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Chapter 7 Part 2 - My Daughter is a Music Genius

Failure dad gets a second chance to raise music genius daughter. DBT,Korean,Novel,Translation,MDMG,Music,Genius,Daughter,Artist,Cute,Fluffy,Family

Jo Sung-hyun headed straight to Chae-yoon's kindergarten.

As soon as he arrived, the kindergarten teacher noticed him first and bowed his head to greet him.


"Yes, teacher. Hello. Is Chae-yoon doing well?"

Jo Sung-hyun looked for Chae-yoon right away.

Chae-yoon, who was visible through the glass window, was sitting in front of the piano again today.

Jo Sung-hyun stared at Chae-yoon, who was quietly looking at the keyboard, without saying anything for a moment.

"Chae-yoon likes the piano a lot."

"Yes, she seems to like instruments in general. The time when she moves the most actively is music time."


Jo Sung-hyun nodded his head with a small sound, and the kindergarten teacher continued to speak.

"Then, shall we say hello to Chae-yoon and go to the principal's office?"

"Yes, let's do that."

Jo Sung-hyun answered right away, and the teacher smiled and went inside the classroom and called Chae-yoon.

Chae-yoon got off the piano chair and turned her body.

Her face was bright when she saw Jo Sung-hyun.

He saw Chae-yoon running towards him, and Jo Sung-hyun lifted the corners of his mouth and slightly bent his body and spread his arms.


"Yes. Dad is here. Did you have a good day?"


Chae-yoon answered brightly.

Jo Sung-hyun, seeing her eyes tremble for a moment as she answered brightly, hesitated.

Whether she was worried about something, or anxious.

Chae-yoon was smiling, but a dark emotion had passed through the child's eyes.


Not knowing what to say, behind Jo Sung-hyun, who was still.

"Chae-yoon. The teacher and dad will go to the principal's office for a while. Chae-yoon, please wait here for a bit."

At the teacher's words, Chae-yoon looked at Jo Sung-hyun and the teacher alternately and then nodded her head.


A voice that was not as bright as before.

Feeling like she was sulking, Jo Sung-hyun carefully stroked Chae-yoon's head so that her hair wouldn't get messed up and opened his mouth.

"I'll be back soon."


Chae-yoon showed a smile with a face that was soon happy.

Leaving Chae-yoon behind, Jo Sung-hyun headed to the principal's office with the teacher.

There was a sofa where parents could comfortably consult, as it was common for parents to come and consult.

Jo Sung-hyun sat on the sofa, and the teacher naturally took out a drink from the small refrigerator in one corner of the room and handed it to him.

"Thank you."

"Please let me know if you want more."

"Ah, no. This is enough."

Jo Sung-hyun answered like that and took a sip of the drink and continued to speak.

"It's nothing else. It's about Chae-yoon."

"Yes, yes."

"I wonder if Chae-yoon is doing well at kindergarten... I mean, if she's being ostracized or something."

"Oh? Ostracized?"

The teacher looked surprised and widened his eyes.

A reaction that he didn't expect the word to come out.

Jo Sung-hyun quickly looked at her.

He was Jo Sung-hyun, who worked in the entertainment industry.

He had to be more observant than others and be able to read the other person's mind clearly to survive in the entertainment industry, so he looked at the teacher's reaction and distinguished whether she was being truthful or not.

To be cold-hearted, if Chae-yoon was really being bullied, it would mean that the kindergarten side was ignoring it.

But the teacher seemed to be genuinely surprised.

"Chae-yoon wouldn't be ostracized. The other kids like Chae-yoon so much."

"Is that so?"

"Did Chae-yoon say anything like that?"

"No, not that. But she did say that she wasn't friends with the kids at kindergarten."

"Ah. As you may know, our Chae-yoon is not a very sociable personality. She likes to be alone."

"So it's not that she's being bullied or anything?"

"Absolutely not. If there was such a thing, we would have told you first. The kids are all nice and... Anyway, there are no kids who would bully. But."

The teacher didn't seem to be acting, so Jo Sung-hyun felt a little relieved.

But he had to tense up again at the word 'but' that came out at the end.

"Chae-yoon rather rejects the other kids, should I say? She seems to not want to be friends with them. She's been a bit brighter these days, but at kindergarten, Chae-yoon was originally a quiet child who didn't say a word. So the kids are also a bit careful about talking to Chae-yoon."

At the teacher's words, Jo Sung-hyun closed his eyes slightly and opened them.

Fortunately, she wasn't being ostracized, but it wasn't that there was no problem.

He felt sorry for the words that Chae-yoon rejected the other kids and didn't want to be friends with them.

She had no friends, and spent the whole day alone at kindergarten.


He made a small sound of swallowing, and the teacher cautiously spoke.

"I think... Chae-yoon became much darker after that happened. It's an inevitable phenomenon, so I think both you and we should pay close attention and help Chae-yoon."

We should help Chae-yoon.

Jo Sung-hyun strongly agreed with that.

After his wife, that is, Chae-yoon's mother, left the world.

Jo Sung-hyun couldn't do much for Chae-yoon.

It was a miracle that Chae-yoon could grow up so well.

She could have refused to go to kindergarten, or even refused to talk to people and live.

Or, like Jo Sung-hyun had chosen, she could have been obsessed with one thing and not care about anything else.

He opened his mouth after checking the name tag on the teacher's clothes.

[Sunshine Class Min Eun-jung.]

He felt a little grateful to her.

It was of course right for a kindergarten teacher to take care of the child, but whether she thought of it as a job or not was a bit different.

She was sincerely worried about Chae-yoon.

"Min Eun-jung teacher."


"I'll leave Chae-yoon in your care from now on."

"Oh, no. Don't worry."

She answered with a smile, and then said, oh, and made a small sound and got up from her seat.

She looked for something in the bookshelf in one corner of the room and took out a notebook.

A diary for children.

"This is Chae-yoon's diary. I was going to keep it until the fall sports day and then give it to you after announcing the best diary, but I'll give you Chae-yoon's diary first."


"Chae-yoon... seems to like you a lot."

At that, Jo Sung-hyun smiled and looked down at the diary.

Then, he suddenly lifted his head and looked at Min Eun-jung teacher.

"What did you say...?"

"I said Chae-yoon seems to like you a lot."

"No, before that. Fall sports day?"

"Yes, yes. We have a fall sports day next Saturday... Did Chae-yoon not deliver the newsletter?"

"Wait a minute."

Jo Sung-hyun immediately took out his smartphone and called his mother.


"Mom, did you get a newsletter about Chae-yoon's fall sports day?"

-Yes, I did. Why? Are you going this time?

Hearing that, Jo Sung-hyun blinked his eyes.

He didn't have to think about it.

In this life, he decided to live for Chae-yoon.

"Yes. I'll go."

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