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Chapter 12 Part 2 - My Daughter is a Music Genius

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Jo Sung-hyun was surprised by Yumi's words and glanced at her.

Wasn't that too much to say?

Of course, from the company's point of view, they could think that way.

It was natural for the company to pursue profits.

But shouldn't there be mutual respect?

Yumi was an artist, not just a means of making money.

She was not just a doll that was decorated.

It was unthinkable for Jo Sung-hyun's common sense that he said to work hard and make money for the company.

"I'm sorry, Yumi. I'll talk to Jeong Bin separately...."

"That's why I did that. It was kind of a protest. I was going to say that to the team leader if you hadn't come in. Even if I'm a money-making item, I mean. How can I not know the songs that go into my album?"


He understood why she had taken such an action.

She was also an artist, and of course, she wouldn't feel good about being treated as a money-making tool.

"But then you came in right then. I was just going to pretend, I didn't mean to make a big deal out of it, but it seemed like it would get bigger if I said something to you, so I just stopped there."

"Was I being oblivious?"

"You were called by the team leader. Actually, I was being quite... sly? Even saying this now has a hidden meaning to pass it on to the team leader."

Yumi described herself as cunning, but Jo Sung-hyun knew that she was not that kind of person.

Even after that, Yumi had no problems with her personality or fan service.

If Jo Sung-hyun, who had been active in the industry, had not heard any bad rumors about Yumi, it meant that she really didn't do anything bad.

"I don't know why I'm talking about this stuff."

Yumi said, fanning her hand, and Jo Sung-hyun looked at her through the mirror and thought of the conversation he had with Park Jung-won in the conference room earlier.

Park Jung-won had said that Yumi felt less sensitive when Jo Sung-hyun was there.

He didn't know if that was true, but Jo Sung-hyun had never felt that she was sensitive.

'To think that she's less sensitive to me just because she tells me this... that's overconfidence, right?'

Jo Sung-hyun thought to himself, and checked that Yumi was looking out the window with a calm face, and opened his mouth.

"Um... Yumi."

"Yes, oppa."

"You have a music video shooting tomorrow, right? I told you that Raon is going, right?"

"Raon said he was interested in the music video shooting. I heard that."

"I think I have to be with Chaeyoon after kindergarten, the one I saw last time. I wonder if Chaeyoon can come and stay for a while in the evening and go back with me."

"I'm fine with that. I wanted to see Chaeyoon again anyway, so it worked out well."

Yumi gladly agreed.

It was a relief.

"Thank you. Yumi."

"But... I don't know how to say this, but buy me a sweet coffee tomorrow evening. And a cake. I can't eat that stuff these days because I'm managing myself, so I have no way to relieve stress."

"I'll buy it for you. But please keep it a secret that I bought it for you."

"It's not the first today. I'll keep it a secret."

Yumi said, giggling.

She could have just bought and eaten a cake or coffee if she really wanted it, but the reason why she asked him to buy it was because she wanted him to be an accomplice.

He would have said no once in a while, but Jo Sung-hyun just agreed right away.

She must have been stressed out preparing for the album, and if she had heard that from Jeong Bin recently, she would need to relieve stress by eating something sweet.

"See you tomorrow."

"Yes. Yumi. Go ahead."

He said goodbye to Yumi and then focused on driving again.

* * *

After dropping off Yumi, Jo Sung-hyun returned to the company and finished his work.

It wasn't a big deal, it was just a simple report on the music video that Yumi was going to shoot tomorrow and handed it over to Park Jung-won, the team leader.

Park Jung-won also knew well about the music video shooting, so he didn't need to write in detail.

As he handed over the report to Park Jung-won.

"Team leader, can I talk to you for a moment?"

"Oh, sure. I needed to talk to you anyway."

Park Jung-won said that and got up from his seat.

Jo Sung-hyun explained to Park Jung-won about Jeong Bin.

"Wow... Why is Jeong Bin like that? I'll talk to Jeong Bin, so you go home. It's 6 o'clock."

After work.

Jo Sung-hyun picked up Chaeyoon and came home.

As soon as they arrived, they had dinner.

The dinner menu was fried rice.

Even if he couldn't cook well, Jo Sung-hyun could make fried rice, so he cooked quickly.

Chaeyoon was watching him with sparkling eyes from behind.

"Let's eat!"

Jo Sung-hyun said that and put a plate in front of Chaeyoon.

He divided a suitable amount for Chaeyoon to eat.

"I'll eat well!"

The child shouted, lifting his spoon.

Watching Chaeyoon eat, Jo Sung-hyun also started his meal.

He confirmed that the taste was good and looked at Chaeyoon who was eating hard.

"Do you want to go to daddy's workplace after kindergarten tomorrow? Yumi unnie will be there too."

"Daddy's workplace?"

"Yeah. You have to be quiet there, can you do that?"

"Chaeyoon can do it very well!"

Seeing Chaeyoon answer with a big smile, Jo Sung-hyun smiled.

He didn't even imagine what would happen the next day.

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