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Chapter 27 Part 2 - The Academy’s Weapon Replicator

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"Hmm, I guess this isn't it either."

After giving Ainen the answer, I started searching for books in the library.

To get a hint on how to 'modify' woven weapons.

I searched books on illusions and hallucinations, or theories of magic, or memory techniques, or the structures of various weapons.

But I couldn't find a hint about 'weaving' anywhere.

I leaned back in my chair and folded my arms.

At the very least, I confirmed one thing.

The images of objects in Frondier's workshop are identical in structure and skeleton to the real thing.

In other words, the workshop doesn't just 'remember' the images.

It actually stores and replicates the skeleton of the object.

That's why it can make them appear in reality for a short time, and why I can reproduce the actual thing with Obsidian.

"Then I think it should be possible to modify them......"


Hearing the voice, I turned my head.

Elodie was sitting next to me, not sure when she had come.

Her blue eyes stared at me.

"What do you mean by modify?"

"What are you doing in the library?"

"Aren't you being too obvious?"

Elodie brought her face close to mine.

Lately, Elodie's interest in me has noticeably increased.

And not in a good way.

She's come to some conclusion on her own, suspecting something about me.

"You've been causing a lot of incidents lately."

Elodie frowned at me.

"Both in the dungeon and that golem incident a few days ago, you were involved?"

"Not involved, more like dragged into."

Elodie's mouth fell open as she listened to me.

With widened eyes and a serious expression, she said to me.

"Really? Is that true?"


"I thought the rumors about you being involved were just that, rumors."

──Ah, damn it.

The Edwin golem incident was like an unexpected event, and I hadn't given it much thought.

Thinking about it, it's pretty strange that I got caught up in it.

It was just supposed to be a rumor.

'I wonder how Elodie would react if she knew I had slain the golem.'

I'm a bit curious, but let's hold off.

I evaded the question appropriately.

"Like I said, I just got caught up in it. Ran away as soon as I saw it."

"Are you hurt anywhere?"

"I told you, I ran away."

Despite my words, Elodie looked me over, checking for injuries.

A serious face, careful eyes.

That gaze wasn’t trying to find any pretense in my expression.

......She's serious.

She's genuinely worried about me.

"......Well, as long as nothing happened, that's good."

Elodie coughed awkwardly, as if embarrassed.

* * *

And a few days later, I headed to the address Sybil had given me.

Thinking about it, this is the first time I'm going to a girl's house since coming to this world.

Just as I thought this and arrived at the front gate.

"Is it you? The idiot bothering my daughter?"

"Dad! It's not like that!"

Sybil exclaimed with a flushed face.

It's a bit awkward to say this, but such a line seems to be insulting Sybil.

I feel like he's saying that only an idiot would bother his daughter.

Sybil's father, Daud Forte.

In contrast to Sybil's delicate and beautiful appearance, he boasts a muscular physique and large build.

His beard and hair are roughly grown.

At first glance, he looks like a blacksmith with hands that easily slip, but Daud is more akin to a delicate sculptor.

Engraving magic runes on weapons is a difficult task.

Well, that aside, honestly, it's a welcome face.

Though he probably doesn't know me.

"Hmph. Your eyes look dead, and you seem to have no strength in your body, Sybil! What did you find appealing about this boy to bring him here!"

"I told you! It's not like that!"

Sybil hit Daud several times as she spoke.

Of course, Daud didn't seem to listen.

"Your name was Frondier, right?"


"Hmph, I've heard your request. I'll grant it since my daughter begged me so desperately, but leave immediately after it's done!"

Sybil's voice came from the side, implying, When did I ever beg you?

"I can't acknowledge someone like you!"

With that, Daud turned his back.

...I'm not sure if it's just my feeling.

But because of Daud, it feels like my relationship with Sybil is ironically getting closer.

* * *

I went inside the house and explained everything from the beginning in the room.

Daud said, "So, you want to know the identity of the rune?"

"So, you want to know what this rune is?"

"Yes. I got it as a reward from a dungeon, but I couldn't figure out what it was."

"Did you activate it?"

"Yes, I did, and it used up my mana, but nothing happened."

Daud stroked his chin thoughtfully for a moment.

"Well, I can't tell you what it is based on that. Draw it for me."

Daud handed me a piece of paper.

I hesitated for a moment.

"What? Are you not going to draw it? Are you going to tell me you left your sketchbook with the rune at home or something...?"

"No, that's not it. I can't draw it on this paper."

"What? Why not?"

"It's too big."

My answer made Daud raise an eyebrow.

Sybil, who was standing next to him, also gasped in surprise.

"How big is 'too big'?"

"Well, I can't draw it here, at least."

I can't do it in a room like this.

I need a wide-open space.

"My house has a backyard. Would that be big enough?"

"Yes, that should be enough."

"Hmm. It's good to have a bit of swagger, but don't overdo it."

Daud stood up as he said that.

It certainly would sound like bragging.

The size of a rune doesn't make it more powerful.

In fact, if it's the same rune, it will have the same effect regardless of its size.

But I said it:

'I can't draw it small.'

That's how dense the 'Menosorpo' rune is with symbols and patterns.

A rune that complex is very rare.

At least I've never seen one.

That's why Daud thinks I'm bluffing.

Even if I'm not bluffing, he probably doesn't think I need a whole 'clearing' to draw it.

Daud, Sybil, and I went out to the clearing behind the mansion.

I took out my dagger.

I brought out the 'Menosorpo' rune from the 'workshop' and applied it on the ground.

...Barely, I could manage to draw it.

It's unexpectedly and enormously large, this rune.

I bent my knees and began to carve the ground with the dagger.

"...What are you doing?"

"Excuse me?"

"Aren't you supposed to have something like a notebook or a phone, something with the rune drawn on it to refer to while you're drawing?"

"I don't have anything."

"You mean to say you can draw the rune directly? Without even a picture?"


Upon hearing my answer, Daud exclaimed as if it was a knee-jerk reaction.

"That's ridiculous! The irregular patterns and geometry of a rune are something even those who have thoroughly studied the theory cannot completely memorize. Large runes are even more so. How can you draw a rune that's not even registered on your phone!"

Because I have it from the 'workshop'.

It's more efficient than registering it on a phone.

I diligently copied the rune I brought from the workshop.

It took a considerable amount of time, but Daud and Sybil quietly observed without interfering.


As soon as it was completed and I lifted my head, their faces were somewhat strange.

Sybil was just gaping in surprise, while Daud looked at me as if I was some kind of bizarre creature.

"You really drew it all. Without looking at a picture."


Though in fact, I was looking.

"Elder, what do you think? What kind of rune could this be?"

I respectfully asked Daud.

Daud went, "Hmm," and walked up to the rune.

He meticulously examined the rune I drew.

Walking around it, sitting to observe certain parts closely.

Finally, as if he had come to a conclusion, Daud dusted himself off and stood up.

And then he said.

"I have no idea at all."

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