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Dream Breaker - Chapter 49

The Youngest Daughter of The Count(12)

Like the companions of the protagonist in the fantasy novels I used to read.

In the romance fantasy novel <I Became the Youngest Daughter of the Count's Family>, the male characters each have their own unique abilities and roles.

Handsome man A protects the protagonist, Handsome man B provides the funds, Handsome man C does the chores, Handsome man D wields power, Handsome man E lends his connections...

Through their mutual support, 'Angelina Chimac' becomes a perfect human being who knows no failure or surrender.

"Baron Amolang, what is my task?"

"To take care of the orphanage siblings in the new home."

"I have always been the one to look after the siblings."

"If you think of it as a debt, repay it after you become king."


In the future, the role of the boy who becomes the king of the desert kingdom is to be the protagonist's lawyer.

He takes care of important tasks, such as making sure the other handsome men don't feel neglected when she can't pay attention to them.


For example, when the protagonist brings in a new handsome man, the boy explains the reasons why it was inevitable on her behalf.

If the person involved (the protagonist) explains, it sounds like a lame excuse, but if a third party defends her, it sounds like an objective fact.

'But that's the end of it.'

From now on, the protagonist has no choice but to endure each new handsome man with excuses and shameless attitudes.

"Valentine, please arrange for them to settle safely in the Somac Duke's territory. And send a letter to the Duke as well."

"Yes, I will immediately secure carriages for transportation and mercenaries for escort."

Act quickly!

The protagonist must be sent to the Somac Duke's territory before she notices any changes.


I decided to erase the boy who I don't need to worry about until the civil war in the desert kingdom is over from my mind and head towards my original purpose in the Chimac Count’s territory, which is like an enemy camp.

"To the tavern."

Let's provoke the prince.

* * *

The handsome man K falls in love with the protagonist after seeing her!

... Repeating the same development with just the name and appearance of the handsome man changed, readers will inevitably get bored.

That's why the author of the romance fantasy novel <I Became the Youngest Daughter of the Count's Family> set up various reasons for the handsome men to be obsessed with the protagonist...

The escort knight is the son of a noble.

The fiancé has a marriage contract since birth.

The emperor has memories of their childhood.

The boy was involved in an orphanage volunteer activity.

...The prince?

He received the protagonist's help when he was in a difficult situation while traveling disguised as a commoner.

'I hope the patient imitated the protagonist well.'

I took my seat again at the tavern frequented by the prince.

* * *

Just like politicians who do commoner experiences during election season, the prince, who is clearly a noble, pretends to be a commoner.

And the prince also makes the ignorant mistakes that politicians commit during their commoner experiences...

"Sir Valentine, what do you think of the heir to this country?"

"Well... I've never met him, so judging from the rumors I've heard, I've heard that he's excellent in many ways and popular with young women."

"That's true."

The novel's author has nailed the character setting of the 'prince.'


"This prince has a seriously messed up sense of money. And he has no eye for people."

This is also true, and if you look at the episode where the prince and the protagonist 'coincidentally' meet, you can see it right away.

On her way to the orphanage, the protagonist 'Angelina Chimac' stops by a bakery to buy bread for the children and sees a strange customer...

That handsome young man is not refusing the change while giving a gold coin worth 500 times the value of the bread, is he?

"Hmm. There are often nobles who don't want to accept change from commoners or don't accept it to show off their wealth."

"Angelina Chimac didn't seem to like that."

The prince argued that it was a good thing because the bakery owner would profit that much if he didn't receive the change.

And the protagonist talks about common sense, saying that money should be earned according to the effort...

"I understand that he has no sense of money. But I don't see any basis for saying that the prince has no eye for people."

"That comes later in the story."

No matter how disguised as a commoner, it's nothing short of suicidal for the heir of a country to travel alone. So in addition to the escort knight who follows from a distance, there was a noble friend of a similar age who accompanied him closely...

"Did that friend have a problem?"

"That's right. He embezzled a little bit of money from the prince while buying the necessary items for the trip."

And the prince didn't notice the 'subject's' embezzlement at all until the protagonist pointed it out.

That means he has no eye for people!

The novel's author was able to make the protagonist, who was nothing more than a nobleman's daughter, stand out through this feat, but at the expense of creating a fatal flaw for the prince.

"It's really serious. The prince didn't notice the betrayal of his closest aide at all..."

"Shocking, isn't it?"

"...Baron Amollang."


"How do you see me as a knight?"

"I don't know because I'm not a king. But I trust Valentine's loyalty because I trust Viscount Somac's eyes."

"You're humble."

"I've just told the truth."

In the romance fantasy novel <I Became the Youngest Daughter of the Count's Family>, the only handsome man with the ability to 'see people' was the protagonist's fiancé, Viscount Somac.

I, an ordinary cultural citizen of Earth, am no exception.

"My lord, the prince is coming."

Valentine's servant, who had been keeping an eye on the outside, quietly informed us.

"Is he alone?"

"Viscount Brokolin is accompanying him."

"...That's an unusual combination."

He is the son of Duke Brokolin, the prime minister of the military kingdom.

The relationship between the two could never be described as good because Viscount Brokolin had a hobby of mocking the prince's lack of financial sense. He is also a rival in love.

But why are they drinking together?

'This is not a normal development.'

In a situation where fighting and tearing each other apart would not be enough to win Angelina Chimac's love...

For now, I decided to watch the situation.


"Ouch! Welcome! My lord!"

"Today, I'd like a very strong drink. The usual side dishes, please."

