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Chapter 73 Part 1 - The Mysterious Art Museum

A street artist's life changed when he ended up at a mysterious art museum. DBT,Korean,Novel,Translation,Art,Artist,Slice of life,Poor to Rich,Mystery

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Chopin Frieze (8)


At 1 PM, after the staff who had arrived at work at 10 AM had spent their morning, the lunch delivery arrived.

Due to the office location of the Artist Company, it was burdensome to go downtown for lunch during the lunch hour, so they usually ordered food like this.

Jiyong, who was mixing rice vigorously in a large bibimbap bowl with spicy pork and chunggukjang, asked while eating the rice stuck to his fingers.

"Where's the boss?"

Yeonjeong, opening the packaging of kimchi and chives, replied.

"He left about 30 minutes ago?"

Yeongju, who came late, dragged a chair over and said.

"He went out for an external schedule, so don't wait and just eat."

"Okay, Director. Jiyeon, let's eat."

As Jiyeon, who had been doing 3D work for the catalog, joined them, the table for four was set. Jiyong, who took a big spoonful of rice, glanced at the paintings in the corner and asked.

"But Director,"

Yeongju, who slurped chunggukjang, answered.

"Just call me unni, man."

"Ah, but it's still the company."

Jiyeon, who had her face buried in her rice bowl, interjected.

"The boss also said to call him oppa. I'm going to start calling him that now."

"Ah, really?"

Jiyong, smiling broadly at Yeongju, asked.

"Then, unni."


"About Jeonghoon's paintings. Did you hear how much he plans to draw?"


Yeongju looks at the paintings piling up in the corner.

Not a single one is finished.

Most are just the central part of the thought, with lots of white space around them, meaning they are not final works but sketches.

"I don't know, I didn't ask."

Yeonjeong, holding a spoon, looks at the paintings and whistles.

"We could make digital media art out of this."

Hearing Yeonjeong's words, Yeongju pauses with her spoon.

It seemed like a good idea. Was Jeonghoon considering it too?

Digital media art is a comprehensive art.

It's the opera of the art world, where light and paintings, places and music become one.

With that many works, they could certainly create digital media art through looping playback.

Of course, details like the use of light and music need more thought.

"Anyone ever made digital media art?"

Yeonjeong picks up her chopsticks.

"It was an assignment in my third year."

"Huh? Do they teach that in school nowadays?"

"The professor of our major subject was sensitive to trends, so he squeezed it into the curriculum."

"Were you the leader?"

Many art school assignments are group projects.

There's a significant difference in skill and experience between those who have led a project and those who haven't.

Yeonjeong, called the ace of the painting department, nods as befits her name.

"I hardly ever didn't take charge when doing an assignment."

Jiyong laughs and interjects.

"Honestly, if it weren't for Yeonjeong, the painting department's assignments wouldn't have gone on. Hey, remember? The guy who lied about his grandmother passing away four times a year to skip group assignments."

Grandmother, grandfather, uncle, aunt.

It's amazing how many of them pass away during group assignment periods.

Of course, they're all healthy and alive. They only pass away during assignments.

Yeonjeong looks displeased, remembering those times.

"Ah, it was so absurd I didn't even want to respond. Just left his name out. Later, when he found out his name was left out, how furious he was. There's a limit to shamelessness, really."

Jiyong, waving his spoon, laughs.

"That guy, did he graduate in the fall? In the end, he was short on credits, hehe."

Yeonjeong, putting a spoonful into Jiyong's bibimbap, said.

"He skipped out on other class assignments too. At first, when he said his grandmother passed away, everyone just put his name in, but later everyone caught on and left it out."

Watching the conversation drift off topic, Yeongju interjects.

"Can you do it again now if you're asked?"

Yeonjeong looks at Jeonghoon's paintings for a moment and says.

"But what about the work you're doing now? Aren't you busy with the work you're doing already? That deadline is in three weeks."

Yeongju flicks Jiyong's forehead with her finger and says.

"This guy's here. You two can do it."

"Should we start right away, then?"

"No, let's ask Jeonghoon when he comes."

“Alright, then I’ll continue with what I was doing until then.”

As lunchtime ends, the employees head off to their respective breaks. Youngju, the last one at the table, continues to gaze at Junghoon’s paintings, muttering to herself.

“But where did this guy go?”

The announcement of an external schedule was a lie. Youngju had merely watched Junghoon, who was frantically painting, suddenly leave. She checks the time worriedly and shakes her head with a click of her tongue.

“I feel sorry for leaving him to worry alone.”

She wants to share his concerns.

But Junghoon probably wouldn’t want that.

Doing his own work in his own position. That's what Jung Junghoon, the CEO of Artist Company, would likely prefer.

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