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Chapter 69 Part 2 - The Mysterious Art Museum

A street artist's life changed when he ended up at a mysterious art museum. DBT,Korean,Novel,Translation,Art,Artist,Slice of life,Poor to Rich,Mystery

W Hotel Hannam, Italian bistro.

Monica, holding a wine glass, opens her eyes wide.

“Chopin's music?”

Minyoung nods while eating prosciutto.

“Yeah, Irina mentioned it earlier. She commissioned Painter Ban for the job.”

Monica puts down her glass and crosses her arms.

“Painting music isn't easy. Jeong-hoon isn't an abstract painter, is he?”

“He still hasn't established his identity. Who knows what kind of painter he'll become?”

Right, Jeong-hoon is still in his 20s.

A painter spends a lifetime perfecting their style.

Some painters find their unique style only after turning 60, so it's too early to conclude anything.

Monica nods and then looks worried.

“But isn’t it too difficult a request to paint Chopin's music? Which piece did she ask for?”

Minyoung shakes her head.

“She didn’t specify.”

“Hmm, Irina knows all of Chopin's music, so maybe any piece would do?”


“A nocturne would be nice then. It's one of the most famous pieces.”

“Maybe, but Painter Ban will decide.”

Silence falls between them for a moment. Both, savvy in business, ponder whether this project will benefit Jeong-hoon.

After a while, Minyoung changes the topic.

“How's your brand doing?”

Monica leans on her chin and replies,

“I’m in the middle of building the factory. It should be operational by mid-next year.”

“Where will the stores be?”

“One in Milan, one in Rome, and one each in Venice and Naples.”

“Starting with four?”

“Yeah, I spoke with La Rinascente. If sales are good in Milan, they'll let me in.”

As Monica mentions Italy's top department store, Minyoung’s eyes widen.

“You’re already discussing that far?”

Monica sips her wine with a smile.

“Why, I'm Monica Rossellini.”

Although she's currently designing electronics in Korea, Monica is a former lead designer for a global brand. Her preparation to launch her own brand is well-known in the fashion industry and is highly anticipated.

Min-young smiles and raises her glass.

"Here's to success, friend."


"Did you finish talking with the village people?"

At the mention of the village, Monica's face lights up.

"Yes, when I shared the news, people who had left the village started showing interest."

"If there are jobs in their hometown, they'd want to return."

"Wouldn't they?"

"How many will you employ?"

Monica shrugs.

"It depends on how successful I can make the business."

"Wouldn't the initial factory employment be at least two hundred?"


"Isn't that about the number of people in the village who could work?"

Excluding those too old, too young, or already running businesses in the village, it probably is. Monica smiles and says,

"My goal is to bring back all those who left and even attract new people."

Seeing Monica's happy expression, Min-young smiles.

"It's unfolding just like in the painting."

Monica grins, showing her gums.

"Yes, I'm going to work hard to make our village as happy as in the painting Jung-hoon made for us. I look at it every day and promise myself that I'll create a hometown just like in that picture."

Min-young nods and then looks out at the night view from the window.

"Paintings have a strange power. They're not just momentarily moving but can also instill a sense of purpose in people."

Monica raises her glass, looking at the night view alongside Min-young.

"May such fortune also befall Irina, the pianist of Chopin's music."

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