"Yes! Please have a seat and I'll serve you right away!"

As soon as they entered the tavern, the two handsome men quickly ordered from the bartender and sat facing each other in a secluded corner.

I wanted to naturally eavesdrop on their conversation, but their voices were too quiet to hear.

'What should I do?'

I wouldn't have hesitated to meet him if he had come alone, but the variable of coming with an unfamiliar competitor weighed on my mind.



"It's unlikely, but if a quarrel arises, don't try to save me, just escape."

"I cannot comply with that. I have been ordered by the Viscount to protect Baron Amollang. Even if it means exchanging my life for it."

"Um. Can you at least pretend a little?"

"As long as it's not about escaping, I'll do anything."

"Please become my wife."

"Excuse me?"

"A bachelor who desperately wants to get married can't ignore the advice of a married man."

Especially if it's the teachings of a senior who has won a beauty comparable to the protagonist!

"Are you sure we won't get caught?"

"Don't worry. They have no eye for people."

We quickly matched our stories.

* * *

"Excuse me! Two gentlemen. May we join you? If you allow us, I'll buy the first round!"

"You've got the wrong person."

"Go find someone else."

The prince and the Viscount immediately showed their intention to refuse, but I did not give up and spoke playfully.

"Ha-ha! Please bear with me a little. I rarely have the chance to please my wife's eyes because I'm so mediocre."

"Say it twice..."

"We are... uh..."

The two handsome men, who were in love with the protagonist, were momentarily stunned when they saw the appearance of my wife (fake).

They must have seen many beautiful noblewomen and princesses while living a luxurious life as royalty and nobility.

But perhaps because they didn't expect to encounter her in such a shabby tavern, curiosity was piqued in their eyes.

"Oppa, don't be too pushy. It's rude to the Oppas who don't like it."


The coquettish voice containing the charm of Viscount Somac, who cared about the interests of the family, abandoning his fiancée.

Valentine, who was acting as my wife, hooked her arm around mine and pulled me slightly.

'...Is it just a little?'

I almost got dragged away by her.

"Ahem! Please sit down."

"It's a misunderstanding that we said no."

The two handsome men, who initially refused, gladly accepted our company.

"Thank you."

"Thank you, oppas."



It is said that a woman's transformation is innocent, but I thought Valentine was too much.

'Is it the same person?'

The appearance is the same, but the facial expressions and tone are completely different people. It's even believable as a double personality.

She could be an actress.

"Are you two a married couple?"


"We got married last year with my oppa. There's no news yet."

Valentine leaned her head on my shoulder as if to show off her affection.

Thump thump!

Even though I knew it was acting, my heart started to feel strained.

"I'm really envious..."

"You two look great together..."

The two handsome men, who were struggling to hold onto their love with too many strong competitors, blessed us with a bitter smile.

Just by looking at the atmosphere, I could tell that they were still single.

Still, I pretended not to know and rubbed salt in their wounds!

"Are you two married?"

"Not yet..."

"We haven't."

We looked surprised and comforted them.

"Oh my! Cheer up."

...Is that all?

Valentine didn't seem to have even a grain of mustard seed of sympathy for the two handsome men who were head over heels in love.

"Ha-ha! Didn't I, a plain man, get a beautiful wife? There's no reason why you two outstanding gentlemen can't meet someone."

"That's not true."

"It's not easy."

The two men who were competing for the same woman looked at each other and held back their words.

And the two, who were uncomfortable, changed the subject of the conversation.

"How did you two meet?"

"One day, when I was receiving swordsmanship training from my father-in-law, a knight, I fell in love with my wife at first sight."

A lie within the truth!

This is because Valentine's restrained movements and the calluses on her palms are characteristics that ordinary women do not have.

But what if she is a knight's daughter?

It can cleverly conceal the fake relationship of being a married couple while dispelling all suspicions about her.

"My lady, pardon me, but what did you like about your husband?"

"That is-"

"Shh! No, you can't. I asked the madam."

I tried to interrupt because we hadn't coordinated this in advance, but the two handsome men didn't allow it.

'What should I do?'

As if laughing at my worries, Valentine answered without hesitation.

"Even though he lacks talent, he doesn't give up and works hard. He doesn't get cocky even though he's overflowing with talent. But there's another reason why I chose oppa."

"What is that?"

"I'm really curious."

"When did I ever see any man other than oppa around me?"



The two handsome men were shocked by her answer and froze like ice.

"So what can I do? I had no choice but to marry this oppa."

"Ha-ha! Don't misunderstand. It's thanks to the more outstanding gentlemen who willingly stepped aside."



The prince and Viscount Brokolin, who didn't believe my words at all.

That's the right attitude for an audience.

"I wanted her to look only at me, just as I look only at my wife."

"Oppa is like this. If he doesn't nag like he does now, he won't even let me look at handsome oppas?"

"Because I love you."

"That's why I agreed to marry."

Valentine did better than I expected.

'Don't you guys think so?'

Thud! Thud!

The prince and Viscount Brokolin chugged the remaining beer in their glasses and got up from their seats.

"We have a lot of work to do, so we'll leave first."

"Thank you. It was an informative conversation with a lot to learn."

We blessed their future as they left.

"Valentine. Shall we have a toast?"

"If it's okay to do it with water since I'm slightly drunk..."

"Of course, it's good. Wishing for the two bachelors to get married! Cheers!"

"Cheers. For you, my lord..."

The prince, who was stimulated by the married couple he met at the bar, declared war.

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