanova's Appointment as a Full Professor】

【New York Carnegie Hall to Re-host Irina's Performance Within This Year】

Young-ju, looking at me searching for news on my phone, slumped on the sofa in the corner of the office, rested his chin on his hand and said.







Young-ju is seriously upset right now. I confidently promised to get RVIP tickets through Min-young but couldn't deliver due to an enormous booking rush that crashed the site right after it opened.

"Sorry, sorry. But honestly, I couldn't go either, so you should understand that much, right?"

Youngju growled, baring her teeth.

"You, man, you saw something even better than the actual concert."


Right. That day, the glorious moment witnessed by just the three of us. I was there too. It was a performance far more meaningful and memorable than the public concert.

I made excuses to Youngju, glancing at her.

"But you got to take a photo together."

"Look at SNS, man! There are tons of people who got photos with Irina at the concert!"


Was Irina always so accommodating to her fans? Hmm, looks like I owe Youngju some grilled intestines or something.

"Alright, then I'll treat you to something nice after work tod—"

I couldn't finish my sentence.

A loud noise interrupted me.



What's that, did someone get hurt?

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