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Chapter 64 Part 1 - The Mysterious Art Museum

A street artist's life changed when he ended up at a mysterious art museum. DBT,Korean,Novel,Translation,Art,Artist,Slice of life,Poor to Rich,Mystery

Beethoven Frieze (4)

How should I describe her?

If the Snow Queen who took Kai away in Andersen's "The Snow Queen" really existed, wouldn't she look just like this?

She doesn't feel like a human, more like a human-sized doll standing there.

A woman with long eyes but large, blue pupils.

The line from her forehead to her nose falls straight,

And her lips, though they form a smile even when still, give her a cold impression due to her expressionless face.

Her black straight hair makes her look calm. When she stands up, she is much taller than Monica and Minyoung.

Easily over 176cm tall.

But there's one thing about her that doesn't seem to fit her doll-like appearance.

Her arms, revealed by her sky blue short-sleeved blouse.

Usually, women with such looks have delicate arms, but hers are muscular, almost like a lean man's. Especially the forearm muscles are so developed that they hardly seem like a woman's.

Monica nudges me and says,

"Jung-hoon, snap out of it."


This is crazy.

I've been staring at someone I've never met before without even greeting her.

But I heard them speaking in German earlier. I don't know any German, what should I do?

I greeted her in English first.

"Hello, I am Ban Jung-hoon."

Irina bends her knees slightly in greeting.

"I am Irina Sevanova."

Oh, by her accent and pronunciation, she must be a native English speaker. Well, she is a world-renowned pianist, so she must speak English. No problem with the conversation then.

Minyoung invites her to sit down.

"Let's sit and talk."

Monica, Irina, and I sit down, and Minyoung, who was sitting in the main seat, says,

"Artist Ban."


"I'm sorry for calling you out suddenly when you seemed busy outside. It was unavoidable because Irina, who was supposed to arrive in two weeks, came early."

Wasn't she said to be a famous pianist?

Can someone like that move so impulsively?

Has the COVID era disrupted social order this much?

I swallowed what I was thinking and shook my head.

"It wasn't anything important, so don't worry. Should I explain the ceiling painting as I mentioned last time?"

"Yes, please."

Monica clings to me again and says,

"Jung-hoon! Me too! I want to hear the explanation too. I heard the painting is amazing."

I smile and look at Minyoung.

I painted it, but technically, the painting is the property of the W Tree Group.

Minyoung smiles and nods.

"Of course, Monica is qualified to see it too. Go and take a look together."


Hmm, this Monica.

Her image seems to be changing from when I first saw her.

At first, she seemed like a cold city woman, a career woman, but she's becoming more friendly. Maybe it's just how she acts when she gets closer to someone.

Minyoung stayed behind due to her schedule, and when I arrived at the theater with Monica and Irina, Yeongju and the juniors working on the finishing touches froze like ice.

"This way."

As I was about to explain the ceiling painting to the two who were looking up in the middle of the theater, I stopped and clapped my hands towards the staff, who were frozen and staring in our direction.

"Come on, everyone, finish up. We need to wrap up quickly and go on vacation, right?"

The juniors reluctantly resumed their work but kept stealing glances our way. Yeong-ju, who should have been comparing the original and the ceiling painting on her laptop, was blatantly staring at Irina's face.

I sighed at Yeong-ju's behavior and shook my head.

'Well, Yeong-ju is a fan of Irina, so it can't be helped.'

I'll have to ask for a photo later. Then, Yeong-ju will probably treat me like a god for at least a few days.

Standing between Irina and Monica, I explained about the ceiling painting. I left out the conman-like explanations I used to persuade the board members and mixed in some humorous anecdotes about their ridiculous reactions to make it more enjoyable.

After the explanation, Monica chuckled and said,

"Those pigs would fall for such a story, Jeong-hoon. You're truly amazing."

"Ha ha, thank you."

Irina, silently, with a look of melancholy in her eyes, just quietly observed the ceiling painting.

In the world of art, including popular culture, tastes differ, so not everyone will like a painting, and one should not take lukewarm reactions personally.

I stepped back to give them enough time to fully appreciate the large painting and whispered to Yeong-ju standing beside me.

"People will think you’re staring holes into her, you know. Stop looking already."

"She's so pretty. Is she a person or a doll?"

"She is a person, indeed. She does look exactly like a doll, though. If it weren't for those bulky arms, every man would be all over her."

Yeong-ju looked at me with disdain and scowled.

"Idiot, do you know how much muscle power pianists use? World-renowned pianists all have strong arms like that. Ever heard of Valentina Lisitsa? Her arm muscles are no joke either."

"Who's that, another pianist?"

"Uncultured twit."

"What, do you know all the BTS members' names?"


"Uncultured girl."

"You little…"

"Anyway, I'll try to ask for a photo, so just wait quietly."


"Only if you stop staring at her like that."

"From now on, I absolutely won't look in Irina's direction."

"Okay, fangirl."

Yeong-ju tried desperately not to look in Irina's direction. Such a cute kid.

I chuckled to myself and went back to stand beside Monica and Irina.

"Have you seen enough?"

Monica quickly turned to me and smiled, but Irina was still looking at the painting.

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