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Chapter 76 Part 1 - The Mysterious Art Museum

A street artist's life changed when he ended up at a mysterious art museum. DBT,Korean,Novel,Translation,Art,Artist,Slice of life,Poor to Rich,Mystery

Chopin Frieze (11)

Two days before the performance.

Irina, who has been touring worldwide for over ten years, is not particularly nervous as the concert approaches. She simply wakes up at the same time and maintains the same amount of practice.

She has her performance dresses prepared in advance, so when she arrives in the country of the performance, she focuses on adapting to the stage.

Skipping breakfast and lunch as usual, Irina arrives at the theater and nods to the security guards outside. Then, the security team leader approaches her and says,

"Jeong-hoon Ban is inside."

Irina's eyes widen in surprise.

He usually comes after 9 PM, silently listens to her play, and then they have dinner together when her practice ends at midnight. But now, it's only 2 PM.

"When did he arrive?"

"About 30 minutes ago."

"Did he come alone?"

"Yes, but just a few moments ago, CEO Yoo Min-young and Monica followed him inside."


Min-young and Monica came too?

Why? Did they come to observe her practice and check on her condition because the performance is in two days?

Then only CEO Yoo should have come.

Why is Monica here, who has nothing to do with the performance?

With these questions, Irina heads towards the theater.

Passing through the lobby, she steps into the theater with its open door and spots the three people sitting in the front row. As she approaches them, she raises her voice slightly and asks,

"Why are you here at this time?"

Hearing her voice, Jeong-hoon is the first to stand up and turn around. The other two also stand up a little later and bow to her. Irina returns the greeting and asks again,

"Is there something going on?"

Jeong-hoon fumbles in his pocket and pulls out something small and black.

"The painting you requested has been completed."

Ah, the painting.

In fact, she's been curious ever since Monica installed that monitor. Seeing the small object in Jeong-hoon's hand, Irina nods.

"You saved it in a USB format."

"Yes, considering you have to travel for your tour."

Irina nods and looks at Min-young. Min-young smiles at her, answering her unspoken question.

"I came to check on the musician and the painting that will adorn the stage of my theater for the first time."


Irina is at a loss for words. She can't argue with the owner coming to her own theater. Irina's gaze shifts to Monica. Monica grins and says,

"I came for a product demonstration."

Huh? What does that mean?

Monica points to the monitor with her thumb. Irina looks at the monitor, puzzled.

"Did you replace the monitor? It's different from the last one."

It's definitely a different product.

The monitor initially installed had black plastic around the screen edges, but this one has a luxurious finish, with the edges adorned like a golden frame.

Monica whistles and wipes her forehead.

"It was tough to match the timing. Jeong-hoon was in such a hurry."

Jeong-hoon smiles awkwardly. What's all this about? Monica continues,

"Let me introduce you to MG Electronics' new product, the Sepia Canvas Ban Edition!"

Sepia Canvas Ban Edition? That's a strange name. Now that she thinks about it, Jeong-hoon's face turns red as Monica shouts the name. Irina looks back and forth among the three and asks,

"Van Edition? Is that named after Jeong-hoon's surname?"

Monica nods and laughs.

"From 30 inches to 50, 65, 75, 100, 150, 200 inches. Products tailored to customer preferences have been released."

Irina, still not understanding, looks back at the monitor and asks,

"Isn't it just a monitor?"

Monica flicks her index finger and then runs up to the stage, operating a remote control on top of the piano. As she does, the monitor lights up and a painting beautifully appears, spreading from the center in a circular motion.

Irina, looking at the painting, asks,

"The Terrace at Sainte-Adresse. It's a Claude Monet painting. Why this?"

The beautiful painting with a blue sea background and gorgeous flowers blooming in abundance appears even more beautiful on the 300-inch monitor. But what does it mean?

Monica, putting down the remote control, says,

"Many people want to hang a painting in their home. But there are many considerations to make that a reality."

Monica raised her index finger and said,

"First, moving becomes a hassle because of all the extra stuff. Plus, you have to consider if the new house even has space to hang the painting. You can't just find a house that suits a painting."

She made a good point. Monica then pulled out a small box from behind the piano.

"Here's the 30-inch model. Even in a small house, you wouldn't have trouble hanging a 30-inch painting, right? Plus, it has a stand. If you don't want to hang it on the wall, just stand it up. It can rotate horizontally and vertically."

Irina shrugged her shoulders.

"But isn't it just a monitor in the end?"

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