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Chapter 72 Part 1 - The Mysterious Art Museum

A street artist's life changed when he ended up at a mysterious art museum. DBT,Korean,Novel,Translation,Art,Artist,Slice of life,Poor to Rich,Mystery

Chopin Frieze (7)

The music filling the space, though not overly loud, is distinctly different from the K-POP she had been listening to earlier.


Richard Wagner, the founder of the opera.

This may seem far removed from our daily lives, but art is more deeply ingrained in our lives than we think.

The music we always hear at wedding ceremonies, the bridal entrance music, is actually Wagner's opera Lohengrin, Act 3 'Bridal Chorus'. Not many know this fact, but the music itself is widely recognized.

“It’s Tannhauser.”

Jiyeon, until she was twenty, was a novice in classical music.

However, after getting a boyfriend in her second year of college who was a music major, she began attending performances with him and gradually learned, now confidently knowledgeable about classical music.

The music playing in the office now is a romantic opera about the struggle between soul and body, using music from the opera about the love, conflict, and redemption of the medieval Grail knight, Tannhauser.

“Who is it?”

Who would be listening to Wagner's music at this early hour?

And what about all these paintings in the workspace?

Unfinished paintings are placed around the workspace.

The first painting that catches the eye depicts a lone black piano standing in an autumn field bathed in yellow light. What's interesting is the use of brush strokes to express the movement of air, not a strong wind but a gentle autumn breeze.


The grass, laid low by the wind, whispers a profound loneliness.

It feels like hearing the low murmurs of someone carried by the wind.

Jiyeon, after observing the painting for a while, turns her gaze to the next painting. Like a series, the paintings are arranged horizontally, the second one now catching her attention.

This painting, unlike the first, has a very dark atmosphere.

But it uses a variety of colors.

Half of the painting is the French flag, and the other half, the Polish flag.

On the Polish flag is a red heart, and on the French flag, a skeletal corpse.

The painting, using a lot of black mixed paint, has a heavy and dark feel.

“This looks like an Andy Warhol painting.”

A fresh painting with pop art colors.

Did the same person paint this as the first one? It's hard to believe that these different styles were done by the same artist. From her perspective, specializing in Oriental painting, the free expression style of Western painting is somewhat enviable.

Jiyeon turns her gaze to the third painting.

Again, a black piano is depicted.

But the feeling is completely different from the first painting.

Black, red, and yellow swirls. The piano in the middle seems to suck a person into it, a whirlwind that feels like it might shatter at any moment as the piano keys are struck.

Jiyeon spends quite some time in front of the third painting.

Then, someone's voice is heard.

“Who's there?”


Startled, Jiyeon stumbles back.

She had been so engrossed in the paintings that she had not noticed anyone else.

“Mr. President?”

A man sprawled on the sofa.

Jeonghoon, looking tired, is washing his face and then looks over at her.

“Why are you here so early?”


Jiyeon hesitates, not wanting to appear too eager in front of her boss, but then tries to make casual conversation.

“Oh, just... Why are you here, Mr. President?”

Jeonghoon scratches his head and frowns.

“Can you not call me Mr. President?”

“Then, what should I call you?”

“You used to call me 'oppa', didn’t you?”

“That was different.”

“Keep calling me that. We’re only three years apart, right?”


It feels more comfortable, but she wonders if it's appropriate to address the company president that way.

“Well, over time. But really, what were you doing here? Did you paint these, oppa?”

Jeonghoon looks closely at the paintings, then smiles wryly.


“Wow, oppa, you're really talented.”

Jiyeon covers her mouth, having forgotten that Jeonghoon had been top of his class for four years at school.

Fortunately, Jeonghoon doesn't elaborate further, so Jiyeon quickly changes the subject.

“What are these paintings of?”



Where is Chopin in these?

Jiyeon looks back at the paintings then asks.

“What does this first painting mean?”

Jeonghoon, standing in front of the piano in the wilderness, scratches the back of his head and stands up.

“Will you listen to my explanation and see if it’s convincing?”


Jeonghoon asks as he stands in front of the first painting.

“Jiyeon, have you heard Chopin's before, haven't you?"

"Of course. Who hasn't heard Chopin's music in their lifetime?"

"What do you feel when you listen to Chopin's music?"

Jiyeon, who had indeed heard Chopin's music but found it difficult to describe the feeling, was taken aback by such a direct question. After a moment's hesitation and a second glance at the painting, her eyebrows twitched.

Approaching the first painting, Jiyeon examined it closely and then nodded.

"Chopin's music feels like it's manipulating emotions. Someone once said that playing his music is like Chopin speaking to you. His whispers, filled with loneliness, frustration, longing, and anger, are all there. Now I understand. This piano in the wilderness and the wind around it, they're the emotional whispers hidden in Chopin's music."

Jeonghoon smiled silently. Jiyeon looked at him and asked.

"Am I right?"

He nodded silently and moved to the second painting. Jiyeon immediately understood the meaning.

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