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Chapter 67 Part 1 - The Mysterious Art Museum

A street artist's life changed when he ended up at a mysterious art museum. DBT,Korean,Novel,Translation,Art,Artist,Slice of life,Poor to Rich,Mystery

Chopin Frieze (2)

Minyoung's business acumen was exceptional.

Two days before the opening of Irina's concert tickets.

The theater's ceiling painting was completed, and with the board's approval, Minyoung invited about a hundred journalists to the theater.

Overwhelmed by the grand Baroque-style interior of the theater's lobby, the journalists were busy taking pictures. Standing in front of the theater's inner doors, Minyoung spoke into the microphone.

【Thank you to the journalists who have come from afar. I am Yoo Minyoung, the representative of W Tree Hannam.】

Instead of applause, a myriad of flashes went off.

Dressed in a suit as instructed, I stood next to her, feeling comfortable in my newly tailored suit.

'I did well entrusting Monica with this.'

Monica, originally a designer of men's luxury fashion.

Though my hands trembled at the price of over two million won for a single suit, I went through with it, considering Minyoung's words about frequently facing the media in the future.

Italian luxury truly lives up to its reputation.

It's not just wearing clothes, but the feeling of the clothes embracing me.

Uncomfortable yet beautiful clothes tend to cling to the body, while comfortable ones are often loose-fitting. This suit, however, fits snugly while feeling as if I'm not wearing anything.

When I first received it, I thought, 'What's the difference from a suit bought in Dongdaemun?' But once I wore it, I realized it's a different level. Even with the same design, the fit around the body feels significantly different.

Minyoung gestured towards the theater and spoke.

【Our new theater, Catacombs, will be a refuge protecting true art from all dangers of the world, much like the early Christians who fled persecution to underground tombs during the Roman Empire.】

Huh? So that's what it means.

At Minyoung's signal, several security guards opened the doors to the inside of the theater.

【Now, we will reveal the New Paradigm of Korean art, the Catacombs.】

As the doors opened and the journalists entered in an orderly line, the excitement grew among those waiting behind.

Finally, when all hundred journalists had entered, they paired up in small groups to take pictures around the theater. Minyoung didn't stop them but captured their attention with her amplified voice.

【The pride of our theater, the ceiling painting.】

Wow, hearing it put that way makes me feel exhilarated.

The journalists' eyes unanimously turned to the ceiling. Minyoung looked at me and said.

【For the ceiling painting, the artist and representative of Artist Company, Ban Jeong-hoon, will explain.】

The intense gaze of nearly a hundred journalists.

Standing here for the first time, my legs were shaking with nervousness.

But I couldn't afford to create a lifetime of embarrassing memories, so I clenched my teeth and managed to control my nerves.

Holding the microphone handed to me by an employee, I recited the explanation I had given before the board. Initially, my voice quivered due to nervousness, but as the journalists focused on the painting I was describing, I gradually relaxed.

As I mentioned the story of A Dog of Flanders, which was a good angle for a news article, the journalists' interest peaked. Of course, I left out the part about the owners of the hands opening the curtain being board members, as agreed with Minyoung beforehand.

When one journalist asked why the painting depicted Asians instead of familiar European nobles, Minyoung stepped in, explaining that it featured Koreans because it was a Korean painting.

After about an hour of the theater's opening ceremony, Minyoung finally ended the event by inviting the journalists to a buffet at the hotel. I wasn't sure why we had to feed the journalists, but if Minyoung said so, there must be a reason.

An hour-long event, but I was exhausted.

All I did was hold a microphone and explain for about ten minutes, but I felt completely drained.

Dealing with people is truly the hardest thing.

After the journalists left, I crouched on a secluded bench in the theater lobby. Young-ju approached me. She always worked in a suit at the Seoul City Art Museum, so her dressed-up appearance seemed less awkward than mine.

"Were you very nervous?"

"Yeah, I felt like dying. I really admire you. How can you speak so naturally in front of so many people?"

"I also struggled at first, but you get used to it."

I wonder if I'll have to do this kind of thing often.

Thinking about it, I can't understand how artists like Andy Warhol, who always had journalists following them, could focus on their creative work. Even this brief interaction was so draining for me.

I spoke, pressing one eye shut.

"How about the others?"

"They were told to come to Hongdae by seven."

Three months of work.

Yesterday marked the last day of the long project. It was also the last day of work for the juniors.

Today is the final day of the grand journey, a day to relax, loosen the belt, eat, and drink comfortably.

At least there's a comforting schedule behind.

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