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Chapter 66 Part 1 - The Mysterious Art Museum

A street artist's life changed when he ended up at a mysterious art museum. DBT,Korean,Novel,Translation,Art,Artist,Slice of life,Poor to Rich,Mystery

Chopin Frieze (1)

I find it somewhat incomprehensible.

Isn't that so?

To speak frankly, it's good for a painter to have their own style, but what happens if they limit themselves by deciding they will only paint a certain type of painting? Obviously, there's no development.

Of course, it's important to become the best by focusing on one thing.

In our country, the esteemed painter Kim Whanki also made a name for himself by concentrating on pointillism and moon jars.

But that's a decision made after experiencing and going through a lot.

Isn't Irina too young to be digging only one well already?

Even if she's a genius and has solidified her own style from an early age, isn't it too early to create boundaries and limits?

But the person in question is a world-renowned pianist.

It feels a bit presumptuous to make such comments.

"Is, is that so?"

Irina looked at me and asked.

"Do you like Chopin?"

What's this, suddenly a fire seems to ignite in her cold eyes. I feel uneasy, as if saying I don't like Chopin here would result in getting stabbed in the head with the fork she's holding.

"Yes, I like him."

It's not a lie.

I really do like Chopin.

Irina nods silently and then goes back to eating her donut. Phew, did I just dodge a bullet? While I was internally simulating what to say if she asked what kind of music I liked, Monica reaches out a hand of salvation.

"What are we having for dinner?"

Ah, good topic change! Perfect timing.

"Well, I only know about Bigos when it comes to Polish food. I'm not sure about your taste preferences."

Honestly, I only know about it because it was described on the menu of a restaurant near my college.

It was expensive, so I never tried it, but I've tasted a bite from a friend. It’s pork or beef cooked with German-style pickled cabbage, similar in appearance to spicy stir-fried pork but quite different in taste.

But thankfully, at least I know the name of one dish.

I cautiously looked at Irina and asked Monica.

"Do you have any particular cravings? Maybe something like Korean food?"

"Beef tripe!"


"I want to eat beef tripe, Junghoon."

What, so it wasn't just to spare me the embarrassment last time? She genuinely enjoyed it? But Monica might be fine with offal dishes, would Irina, who lacks experience with such cuisine, like it too?

Monica looked into my eyes and quickly said to Irina.

"In Poland, there are also dishes with beef offal, right? What's it called, I've tried it before."


"Ah, right! That one. There are offal dishes in Korea too, and they are incredibly delicious. Want to try?"

Irina just nods her head. Apparently, unlike music, her taste in food is not limited.

"Then let's go to a place I know."


At nine in the evening.

After finishing my guide work in Jongro and before going home, I stopped by the office and opened the door, seeing the lights still on. As expected, Youngju was still there, not having left work.

"Why come to the office straight from the theater? Shouldn't you go home?"

Youngju, who was buried in the monitor, suddenly looks up.

"Where's my Lady Irina?"

Lady? Freeze to death.

Don't they say you curse the king when he's not around? What's with the 'lady'?

"She went to the hotel, ah, I'm tired."

Youngju quickly gets up and clings to me.

"How is she? What kind of person?"

"Ah, back off, you pest."

"I'm dying of curiosity! I'm dying, you hear? Tell me quickly!"

"Make me a cup of coffee."


If it were any other time, asking Youngju for coffee would have resulted in a beating. But now, I'm the king.

I sit back comfortably and take a sip of the coffee Youngju made, then slowly start to tell the story.

"She's incredibly quiet, hardly speaks."

"Right! That's Irina's image. Ice beauty! Queen of snow!"

"But it's not like she's expressionless."


"She doesn't speak much, but her expressions change frequently."


"Yeah, but her eyes almost never change. It's more the mouth and cheeks. Still, you can understand her mood."

Maybe I'm too observant.

So, my goddess has a cute side? Seeing Youngju's expression as if thinking this, I asked.

"But does she only play Chopin?"

"Yeah, she's famous for performing only Chopin in all her concerts. The New York Times even recognized her as the pianist who understands Chopin the best, given her dedicated research on him."

"Is that so?"

Youngju clasped her hands and spoke dreamily.

"Taking photos and talking with someone I've only seen in videos. Today is the glory day of my life. I'm waiting to buy tickets as soon as they go on sale. I'll definitely get RVIP seats."

Wow, RVIP seats for a famous pianist's concert are over 300,000 won.

Well, considering the incentive I gave to Youngju, that amount should be manageable, right?

"If you talk to CEO Min-young, maybe she'll give you a ticket or two?"


"Should I ask?"

"You are my absolute savior! I pledge my utmost loyalty!"

"Fine, as I am a bit bored, bring some snacks."


Youngju bowed and scurried off to the kitchen.

Such an endearing kid. She really seems to like it.

I asked Youngju, who was pouring snacks into a bowl.

"When will the ceiling painting be finished?"

"Day after tomorrow."

"Did you inform the hotel?"

"Yeah, they said a piano is coming in the evening the day after tomorrow."

"A piano?"

"It's for Irina's performance."

"Why so early?"

"Irina is that kind of pianist. Honestly, many arrive a day or two before the concert. But Irina is different. She comes in at least 1-2 weeks early, adapts to the piano at the venue, and adjusts her condition to deliver the best performance."

Hmm, aside from the excessive praise, she does seem remarkable.

If a pianist shows such dedication and sincerity towards their performance, the praise is well-deserved.

Should I sneak in a request for my ticket when Youngju gets hers?

Honestly, besides university music department orchestra performances, I've never paid to go to a music concert.

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