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Chapter 15 Part 2 - My Daughter is a Music Genius

Failure dad gets a second chance to raise music genius daughter. DBT,Korean,Novel,Translation,MDMG,Music,Genius,Daughter,Artist,Cute,Fluffy,Family

Sung-hyun had watched from afar when Raon sat in front of the piano earlier, but he couldn't do that now.

He stuck right next to the director and monitored.

The camera showed Chae-yoon sitting in front of the piano.

She sat in front of the piano with her small body, and it looked big to anyone.

They had adjusted the height, but it still looked difficult.

Could she do it? When he had that doubt.

The director signaled to the staff.

The song was played.

At the same time, the director exclaimed.

"Huh? Come to think of it... Did I give her the sheet music?"

Sung-hyun realized that nothing had been delivered to Chae-yoon after hearing the director's words.

Two thoughts started to fight in his head.

Could she do it?

Should he stop for a moment, deliver the sheet music, and start again?

And thoughts like.

Chae-yoon had heard this song several times, so maybe she could play it?

Just like she played his ringtone without sheet music, even though she hadn't attended an academy, maybe Chae-yoon could do it?

And the result was showing right now.

After the first note sounded, Chae-yoon moved her fingers and gently pressed the keys.

The child's performance began.

Ding-dong ding-dong.

Chae-yoon's soft performance quickly gained strength.

She wasn't just following the song, she started to go along with it.

Sung-hyun felt goosebumps all over his body as soon as he realized that.

It was talent.

Real talent.

She had a talent that surpassed his own, a talent that could be called a genius.

People who didn't know much about music might just admire and end it by saying that she played well.

But if someone who knew the piano, or music, heard this performance, they would have jumped up from their seats.

Just like Yumi did right now.


She exclaimed softly.

Yumi, who had released her first full album and was now preparing for her first mini album.

She realized that Chae-yoon's piano was not just okay, but amazing.

Team Leader Park Jung-won also noticed that Chae-yoon had a lot of talent.

Raon just opened her mouth and admired.

Chae-yoon's piano performance ended.

For about four minutes, everyone just looked at Chae-yoon.

The director was the same.

"Cut! That was perfect!"

The director shouted and then turned his head to look at Sung-hyun.

"Mr. Sung-hyun."

"Yes, Director."

"I'm asking you seriously. Your daughter, I mean. Do you have any plans to raise her as a pianist or something?"

"I don't have any plans for now. If Chae-yoon wants to, a pianist would be nice."

"What does Chae-yoon want to do?"

The director asked.

Sung-hyun looked at Chae-yoon, who was smiling brightly as she came down from the piano, and chuckled.

"A mermaid princess."

The director looked at Sung-hyun with a puzzled expression, but Sung-hyun didn't care about the director's gaze and bent one knee slightly and spread his arms.

Chae-yoon was running towards him.

* * *

In the end, the situation went on.

Chae-yoon sat in front of the piano with the thought of just looking at the pictures, but the director was not the kind of person who would just say okay after seeing the child's performance.

The director begged Sung-hyun to have Chae-yoon, saying that she had to be the one.

Chae-yoon expressed her willingness to play the piano with a bright face.

Sung-hyun didn't have much choice.

He had to let her do it if she wanted to.

The staff worked hard, running around.

They brought the costumes.

They filmed quickly.

There was no difficulty in filming.

Chae-yoon played the piano so well that there was no need to drag on the time.

The filming was over, and Chae-yoon fell asleep in Sung-hyun's arms, maybe a little tired.

As Yumi was removing her makeup, Sung-hyun and Park Jung-won had a conversation.

"Music, still no thoughts? Even if you quit, we can work together as composers. You know how to make songs, basic stuff."

"...Making songs and composing are totally different fields, you know."

"Still, I feel like you can do well at something. You also suit being a producer. I was more convinced after seeing your daughter today."

"Seeing Chae-yoon? Why?"

"Just, I wonder if you have a more amazing talent than your daughter. That's what I thought."

"No way."

"No, really. I just got that feeling. Anyway, this."

Park Jung-won handed him a white envelope.

Sung-hyun looked at it with a puzzled expression and looked at Park Jung-won.

"What is this?"

"Hey, I'm not a jerk who doesn't even pay for the music video appearance. I told them everything upstairs. Except that Chae-yoon is your daughter, of course."


"This is not for you, so don't refuse and take it."

Park Jung-won handed the envelope to Sung-hyun's hand and said.

He added, in case he might refuse.

Chae-yoon worked hard, and it was the price for that, so Sung-hyun had no intention of refusing.

He didn't know how much it was, but it was probably about 100,000 won.

That's how much a child actor's appearance fee usually is.

"Thank you. Team Leader."

"What are you thanking me for? It's my job to take care of this."

Park Jung-won said that and then hit Sung-hyun's arm.

"I'll take Raon. You take care of Yumi."

"Okay. Oh, and I made a promise with Yumi. I said I'd buy her a cake. Is that okay?"

"...Just buy her one piece."

Park Jung-won's permission came.

Sung-hyun smiled.

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