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Chapter 74 Part 2 - The Mysterious Art Museum

A street artist's life changed when he ended up at a mysterious art museum. DBT,Korean,Novel,Translation,Art,Artist,Slice of life,Poor to Rich,Mystery

The originator of the phrase 'melody of colors',

France's Raoul Dufy is holding an exhibition in our country.

Although he passed away in 1953 and is classified as a modern painter, he is as famous as the painters of the previous era.

I remember a phrase from the front page of his art book I saw during my school days.

"Life did not always smile at me, but I always smiled at life."

What a beautiful philosophy of life.

Dufy, who captured various themes like flowers, landscapes, cities, and figures based on his outstanding sense of color and rhythm, was a painter who sang of the beauty of life through his art all his life.

I nodded vigorously.

"That's a great exhibition to visit. I should go there sometime. But did Deputy Manager Sooyoung always like fine art?"

Is that a foolish question?

It's natural for a member of the MG Electronics design team to have a high interest in art.

Monica shook her head.

"Sooyoung is more interested in contemporary design, not much in classic fine art. Of course, Raoul is not a classical art painter, but usually, she would attend design exhibitions rather than retrospectives of painters."

Monica rests her chin on her hand and gestures at me with her eyes.

"But you changed Sooyoung."

I pointed at myself and widened my eyes.



Monica laughed and replied.

"Sooyoung changed her design goals after seeing the portrait you drew for me and the process of making the refrigerator."

"Her goals?"

Monica nodded in response.

"Rather than just aesthetically pleasing designs, Sooyoung wants to create home appliance designs that also share moments of positivity and joy in life."

I see.

Raoul, who always praised the beauty of life even amidst pain and trials.

Perhaps this exhibition was exactly what Sooyoung needed after revising her goals.

However, hearing that my painting influenced someone's life goals feels somewhat embarrassing.

Feeling bashful, I closed my mouth, and Monica shifted the conversation back to work.

"When do you need it by? Just one prototype, right?"

"Yes, one is enough. But can it be done within two weeks?"

"Two weeks? Wow."

I didn't want to rush the request.

Having worked at MG Electronics for a month, I knew the amount of process, cost, and manpower it took to make just one product.

"I'm sorry, but I really want to make it in time for Irina's performance."

After a moment of contemplation, Monica said,

"It's feasible since it's not about making a complete product from scratch in two weeks, but rather adapting existing technology to create a 300-inch size."

"Phew, that's a relief."

After all, who would make a 300-inch TV?

Even in a house over a hundred square meters, a 300-inch TV would be too large and straining on the eyes.

I finished the meal with Monica and after making my request once more, parted ways with her. I had to go back to the office and start drawing. My painting needed to be transformed into a file by by Yeonjeong so she could create the digital media art.


Although I was treated to a meal, it was just a 15,000 won meal at the driver's restaurant with braised short ribs.

No man had ever called me out to such a shabby place, said his piece, and then left. Jung Hoon is really unique.

After waving his hand once, Jung Hoon took a taxi and left. Monica watched him leave and then headed towards the parking lot, taking out her phone.

"Hello, Sooyoung? It's Monica."

-Yes, Monica.

"Please call a meeting right away, and include the technology, design, marketing, and business teams."

-All of them? Should we just call the heads?

"Call everyone up to the assistant manager level."

-What's the meeting about?

Monica opens her car door, smiling slightly.

"It's a new business item."

-A new one? I haven't been informed of anything yet.

"We'll start now."

-Did you get approval from the higher-ups?

"I'm about to seek that now. Oh, and I need a design collaboration contract."

-A contract? What kind?

"Just like the one we did with Jung Hoon last time. I'll see you at the office."

Monica ends the call, starts the car, and dials another number on speakerphone.

A deep male voice answers from the other end.

-Um? Monica. What's the matter?

"CEO Jo."

Jo Jae-hwan, CEO of MG Electronics.

A person not easily approached by just anyone, but CEO Jo, who personally invited Monica from Italy, is someone she can talk to comfortably.

As Monica turns the steering wheel to exit the alley, she speaks.

"It seems like the co-designer of Belle Époque is about to cause another big stir."

-Ah, that person. I forgot their name. Will it benefit us?

"If there's no benefit, we'll make one and secure it, right?"

-Haha, yes, that's right.

"Just approve one business for me. I'm heading to the office now to call a meeting."

-What business is it?

Exiting the alley onto a long, straight road, Monica steps on the accelerator and says,

"A small exhibition, turning one's home into an art gallery."


"We'll need cooperation from the mobile app development team. It will be operated as a membership, so it's not a one-time revenue. Let's venture into the telecommunications business, CEO."


"Oh, and I need approval for a single 300-inch monitor."

Monica, throwing ideas rapidly.

But CEO Jo knows her well. When she's this excited, it surely means there's something profitable in the works.

Although he doesn't fully understand yet, CEO Jo gives a hearty approval.

-Let's try whatever it is. I'll hear the report when costs are incurred.

"I won't disappoint you."

Monica's car speeds along the darkening streets of Gangnam in the evening.

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