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Chapter 21 Part 1 - My Daughter is a Music Genius

Failure dad gets a second chance to raise music genius daughter. DBT,Korean,Novel,Translation,MDMG,Music,Genius,Daughter,Artist,Cute,Fluffy,Family

After finishing the interview, Jo Sung-hyun quickly dealt with the day's work.

He wanted to go see Yumi, but by the time he finished his work, it was time to leave.

"Team leader."


"I'm going to leave now."

"Oh, okay."

Park Jung-won nodded his head casually and said.

He didn't take his eyes off the monitor, and Jo Sung-hyun added.

"Yes. And is Jang Hyun-ah starting tomorrow?"

"I told her to. She'll come, right?"

Park Jung-won finally moved his eyes from the monitor and looked at Jo Sung-hyun in response to his question.

"Then, when Jang Hyun-ah comes, I'll teach her the work in the morning...."

"And in the afternoon, go to Yumi. Yumi has a teaser photo shoot at 4 o'clock tomorrow, so handle that schedule and introduce Jang Hyun-ah to her."


He agreed with Park Jung-won.

The other tasks were also very important, but in the end, the flower of this job was to handle the schedule with the artist, wasn't it?

"Then I'll see you tomorrow."


Park Jung-won waved his hand lightly.

Ignoring the envious eyes of the other team members, Jo Sung-hyun left.

He headed straight to the kindergarten.

He glanced through the glass and saw Chae-yoon sitting on the piano chair with a mermaid princess doll in her arms.

She didn't look like she was playing the piano, but she just stayed there as if it was her designated seat.

Jo Sung-hyun was quietly looking at Chae-yoon, when Teacher Min Eun-jung came up to him.

"Hello. Chae-yoon's father."

"Yes, teacher. Hello."

"Can I talk to you for a moment?"

"Oh, yes. Sure."

Jo Sung-hyun nodded his head right away.

He was curious what Teacher Min Eun-jung had to say.

It must be related to Chae-yoon, so he was worried if there was any problem with bringing the doll today.

He went into the principal's office.

Min Eun-jung took out a drink from the small refrigerator and put it in front of Jo Sung-hyun.

She immediately brought up the topic.

"It's not anything else, but it's about Chae-yoon."


What else would a kindergarten teacher and a parent talk about?

Of course, it's about the child.

"Chae-yoon got angry and threw a grape at Young-joon on the sports day."

"Yes, that's right. That day, Young-joon apologized and Chae-yoon gave him a jelly... Did something happen?"

Jo Sung-hyun said quickly.

He was a little excited without knowing it, and his words came out fast.

Min Eun-jung smiled softly and continued.

"No, it's not that. Oh, there was something. Today, Chae-yoon accepted Young-joon's greeting for the first time. She just nodded her head, though."


It was something to say that it was an event just by nodding her head to accept the greeting, so Chae-yoon must have been alone in the kindergarten.

"I saw Chae-yoon get angry or something like that for the first time on the sports day. She seems to have a little more emotional expression these days. Of course, getting angry is not a good thing... But she also smiles more lately."

"Ah... That's good."

Sincerely, he thought it was good.

Having more emotional expression would be a good sign.

But, Min Eun-jung's words didn't stop there.

"So, I know it must be hard for you, but if you keep spending time with Chae-yoon, I think it will get better and better. If possible, do something that Chae-yoon likes."

Jo Sung-hyun nodded his head without hesitation at Min Eun-jung's words.

Of course, he would spend time with Chae-yoon from now on.

The only problem was, 'What should we do together?'

He finished the consultation with Min Eun-jung and came out.

* * *

"Daddy, hello!"

Chae-yoon waved her hand as she saw Jo Sung-hyun.

Jo Sung-hyun greeted Chae-yoon and picked her up.



"Do you want to go to grandma's house and have dinner?"

When he asked Chae-yoon, the child made a serious face.

"Why are you like that, Chae-yoon?"

"Chae-yoon wants to be with daddy."

Chae-yoon expressed her opinion clearly.

Jo Sung-hyun couldn't help but laugh at the child's words.

"Let's go together with daddy."

"Chae-yoon likes it. Grandma is good and daddy is good too!"

Then Chae-yoon answered with a bright smile.

Jo Sung-hyun chuckled and took out his smartphone.

"Oh, mom."

-"Yes, son. Why did you call?"

Her voice was bright.

Jo Sung-hyun looked at Chae-yoon, who was smiling happily, and said.

"I came to ask if I can go to your house with Chae-yoon today."

-"When did you ask for permission? What about dinner?"

"Let's eat together."

-"Okay. When are you coming?"

"I'll go now."

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